Midnight's Last Light (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,453
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, ghosts, HEA]

Sequestering herself in the house she inherited after her film producer father’s death, Madi finds the long-abandoned guest house alive with activity.

Once a film star, Chuck is embroiled in a suspense thriller of his own. Muscular and devastatingly handsome, he has no idea that the film, Midnight’s Last Light, was completed without him. Can Madi help Chuck solve the mystery surrounding his death? She gives her heart, body, and soul to the enigmatic ghost. The reality of his death unites the clandestine lovers, ushering them into a tango of mystery and ecstasy. Can death dissolve their passion, or will a portal allow love to reign?

Love holds no boundaries. The dimension between life and death cannot restrain their lust. On their quest, Madi learns to live again, as Chuck is resolved to accept his destiny. Their twisting bodies writhe with an unearthly heat. Will the portal allow the inferno of love to continue?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Midnight's Last Light (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Midnight's Last Light (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,453
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story Excerpt


“Who are you? How did you get in?” Madison began to shudder. Positive she’d locked the doors and secured the windows, Madi panicked at the sight of the gentleman in her kitchen.

“Who am I? Who are you?” The man appeared annoyed with her interruption. Bare-chested, he revealed a muscular frame and chiseled abdomen. His arms rippled as he poured the hot liquid into the mug. His biceps bulged as he bent his elbow. Despite the innate terror that rose in Madi’s chest and throat, she tried not to stare at his perfect physique.

“I’m going to call the police if you don’t get out of here!” Madison cried out. Her hands clenched in fury while her heart leapt in her chest.

“There will be a race to the telephone if you do. I’m a guest at this house. What are you doing in Saul’s kitchen?” Looking just as mystified as Madison, he reached for the phone on the wall. His muscles grew taut with the extension of his arm.

Fear merged with lust as Madi watched his every motion. He appeared just as confused as she. Madi knew she should be frightened, but felt no imminent danger. She was running on instinct, feeling more perturbed at the intruder than scared. Madi was also distracted by his toned and masculine body.

Those arms! Madi hadn’t been privy to a strapping male physique in years. Surprised at her own calm demeanor, Madi continued to follow the curvature of his torso with her eyes.

“I’m Madison Palimento, owner of this kitchen and the house that surrounds it. Who the hell are you?” Fire grew from her toes to her face, igniting a blush to her pallid skin. Her legs felt wobbly. Small trembles quivered her lips as Madison strained to compose herself.

“Palimento? Saul Palimento?” the stranger asked inquisitively.

“Yes, he’s my father. Now, again, who are you?” Madi’s heightened tone echoed against the granite countertop.

“Chuck, Chuck Freeman. If your father is Saul, you must have heard of me…I rent the guesthouse. Didn’t he inform you? I must have scared you to death.”

How would he know her father’s name? What kind of intruder offered coffee to his victim? How did he know about the cottage?

Madison’s head was filled with inquiries yet to be posed. She held her composure and stared at the stranger. Madi’s aqua eyes looked into his deep-set blues.

The man continued in a relaxed tone. “The electricity was knocked out last night so I came in to make coffee. The housekeeper is usually here. Where is everybody?”

He flashed a smile that went right through Madison’s shivering body. He smelled of cheap cologne and sweat. Madison swooned as she searched for self-control. Erratically, Madison took the cup from the stranger’s hand.

“Look, this is my house. Saul, my father, died three years ago. If anyone was living in the guesthouse, I would know about it. There haven’t been any servants here since my father’s passing. Enough is enough. Please get out of my kitchen before I call the police.” Her voice quaked.

A long silence stretched between the two. Madi, perplexed by the seemingly calm demeanor of the intruder, found herself aroused by his aroma and incredible good looks. The long days and even longer nights had lengthened endlessly without companionship. Frightened by his presence, she found a surge of eroticism flowing through her svelte torso and down her willowy thighs. She yearned for the touch of a man.

“Something is desperately wrong here.” Chuck looked at his shoes and then into Madison’s eyes. “What year is it?”

“What do you mean, what year is it? It’s 2010, just as it has been for nine months.”

No one had been in this house but her since Saul’s passing. Parties, film crews, starlets, they all came to the Palimento Estate. Wild parties were notorious in the back cottage. Saul threw his money into lavish celebrations before and after each film. Some starlets invaded the Palimento home for days as they seductively acquired more lines in the films. Strong men in their small Speedos swam the waters of the two pools. The liquid indigo waters were aflame at night when spotlights triggered the ceramic tiles and moonlight thundered down.

The paparazzi would have a field day at the estate. Photos of indiscretions between stars and crew were pasted all over the rags. Inquisitions of drug abuse and orgies popped up, adding only allure to the guests of the dream world that Madi called home. Most of the rumors were unfounded. However, it was not unusual to find two or more women in the hot tubs, rubbing the thighs and cocks of the leading stars.

Saul allowed for overnight guests, no matter the formation or number that entailed. Madi was secluded from these excursions, as her father was worldly but protective of his only daughter and protégé. Hopes that Madison would head the production company after his death were detailed in his will. 

“Look, I don’t know what kind of game you and Saul are playing. Is this some scene he’s sticking in the movie?” Chuck interrupted Madi’s flirtation with her star-kissed past. His face reddened as his voice gained volume. Chuck’s hand stretched out and caught her wrist. “Tell me what’s going on.”

A blast of heat ignited her cheek. Madi tried to liberate from his grasp but couldn’t fight the intensity of his hold. The muscles in his forearms tightened into steel cables. The outline of his pectoral bulges seemed to flinch under the tension. Anger wore well on Mr. Freeman.

“This is insane! The year is 2010! What else do you want from me? Get out of my house and off my property before I call the police.” Quivering under his gaze, Madi’s voice was breathy and filled with surrender. The ache of loneliness clouded her judgment. Trembling loins and lust-filled thoughts erased fear of the intruder.

“Come with me to the guesthouse. Now!”


Adult Excerpt


Slowly, Chuck moved his left hand, touching the top of Madi’s exposed thigh. He moved his fingers gently, tracing the outline of the muscle beneath. Sighing, she allowed his fingers to wander the caverns and hills of her toned legs. The sensation brought forth so many thoughts of lust, love, and enticement.

Is this the time for romance?

Gradually moving his head upward, she met his lips with her own. He grasped the nape of her neck as his tongue traveled up, and moved lavishly from her mouth to her neck and back again. He met her lips and opened her mouth. Slowly his tongue sought hers. Together they moved in the beating rhythm of a tumultuous tango. Madi allowed his body to fully rest on hers as they kissed.

His bare chest felt delicious against the balminess of her skin. Kissing her more seductively, Chuck seized her robe and flung it open. The force with which the satin tore from her naked flesh left goose bumps on Madi’s skin. Chuck latched onto her breast as his tongue continued its tango.

Lapping the pinkness of her nipple, her heart raced while twinges of pain tugged at her body. Her pussy was dripping, flooding for the first time in years. She wanted his cock to fill the void. Her mouth craved his tongue, his sweat, and his musky essence. Madi desired all of him. She felt glorious in her renewed sense of sexuality.

Soothed by his style and flair, Madi gave in to her temptations. Chuck led her into the bedroom and tossed her roughly on the pillows and comforter.

It had been eons since her body was overcome by another’s. She took control, instead of allowing Chuck to take the lead. She abruptly lifted her head and shoulders off the pillows and pushed him away. Madi wanted her way with Chuck’s cock and motioned him to his knees. Obeying, his slick body balanced in front of her. Seductively, she crawled toward the throbbing dick. He was freshly shaved, allowing the skin to glisten as it moved in sudden jerks. Chuck sighed, giving in to the temptress.

Madi grabbed, hungrily, at his stiff cock. Lying in front of his delicious frame, her ass shifted upward. Without using her hands, Madi dove and grappled for the long shaft. Opening her mouth, she licked her lips and gobbled greedily. She measured his length and girth with her swirling tongue.

Taking only a moment to look into his eyes, Madi turned her attention back to his cock. She opened her gaping mouth and allowed him to push his dick deeply into her throat. A gasp for air took hold. She gathered her lusty lips and took him in again. This time, her throat allowed the long rod to enter all the way to the root. She stroked his balls with her hand as he moaned and yelled her name. Her bobbing head rocked to the rhythm of his swaying hips. Each movement was met with a renewed appetite.

Not wanting him to cum in her mouth, Madi released her erotic mouth and lay in front of him. Her legs open and inviting, pussy juices flowed stickily against her thighs.

Chuck took the invitation. He drew his body against hers. Starting at her lips, he licked her mouth, her neck, her nipples, and neared her mound. Playfully, he dismissed her pussy lips and wanting cave. Chuck ran his tongue against the razor strip of hair that embellished her woman hood. He flicked gently at the tip then ran his tongue to Madi’s clit.

Madi could feel the first of many explosions. Her heart leapt as her body arched. She ached for his cock. Madi wanted the succulent pain and enduring ecstasy of his bulk. Instead the warmth of his tongue lapped at her stickiness. Chuck’s mastery made her cum over and over again. His warm breath and heated tongue made Madi quiver.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Chuck entered her. His body enveloped hers and together the rhythmic rain of exquisite pleasure poured over them.

Grinding his pelvis into hers, Chuck moved his rapture in then out again. Over and over he searched in regions that Madi thought void. Chuck lifted his weight to his knees. Pulling Madi’s inner thighs toward him, he continued to search her pussy with his cock.

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