Prince of Submission (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,164
8 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, vampires, fae, spanking, whipping, HEA]

Corrin DeMarco is a prince of the light court of Fae whose days of freedom are about to end. He only has a week before he must return to his kingdom and start his training to be king. Though it’s forbidden, he engages in an affair, never expecting to meet the man who would become his fantasy.

Adrian Cadence is a prince of the dark court of Fae who was kicked out of the Seelie kingdom for his love of other men. When he runs into Corrin he’s drawn to the Seelie prince who likes to dabble in darkness, and an unexpected proposal leads to a night of passion.

A cross-country pursuit, an unconventional courtship, and an opportunity to find love will make Corrin face his desires. But he will have to decide if love is enough for him to shrug off duty and turn his back on everything he’s been taught in order to become Adrian’s Prince of Submission.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.

Prince of Submission (MM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Prince of Submission (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,164
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
It is good,and I want more
Loved this book and I hope there are more to come. There were some characters that peaked my interest and would love to more about.



Adrian had seen him dancing from across the room. As he’d descended the steps from backstage he’d seen him, twisting near the middle of the crush of bodies. He was the most beautiful thing Adrian had laid eyes on in over a hundred years. His pale-blond hair fell around him like a curtain, giving his body caresses of moonlight with each swaying movement. He danced as if he were dancing for his life, nothing held back, nothing hidden in the sexy moves of his body. Adrian had hardened painfully at the image.

He imagined for an insane moment that this strange boy was dancing for him, promising him things with his body. He had vowed after watching him move that he wouldn’t approach him. The boy was too sensual, too tempting. Yet, here he was. Hell, Adrian had even reached out his hand and touched him before he’d known what he was doing.

Their eyes locked, and a small gasp escaped the beauty’s lips, causing Adrian’s body to tighten even more if possible. He was a submissive, and an unattended submissive at that. He glanced around knowing that a submissive with such frank sexuality wasn’t often unattached.

“Where is your Master?” Adrian demanded, his voice a low rumble.

The boy stared at him, his eyes wide and his lips turned down in a delicious frown. “I don’t have one,” he said, almost sullenly. “Do you mind? I’m trying to dance here.” He turned his back on Adrian and began to pick up his rhythm to dance.

It tweaked Adrian’s temper even as it intrigued his senses to see that the beauty had claws. He made a snap decision, and he put his hands on the indentations of the beauty’s hips and brought him back against his chest.

“Dance with me then,” he whispered in the boy’s ear. He saw the answering shiver on the flesh of the beauty’s arms as his words raised goose bumps.

The boy seemed to have an internal struggle for a moment before swallowing hard and giving a jerk of his head to indicate his acceptance. His consent sent a wave of desire coursing through Adrian’s blood, and then he began to dance.


* * * *


Never in his life had he done something so reckless. Corrin was almost delirious from just the simple contact of the other man’s hands on his hips alone. He shouldn’t have come to the club tonight, shouldn’t have come to a place that was so openly sexual, so temptingly intense. His body was strung tight, his fantasies alive in this place. If someone was to see and recognize him dancing with another guy, it was all over. He’d be kicked out of Seelie for sure. But in that moment, he didn’t care. Nothing mattered in the world but the secure masculine strength of his dance partner’s arms and the press of a not-so-well-concealed erection against his backside.

The guy had the face of an angel, smooth and ungodly handsome. His eyes were twin shards of silver, which seemed to look through his soul with ease, and his hair was pushed up in fashionable spikes. His left ear was pierced with a single diamond stud which sparkled in the strobe light. He had a patrician’s nose, straight and firm, and goddess help him, plush lips which looked softer than silk and were just pouty enough to be called sensual. The firm body behind him made Corrin want to pant. His reaction to the stranger had surprised him. It was purely instinctual, primitive.

“Oh goddess,” Corrin said, twisting his hips and grinding his ass into the hard length of his dance partner’s cock. He leaned forward, trying to establish a bit of distance between him and his own crazy reaction, but the stranger would have none of it. With one slight tug, his back was brought flush against the man’s naked chest once again. One of those delicious hands ran down his chest, playing on his abs and teasing the edge of his pants.

Please touch me. His thoughts turned delirious as his arousal wound tighter. He wanted nothing more than the rough touch of his dance partner. The hand on his hip tightened as if he knew what Corrin was thinking.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” That voice was sinful, dark, and sensual. Every fantasy Corrin’s unconscious mind had ever churned out would never measure up to the sheer power in that voice.

“Corrin,” he whispered, unsure whether the man would hear him. He gasped as a soft kiss was placed against the long line of his neck. Corrin leaned into that touch, letting his head fall back against the heavy pectoral muscles of his fantasy man, giving him further access. He wanted to ask his partner’s name but seemed unable to form the words, unsure if he was allowed to speak. Allowed? Where had that come from?




Once he was positioned on his back, Corrin felt his heart start to pound. This was the moment he’d waited his whole life for. The realization wasn’t as shocking as it should have been. This moment and this man were the culmination of his heart’s desires. Corrin was dismayed to realize that tonight would not be the end of his fantasies but the beginning. I shouldn’t do this. I should get up, get my clothes, and leave before it’s too late. But he knew he wouldn’t.

He watched in fascination as Adrian pushed himself to his knees and unbuttoned his pants before sliding them to his feet and kicking them off. Too late already. His mouth watered at the sight. Adrian was long and lean and gorgeous. His thick cock would fit perfectly in his hands. His hands tightened on impulse. And wouldn’t that be something to be able to do? To pleasure this man would be sheer heaven. I want to taste it. I want to take it into my mouth and lick and suck him like I did in my dreams.

Adrian chuckled. “I can see every thought you’re having on your face, Corrin.” He purred and grabbed up a small bottle of something. “Taste me. Explore me. Get used to the feel of it and know that tonight it is yours.”

Corrin needed no further encouragement. He sat up, and with a shaking hand, he took Adrian into his grip, testing the weight of the cock against his palm. The part of his mind responsible for his deeper fantasies clamored for him to taste, to touch, and to fondle. He ran his hands over the flared tip gently, almost reverently. He figured that playing with a man was very much the same as playing with himself, and he started to employ one of his favorite masturbation techniques to up the intensity. He watched with fascination as Adrian’s face lit up with pleasure.

Adrian growled. “Take it in your mouth, boy.”

“Yes, Master,” Corrin murmured, his mind glazed over with desire. He felt vulnerable, open for invasion, and oh so incredibly good. He’d never been harder. This is what I’ve been missing my entire life.


* * * *


Adrian nearly came undone at the Seelie’s whispered answer. Adrian heard a noise of a groan mingled with a growl of pleasure and realized that it was coming from his own throat. Before he could issue another command to the beauty that was eye level with his cock, Corrin leaned forward and gave him a rough lick, swirling his tongue around the head like a lollipop. Adrian dropped the bottle of lube he’d retrieved and tangled his hands into the platinum tresses of his beauty’s head, groaning.

Corrin sucked half of his length into his mouth, making up for his lack of experience with enthusiastic bobs of his head. His eyes fluttered shut, and a look of true serenity stole over his face as he put his entire being into pleasuring the Unseelie. Adrian moaned, gently pumping his shaft in between Corrin’s silken lips. The man had a magick mouth, he’d give him that.

“I’m going to fuck you so good,” he promised, gritting his teeth to stave off the orgasm. Corrin made a noise of want around his hot length and hollowed his cheeks to suck harder. “You like that, do you?” Corrin’s eyes fluttered open and his eyes screamed his approval. “Good because I’m going to use you all up for my pleasure, Corrin.”

Adrian panted. His cock throbbed with each beat of his heart. He pumped himself between Corrin’s parted lips, seeking relief from the ache in his body. He felt the orgasm boiling its way up his spine. He wanted to keep Corrin forever in that moment. He wanted to explore him not for a night but for years. There was something about the Seelie that tripped all his switches in just the right way.

“Swallow it,” he commanded, dimly aware that his instincts were driving him to mark Corrin in some way. He wanted his cum bathing the back of Corrin’s throat in the most primitive form of marking he could think of. Corrin sealed his lips over the head of his cock and obediently sucked as Adrian’s body shot off like a rocket.

As he shuddered through his orgasm, he couldn’t resist cupping the boy’s cheek before pulling out of Corrin’s mouth with an audible pop. Had a blow job ever been this satisfying? “You pleased me.” The words couldn’t begin to express the satisfaction he was feeling. Corrin was made to suck cock, to be pleasured by a man. Anyone who saw him like this would have no doubts.

He looked down to see a shy grin steal across Corrin’s beautiful face. Adrian watched as Corrin’s pink tongue licked at his bottom lip, looking for errant drops of semen, contentment painted across his expression. Holy goddess. His body stirred with renewed want.

“That was…incredible,” Corrin said softly. The Seelie’s voice was hoarse from the brutal pounding his mouth had just received. Adrian knew he wore a smug smile to match Corrin’s awed one.

“Now that you’re warmed up, are you ready for the real thing?” Adrian asked. He hoped that the blow job would stave off some of his desperation to get inside him as well so he could give Corrin the sex he deserved.

Corrin swallowed, clearly nervous, but nodded. “Yes, please.”

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