Fateful Desires (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,391
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance]

Ever since her mother was killed by a madwoman, Geva Fairchild has led a hard, lonely life, but that all changes when she discovers an injured, handsome nobleman in the woods. She helps him to her cabin to dress his wound and finds his charm quite distracting. A mysterious, intoxicating mist suddenly appears in the cottage that affects them both, and things get sexually exciting.

John Stewart awoke to the voice of a beautiful siren. He is weak, hurt, and has amnesia. Although something in his mind warns him he should get away before it’s too late, he finds himself falling for the shy serf’s daughter. When an ominous fog appears and weird things happen, he begins to think she’s a witch.

Passion, lust, love, and the paranormal lead these two on an uncontrollable journey. Though something mystical is drawing them together, his abhorrent, mysterious past and their social standings keep them apart. They were never meant to be together. Will their love conquer all, or will it be extinguished before it's fully ignited?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Note: This book was previously published by a different publisher.

Fateful Desires (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Fateful Desires (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,391
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Without a sound and without any warning, the door to the room opened suddenly. She jumped, gasping, and turned to find the handsome, tall, dark stranger enter the room. His eyes went wide in surprise.

He stopped in his step and gawked. “Geva. I didn’t know they brought you in here.”

Shock left her numb, unable to move to cover herself, unable to speak to explain herself.

His gaze roamed from her face to her bosom down lower to her pelvis. She felt her nipples react to his ogling by tightening and becoming more pert. A pool of heat formed between her legs at his hungry stare, and her clit throbbed with want and sexual attention. How his eyes caressed her skin with attention and admiration made her body react with greedy, wanton desires. Flashes of him fondling her breast and kissing her flooded her memories, tugging at her emotions and urges.

It took a few seconds until the surprise dwindled and she finally got back her wits. She snatched the underskirt up to cover her front, as much of it as she could. Cool air still enveloped her body with the movement, so she surmised it did little to hide all her feminine parts from his curious stare.

Taking a deep breath, she asked, “Why are you here, my lord?”

A smile spread over his face. He obviously found her modesty and awkward reaction humorous. His expression irked her somewhat, but she bit her lip and hearkened his words.

“These are my private chambers. I just came back from riding and wanted to bathe and change into clean clothes.” He glanced at the tub. “I guess this is for you, not me, since they hadn’t expected me back so soon.”

He gazed back at her, and his grin widened. “It is good to see you again, Geva. You look lovelier than when I saw you last.”

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, and a warm feeling encompassed her heart and heated her cheeks. “Thank you, my lord.” Forgetting she stood stark naked, curiosity compelled her to walk a little closer to gaze at his face more closely. “The cut has healed well.”

He touched above his brow and grinned. “Yes, it has. I am forever grateful for what you did for me, Geva. If it weren’t for you, I might have perished in the forest. I owe you my life.”

She lowered her gaze in humility. “I did nothing, my lord. Anyone who came upon you that day would have done the same thing.”

He moved in closer and grabbed her hand, bringing it to his lips, and kissed the outside of it while staring into her eyes. “No, my dear, you did far more than anyone else. Only you have the touch to heal. Only you could have saved me.”

Without warning, he pulled her to him, crushing her body to his, making her gasp. He encircled her waist with his arms and stared at her lips when they were a mere inch away from his. He peered deep into her eyes, and she swooned. His beautiful hazel eyes enchanted her. She could spend an eternity staring into them.

His strong chest pressed against hers, and her nipples throbbed from the pressure. Suddenly the coldness she had experienced just seconds ago vanished, and heat built around her and in her. Wetness spread between her legs as arousal traveled from her breasts to her pussy instantly. Her heart pumped furiously in her chest to compensate for her rising excitement.

She should have pushed him away before he did something else. She was, after all, in his private chambers, naked, and one of the maids could come in any minute. What would the duchess think if someone did catch them like this? But no matter how she tried to pull away, she couldn’t. Being in his arms, feeling his muscular body crushing hers, his erect cock pressing on her pelvis through her garment, made her body awaken in ways she never thought possible. It felt so, so luridly good, addictive.

Breathing heavily, he brought his lips to hers, and when they were less than half an inch away, he whispered, “I am forever grateful.” He gently pressed his mouth down on hers, and her legs weakened.

He slowly moved his hands up to cup the side of her face while he pushed his bold tongue into her mouth. She caressed his with hers and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Now that she no longer held the garment, he groaned and moved so as to free them from the cumbersome barrier, pulling it out and dropping it to the wooden floor. His hands then began to roam over her body, touching the side of her hips, causing pleasurable goose bumps to form all over her skin. He worked himself up to her breasts. When he gently touched them, she worried he would be repulsed again like he was at her cottage. And she held her breath even though her mind screamed for her to arch her body closer to his ministrations.

He released her lips and gazed down at her body. Then he looked back deep into her eyes. “You are so beautiful, Geva. A true goddess with a heart of gold.”

He returned to kissing her lips, but this time his actions were more demanding. He rubbed her nipples and then pinched them softly.

A gush of liquid seeped out of her pussy then, and she widened her legs. He let go of her nipples and brought his hands to her buttocks and pushed her hard against his penis. She reacted by moaning and crushing her pelvis up against him. His hard cock, confined in his trousers, rubbed against her, and her nub throbbed from the vibration.

Daringness as her companion, she brought her hand to the side of his hard cock and pulled on the strings of his trousers.

He jerked away and took a deep breath. She panted, wondering what he was doing. Would he stop this before it began once more? She’d surely go mad if he did.

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