Full Measure (MMF)

Mastering Holly Oaks 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 59,588
30 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, spanking, flogging, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Katherine Haynes is a woman who knows infidelity and insecurity. She’s pulled herself from debt and divorce to start a new life across the country. When her new bosses bring her to a club and introduce her to Mac and Jay, her life changes even more. Mac Dunna and Jay Reynolds are in a loving D/s relationship, but they crave a woman to complete their life. Kat is everything they could imagine. They must show her that her insecurities about relationships and her health condition won’t be enough to keep them from her. As their love heats up and Kat’s confidence grows, a stalker becomes determined to get rid of her. With her lovers by her side, she’s prepared to do anything to have the future they offer, even if it means risking her life. Will Kat find love and the new life she’s looking for, or will her stalker cut her future short?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Full Measure (MMF)
30 Ratings (4.4)

Full Measure (MMF)

Mastering Holly Oaks 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 59,588
30 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
You must simply love this book and I'll buy certainly the second book in this serie
Professional Reviews

4 KINKS: "OK, a divorced heroine who has panic attacks packs up her life and moves to Colorado for a fresh start. Her awesomely hot bisexual bosses introduce her to another awesomely hot bisexual couple. Sparks fly and … well, you have to read to find out more. I enjoyed this book. I thought it was fun and sexy. The characters were interesting and enjoyable. About halfway through the book I was already wondering when I’d get Kelly’s story… and James and Ryan’s story. I’ve been assured, they’re coming. YAY!! Now, into every review, a little rain must fall. There are a few rain clouds with this one but nothing that really effected my overall enjoyment of the story.There was a small inconsistency with the heroine. At the beginning, she was pretty neurotic, which I actually enjoyed… She suffered from panic attacks, which I can relate to, but during the story, she had one full attack, and one hinted at attack but that was it. With everything going on, I thought it strange that she didn’t have more. Plus, by about halfway through the book, most of her neurotic behaviors had pretty much disappeared with no explanation. The book reminded me a bit of Sophie Oak’s Nights in Bliss series. For more than just because it was set in Colorado. There were mentions of how the town was a safe harbor for unusual characters who want to be themselves. We didn’t get to meet many of the other inhabitants in this story, however. I’m hoping that will be remedied in the future stories." -- Riane, Kinky Book Reviews

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After easing her down from her climax, Mac and Jay worked together to free Kat from her restraints. Jay gave her legs a brisk massage while Mac worked on her wrists. Kat just lay in a heap on the table. She couldn’t believe it. She had an orgasm. She was capable of having an orgasm.

All this time she thought there was something wrong with her. That she would never have a satisfying sex life. What had the problem always been? She’d been with two other men before Mark. It wasn’t as if he was the only one who couldn’t satisfy her. At first her friends in college said she would just have to be patient. She needed to learn her own body and what worked for her. Great advice. Nothing worked. She couldn’t give herself a damn orgasm. How was she supposed to make it happen with someone else? And she could never relax during sex. Her mind would always run a mile a minute. These men did something to her that just flipped a switch and turned off her thoughts.

After she started seeing Mark, she just sort of accepted that she wasn’t a sexual person. Her anxiety attacks started early on in the relationship, and she thought maybe the medication dulled her libido, too. All these years and she had been wrong. She wasn’t abnormal. She could have a healthy sex life, and with two luscious men to boot. How awesome was that?

She was vaguely aware that Mac had picked her up and was rocking her in the chair like a baby while Jay cleaned up the table. She was definitely aware of the tears though. Fuck, here she sat in this man’s arms after he’d just turned her world upside down, and she was bawling.


* * * *


Mac was at a loss. He knew an orgasm could be very emotional for a woman. He especially knew that submitting for the first time would be even more so. Kat was reacting pretty severely for that, though. She was in sub drop in a bad way right now, and he needed to help her level out quickly.

“Jay, get me some chocolate and a blanket,” he whispered.

Jay looked pretty worried. He never reacted this way, and never had to take care of a sub before. Mac wanted to reassure him, but he needed to know what kitten was thinking.

“Kitten, I want you to take deep breaths now. Look at me, and tell me what’s going on. I know that must have been very intense for you. After a scene you need to talk to your Dom, especially at first. I need to know what’s going on.” Mac was very calm and even toned. He was stroking her hair and wiping at her tears.

“Oh, god, Sir. I’m so sorry. These are happy tears, I think. I had an orgasm, you know.”

He couldn’t contain his laugh at her words. Of course he knew. Was she like this after every orgasm? They were going to have to buy stock in tissues.

“I know, baby. What I meant was, why do you cry after an orgasm, or is this because of the submission?” Right then, Jay came back with candy and blankets.

“Oh. I guess maybe I should have told you. I’ve never had an orgasm before. I didn’t think I could, actually, so I guess I’m just overwhelmed. And happy, man, am I happy.” The tears had stopped, and kitten was cozying up in the blanket. She sighed as she nibbled the chocolate. She was completely oblivious that Mac and Jay were just staring her like she had announced she was the Queen of England.

“Oh. Okay. Well, that’s good, then, we did well. That’s a relief,” Jay said and proceeded to lick some chocolate off kitten’s lips. Jesus! They were both acting like happy little kids now. He was stunned. First her amazing response to them, then the breakdown, the revelation, and now he was feeling kind of like the king of the world, having been able to give this woman what no man had. Was he the only one who needed a minute? Guess so.

The biggest smile overcame him as he continued to rock and watch his subs. Jay was kneeling by their feet and nuzzling kitten. She was draped over his lap like a well-sated woman. This would be his life. He would do anything to make it so. They were the best things in his world, and he was keeping them.




“Lay back, pet. Give me your hands.” He was all authority now. He was using his Dom voice. She lay back against the cool leather and reached out her hands to him. He took both in one hand and brought them up over her head. Mac applied just enough pressure to make her feel helpless but not hurt her wrists. The leather was warming against her back, and he was staring at her while Jay moved to the other side and slid her top down to her waist.

They both sucked in air as soon as her breasts were revealed.

“Jesus, that’s a gorgeous sight.” Mac breathed.

“Master?” Jay was actually whining a little.

“Yes, slave, worship those breasts. Show pet how much you want her.”

Oh. Their reaction to her body was so incredible. Had anyone ever complimented her breasts before? Nope. She liked that they seemed so pleased. She liked it a lot.

Mac was watching as Jay started at the top of her neck and slowly caressed his way down. It was like he was learning her, really imprinting her feel. He kept his hands to the outside of her breasts and continued down her ribs to her waist. He stopped there and leaned over her. She heard him breathe “kitten” right before she felt his hot mouth under her ear. Fuck, since when was that a hot spot? She never knew. His mouth followed the trail of his hands in openmouthed kisses, and she broke out in goose bumps. Her nipples perked right back up, and that ache she thought was gone for the night was back with a vengeance.

“There we go, pet,” Mac rumbled with approval.

Jay started to work his way back up her stomach to her breasts. She was writhing in anticipation. She felt Mac increase the pressure on her wrists, reminding her to stay still, and that just ramped her up more. She rubbed her legs together as Jay started to nuzzle the underside of her left breast.

“No, pet. Spread those pretty thighs now, or I will tie them down. You don’t seek your own pleasure. It’s mine to give.”

Sweet baby Jesus.

Kat relaxed her legs and whimpered as Jay cupped both her breasts. He pushed them together a little and gave a light squeeze right before she saw his mouth come down to encase her nipple. “Ahh!” She was starting to moan and sigh. Everything felt so good. Her gentle sounds turned husky when Jay sucked her nipple with greater pressure. He began to use rhythmic pulses. She felt the pleasure zing from her nipple, in a central line, right to her clit. Fuck. When Jay switched to start the process over again with her other breast, he used his thumb and forefinger to gently pinch her abandoned nipple. She was starting to breathe in short pants now. She felt so restless she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep still anymore. When Jay rolled her nipple and lightly bit the other, she cried out in pleasure.

Something was happening to her, and she had no idea what. Was this normal? Why had this never happened before? Everything felt so damn good. She turned to Mac for help. She needed more. Her pussy had begun to ache with her need to be filled. “Sir? Please?” Her voice had turned breathless.

“Sweet pet, I’m going to take care of you. I want you to relax. Slow your breathing, honey, and I’ll make this so good for you. I’m going to bind you to the table. I think it will help free you of the worry to stay still. If you start to feel uncomfortable, or if it’s too much to handle, you just tell me, baby.”

She couldn’t even speak. She smiled at him and nodded. He moved quickly then, pulling straps out from the top and the sides of the table. From underneath, he grabbed what looked like four Velcro cuffs with fleece lining. He placed one on each of her wrists, making sure that they weren’t too tight, and then he snapped them to the strap at the head of the table. She had a little play, but not enough to bring her hands down.

“You’re doing so well, baby,” Mac whispered right before he kissed her. This kiss was different. He wasn’t seducing her this time. He was mastering her. He gently opened her mouth by tugging on her chin and then his tongue swept inside to rub with hers. He moaned as he explored her and sucked on her tongue. Jay’s continued assault on her breasts and Mac’s fierce kiss started a liquid fire in her blood. She felt the heat in her womb and started to rock her pelvis. When Mac broke the kiss, Kat was breathing hard again. Every nerve in her body was sensitized. God, she could have sworn the look on his face was love. Her heart was pounding. She needed these men. She needed so much. That look Mac gave her said he knew it and would be there to provide.

As Mac picked up the next cuff, Jay covered her breasts with his hands and came up for a kiss of his own. He was so tender and affectionate. He made love to her mouth while his thumbs circled her tight buds. She could feel everything, even the flow of air across her skin.

Mac placed a cuff on each of her thighs just a few inches above her knees. Then he attached the side straps and adjusted them so she was spread wide. She was stunned for a moment. Panting for breath, she just stared at Jay. “He wants you open for him, babe. He wants to taste you.”

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