When Paul wakes up after leading his elite combat team in a disastrous assault on the Fair Warriors, he finds that the people he was sent to attack are his friends. One of them is his lost love, the prophetess Joy. The Fair Warriors use their erotic paranormal abilities to help him uncover his own weird powers. He’s drawn into their struggle against a sinister corporation. Paul and the other Fair Warriors are drawn into a strange, secret battle that unfolds in the midst of a massive Occupy Washington demonstration in the nation’s capital.

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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

She wraps her legs around my ass. She curls her hands in my hair. She rocks her hips. She says, “You better stay hard.”

It’s not difficult. All I do is let my gaze travel her face and her figure. I’ve never seen a more desirable woman, not in person, not in the porn magazines my men keep in their packs, not in the movies. She isn’t starved so as to look good in expensive clothes, or pumped up with collagen lips, boob jobs, and ass tucks to impress a camera. She’s naturally dazzling and deeply alive.

Her lips curl with pleasure. She looks down to where our bodies unite. Her legs, arms, and lips squeeze me. Her body shares the tremor of her coming.

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