Memphis Heat (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,605
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, food play, light bondage, light spanking, HEA]

Maeve Callahan has finally met her match. Steele Ottinger, meant for only one night of sensuous pleasure with a stranger, shockingly turns out to be a determined business rival. Both of them want the same piece of real estate property, but for very different reasons.

Maeve has her heart set on it as the new location of Sunburst, a community center that helps inner-city adults and children get on the right track to a successful future. Steele, a millionaire businessman, wants to open another SHOTTZ, a sports bar and grille in his fast-growing chain of restaurants. Maeve is emotionally driven to fight for the people she views as family, where Steele is driven by financial gain.

The two engage in verbal combat whenever they meet, but those sparks turn into flames as the passion they can’t ignore takes over. Will there be a chance for true love, or will they crash and burn like the Memphis heat?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Memphis Heat (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Memphis Heat (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,605
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Another romantic, sexy, M/F read by Kate Patrick. Memphis heat is well written the characters are terrific. I love a female who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of some good lovin'. I love a hot, strong, romantic man. I get both here.
Maeve meets a sexy man at a Memphis Blues bar and, uncharacteristcally for her, she decides to let her hair down with him after a dance. Why not, he's sexy, charming and wants her. They have a night of unbridled passion. Maeve leaves the next morning only to find out her sexy man from the night before is her competitor on some commercial real estate. So, Maeve and Steele are both interested in the same property for different reasons, Maeve for a community development, Steele for another in his chain of bars. There is some VERY sexy writing in this book and it helps that the characters are easy to like.
The story progresses nicely, even though they're in competition they are having some sexy fun. However, fun turns into more, even though there is an outcome on the property which doesn't favour one. Neither can forget the other as much as they feel they might be able to. Will they be able to get over their real estate rivalry? Will sex be the only thing that they leave on the menu? Have a read, it's a terrific novella sized book. Memphis Heat is not too long, not too short, it's just right in every way. This is my second Kate Patrick book and I'm impressed. Nice writing, no typos, great editing and great characters. Highly recommended, sexy reading.
I like the plot of this book. Two driven people, but who are motivated by very different reasons. I enjoyed seeing how the conflict was resolved by the end of the book. As for the romantic elements, well, suffice it to say Memphis Heat was as schorching as the sun itself! Ms. Patrick took it further with this book than she did in her debut novel. It was obvious from nearly the first page that Maeve and Steele were not only hungry for the taste of success, but for each other as well!
Joan Chandler



“Dance with me.”

The rich, deep voice cut into her thoughts like a hot knife through cold butter. Maeve Callahan’s eyes came to rest on a massive, open palm extended toward her where she was seated at a small table in the corner of her favorite blues club. Her eyes traveled up the seemingly endless length of arm and came to rest on the most handsome face she had seen in a while. No, make that ever. Dark hair, vibrant blue eyes, a five-o-clock shadow, and classic chiseled bone structure atop a tall, lean, but muscular body all added up to the perfect package, in her opinion.

“Excuse me?” she replied as she fixed her gaze on the slightly smiling eyes that looked down expectantly at her.

“Dance with me,” he repeated as he leaned closer but stopped short of invading her personal space.

“Is that an invitation or a command?” she asked with an arched brow as she pressed even closer, definitely invading his personal space.

“It’s whatever will result in getting you to take my hand and follow me onto that dance floor. I’ve watched you for a while, and you seem to enjoy this music. I enjoy dancing with a woman who moves as beautifully as she looks. So…dance with me.”

She blushed at the mental image of how she must have looked as she nodded and swayed to the soothing tones the musicians had played all evening. “Well, you know what they say about flattery.” She laughed as she placed her hand in his and followed him through the crush of dancers taking advantage of the slow, sultry tune that was now playing.

He looked back at her and said in a wicked tone, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

A little shiver went through her as he pulled her into his arms, holding her firmly against his long, lean tower of a body. She slid her hands up to rest on his broad, muscular shoulders. Even in killer black stilettos, she still had to look up to see his face. A very gorgeous face. He wasn’t a pretty boy but possessed rugged good looks that shouted he was a man’s man, perfectly capable of handling himself in any given situation.

He slid a hand along her rib cage as they danced, setting off little bursts of fireworks that rippled from her head straight to her nether regions. She felt his hands come to rest on the curve of her lower back. He held her loosely as she began to move her hips to the sensuous rhythm of the music. She took a step closer into his embrace as her hands skimmed over his shoulders to rest at his neck.

This slight adjustment brought her breasts in direct contact with his rock-hard torso, brushing against him as they danced to the hypnotic melody that seemed to lull them into a trance of seduction, oblivious to others. Her nipples hardened as he lightly stroked her spine. His touch created a sensation she was at a loss to ignore. Her fingers entwined in the hair at the nape of his neck as she felt heat course through her body as a direct result of the sensuous way he boldly stroked the side of her breast with the pad of his thumb.


* * * *


Steele Ottinger closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of her breasts barely grazing his chest while she swayed seductively in his arms. Sure, she had sat at her table looking all circumspect and guarded, but there had been a hint of something else underneath that cool exterior. Something intense. Something sensuous. Something he would seek to discover before the night was over. He felt the familiar heaviness in his groin, revealing the effect she had on him as they danced. Strangely, he didn’t care if she became aware of his lust for her. That was why he had asked—no, she had been right— commanded that she dance with him.

A throbbing cock proved he was a man on a mission. She completely mesmerized him as she seemingly became lost in an erotic response to the sounds that filled the room. Her hips thrust in perfect time with the beat, making him long to meet her with some thrusts of his own. He knew he possessed a natural rhythm and could provide her with a partner that would keep up with her no matter what the activity.

Now, at last, he held her in his arms. She turned away from him and sensuously lifted the heavy mane of dark locks that flowed like a river down her back, exposing a long, slender neck for his admiration. He groaned inwardly as she glanced back, casting a provocative look his way. He wrapped an arm around her narrow waist and pulled her up against his pulsing erection. He leaned down to nuzzle the velvetlike skin behind her dainty ear. The slight scrape of his smooth, straight teeth along the curve of her neck sent a tremor through her lithe form. He smiled at the realization that their dance appeared to have a heated effect on her as well.

The longer he held her, the more he wanted to know what it would be like to bury himself deep inside her. It would be one mind-blowing fuck if judged by her fluid, graceful movements on the dance floor. She appeared to be an uninhibited spirit. Her ability to follow his lead in perfect sync made him think their “horizontal dance” would be an explosive coupling to say the least.




The door had barely closed before he had slammed her back against it and assumed a full body press, crushing her lips with his own. His warm mouth tasted of aged bourbon and cigarettes. The subtle fragrance of some exotic spice permeated her senses as he began to blaze a scorching trail of kisses along her jawline and on down to her collarbone, where he sank his teeth into her tender flesh. A guttural moan of pleasure escaped from deep inside the most primeval part of her being. As she closed her eyes, she leaned her head back and let her senses take over.

She felt the strong hands splayed over her rib cage begin to slide upward to then pull her black cashmere sweater over her head. The cool air in the room caressed her skin, causing her already hardened nipples to strain further against the black lace of her skimpy bra. He slid his tongue between her parted lips to explore her mouth more thoroughly. When he covered her breasts with his warm palms, she pressed deeper into his hands. He began to pluck at the distended peaks that yielded to his masterful touch. He reached behind her to release the hooks of her barely there bra with one expert twist of his wrist. He then slowly pulled the straps downward to free her breasts. He took a step back to feast his eyes on the twin globes for the first time.

He smiled and whispered, “Beautiful.” He cupped a heavy breast and pushed it upward to meet his lips that he lightly brushed back and forth across the erect nipples. She bit her lower lip in an effort to contain the whimper that threatened to escape past her lips. The sensations he created with his tantalizing mouth began to fan the flames of desire already raging within. When he unexpectedly bit a taut nipple, she gasped with surprise and fisted her hands in his dark locks, holding his head firmly to her bosom so he could not pull away. He sucked greedily and switched to the other one to give it equal attention.

He slowly knelt down in front of her as his hands slid over her bottom, squeezing it as he journeyed on down the length of her thighs. He tucked his thumbs under the hem of her black pencil skirt as he looked up into her eyes. He maneuvered it up over her hips to reveal a very lacy, black strip of fabric dipped low beneath her navel. He slowly exhaled and leaned forward to kiss her mound through the delicate lace. The tender gesture took her breath away, and she gave him a seemingly sultry smile when he glanced up.

Her smile appeared to be all he needed to continue with his seduction. He hooked his fingertips under the edge of the lace and pulled downward to slip them off. She then surprised him by turning to ease down the zipper of her bunched-up skirt. She looked back over her shoulder to find his jaw had dropped slightly as he regarded the view she revealed to him by the inch. She let the garment drop to the floor and kicked it aside with her high-heeled shoe. She placed her hands on her hips and posed long enough for him to absorb the picture she presented before him. When she faced him again, he eased forward with panther-like stealth and rose to his feet to ravish her mouth once again.

This time when he slid his hands over her skin, he lowered to his knees and lifted her leg over his shoulder. He began to plant soft kisses along the tender flesh inside her thigh. When he reached the juncture between her legs, he continued to lightly kiss her along the seam of her womanhood. He then darted his tongue into her hot pussy and ran it up to where her sex seemed to throb in anticipation. He parted her with his thumbs and began to lick her very core until she begged him for mercy when the pleasure became immensely intense. He apparently planned to show no mercy until her satisfaction was complete.

He continued to administer his own brand of sweet torture to her now swollen clit. He flicked his pointed tongue over her sensitive bud and alternated with gentle sucking that reduced her to pleading for him to make her come. She fisted her hands in his hair as the sensations steadily intensified. He seemed oblivious to her nearly yanking his hair out by the roots, as he devoured her dripping-wet pussy. He gripped her hips to pull her even closer as he buried his face between her legs.


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