Summer Heat (MM)

Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,786
7 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M]

What happens when two men find themselves working together on the same farm in the heat of the summer for two very different reasons?

Hunter Cross receives a call that his mother needs his help. Returning to the farm where he once lived, Hunter hides his homosexuality behind hard work and quiet country nights with no temptation in sight…or so he thought.

Travis Mitchell is stuck on the family farm after almost flunking his freshman year of college and wrecking his parents' car while receiving head from the captain of his high school soccer team. Tired of his irresponsible ways, they give him an ultimatum: either pay for the repairs on the car by working off the debt on the farm or he pays his own way sophomore year.

Between fistfights and hot summer nights, they find the unexpected in each other, but at what cost?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Summer Heat (MM)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Summer Heat (MM)

Heat 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,786
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I couldn't put it down. Excellent characters!
A.C. Fan
Wow! Just, wow! Loved this story.
Professional Reviews

GuiltyPleasuresRecRead.jpg5 STARS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Travis is hot young college kid still trying to grow up. He has nearly failed his freshman year of college, and he’s in trouble with his father for crashing his prized BMW convertible coming home from a party. Now he is stuck on his uncle’s farm moving bales of hay and fixing fences until he pay off the repairs. He didn’t even want to go to college, but he really didn’t know what he wanted to do besides chase men and have fun. Maybe that’s why all the adults in his life treat him like a screw up. They always look at him when shit goes wrong. What’s worse they’re usually right. Then there is Hunter sex on a stick and straight as an arrow. Travis is struck dumb by the gorgeous man the minute he lays eyes on him. Well Travis figures this will definitely be the summer from hell. Working side by side with Hunter and a permanently stiff dick at this rate he will be dead before the summer is over. Maybe he can get lucky and make Hunter come out of his tightly locked closet, yeah when pigs fly, Travis may have charm and good looks but not that kind of luck. Hunter can’t believe his eyes, it is little Travis all grown up. The skinny kid is the hottest thing on two legs. If only he was back in Texas, now how the hell will keep his hands to himself? He can’t let his mother know he’s gay, not with everything else she’s dealing with. Damn this will be the longest summer ever. Oh and it looks like Travis isn’t going to make it easy for him to stay in his closet. ARGH! What has he gotten himself into? Alex Carreras packs a huge story in a few pages. Great book for a day read. Pick it up on those days when you want to read, but can’t commit to a long book. This is not your average novella that tends to short change the story for sex. Alex has managed to pack hot sex, laughs, tears, a HEA, a cohesive plot and a fun cast of supporting characters in this compact book. He hasn’t wasted a word. Bravo, will be reading more of his books soon." -- Wren, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 STARS: "This is the third book in Alex Carreras' Heat series, and it brings back the couples from the first two books to the wedding of Bill and Andrea (met in the first book). Bill's nephew, Travis and Andrea's son, Hunter face an angry, jealous ex when they come back to the farm from Texas, and Bill's other nephew, Jaxson, faces an ex of his own as well. This novel is a cute look at the relationships formed in the first two books and a sweet ending for Andrea and Bill, who have come back together after her battle with cancer. In a way, facing Derek makes Hunter come to terms with more of his own demons, and both Chase and Travis see a need to work on their jealousy issues, but mostly the story just confirms the relationships with which it began. Overall, though, a hot read and confirmation of the happily-ever-afters begun in the first two books for Hunter and Travis, Jaxson and Chase, and Bill and Andrea." -- Amanda, The To Be Read Pile

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Story excerpt


Travis agreed. “If it wasn’t for you, Andrea, I would be living off of microwave dinners and Frosted Flakes. You’re the best cook there is, but don’t tell my mom or she’ll never cook for me again. Hunter’s a damn lucky guy.” Travis threw his arm over Hunter’s broad, muscled shoulders, pulling him close, giving him a manly hug. Hunter was taken off guard, almost dropping the plates in his hands. The skin-on-skin contact and manly scent sent shockwaves of lust coursing throughout his body and confusion clouding his brain.

Andrea chuckled, pushing her seat away from the table. “Well, thanks very much, Travis, and don’t worry, your secret will always be safe with me.” She smiled at the boys warmly, but then a look of concern swept over her face. “Hunter, honey, you look a little flushed. Are you feeling all right?” She raced toward Hunter and placed the palm of her hand on his reddened cheek and forehead. “No fever, but you are a little warm.”

“Jesus.” He brushed her hand gently away. “I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here.” He then turned and faced Travis. “And you, get the hell off of me.” He shrugged Travis’s still-perched arm from his shoulders.

Travis slid his arm south, touching Hunter’s back and brushing the top of his buttocks, lingering slightly, before turning and grabbing a fistful of knives from the drawer, a devilish grin on his tanned face. “Knives on the left or the right?” he asked.

“I heard that comment, young man.” Bill strode into the kitchen in a cloud of Brut cologne, wearing a neatly pressed shirt stretched across his strong chest. “Unlike Andrea, I plan to tell your mother how you really feel about her cooking at the next family reunion.”

They laughed at Bill’s good-natured chiding. “Thanks, Bill,” said Travis.

They set about filling their plates with meatloaf and gravy, succotash and cornbread, then filled their glasses with freshly brewed iced tea. Andrea positioned herself across from Bill, anticipating his first bite. He took a forkful of meatloaf and chewed slowly, savoring the spiced meat.

“Mmm, Travis is right. You are the best cook in the world.”

Andrea blushed to a deep crimson. “Oh, stop. Maybe not in the world, but definitely the state.” She raised her hand to her mouth, covering a girlish giggle.

Hunter looked at Andrea then Bill, and back to Andrea, noticing something happening between them. Something he liked seeing. “Are you feeling okay, Mom? You look a little flushed,” he mocked.

Andrea shot daggers at her son with her eyes. “I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here. Now eat your meatloaf.”


Adult excerpt


Travis was overcome with the desire to hold Hunter’s cock, thick and hard, in the palms of his hands. To feel the swollen flesh of its head push between his lips then slide in and out of his wanting, eager mouth. He fell to his knees onto the blanket. His hurrying fingers tore at the metal button on his jeans then slid down the zipper—the metallic sound interrupting their lustful breaths. His engorged cock fell forward. He wore no underwear to get in the way, to strip aside. Travis paused momentarily, gazing at Hunter’s cock. He was amazed at his good fortune to find a man as hot, horny, and hung as Hunter. He then parted his full lips, taking the fleshy head into his mouth, slowly rolling his tongue around the head. He tasted salty juice—the sweet tartness sending an electric-like current directly to his nipples. He held firmly onto the base of the shaft, impressed by its hardness while he reached for his own now-spitting cock and pumped its length slowly, pleasuring himself while pleasuring Hunter. This one moment was what he thought of when he heard the phrase heaven on earth. Hunter continued to pump into Travis’s hot, wet mouth. He closed his eyes and exhaled a long, guttural moan. He pushed his fingers through Travis’s hair, tugging ever so slightly, feeling the coolness of each strand between his fingers. “That feels so good, baby.” He groaned passionately. He then pulled his cock out from Travis’s eager mouth, taking it in his left fist and gripping firmly. He traced Travis’s slick, full lips with his plump, meaty head, circling slowly. “You’re mine, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” His gaze locked onto Travis’s while Travis lapped at his dripping slit. He retreated his cock, kicked off his jeans, then kneeled to meet Travis’s urgent, awaiting kiss. They held each other tightly in sculpted, muscled arms. Their hands traveled over smooth, velvet skin and downy hair. They explored each other’s youthful, manly curves and mounds, gratefully, sensually.

Hunter forcefully rolled Travis onto his back, cradling him within his strong arms. Travis rocked on his back further, grabbing at his thighs and pulling them apart, exposing his hole. Hunter leaned in and kissed the pink bud, darting his tongue in and out. He nuzzled between Travis’s beefy mounds, loosening him with his tongue. Pulling back, he reached for the lube and condom hidden discreetly under the corner of the blanket. Stealthily, he ripped the foil packet between his teeth, removed it, then slid the thin latex sleeve down the entirety of his long, thick cock. He then dripped the slick, clear liquid directly from the bottle onto Travis’s pulsing hole, causing him to shudder, the cool liquid sending chills racing through Travis’s body.

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