When the strangers in Mandi’s dreams become faces she sees on the London streets, she’s sure they are part of a fiendish plot to force her back into sexual slavery. In this crowning episode of the Fair Warrior Chronicles, the Fair Warriors reveal themselves to the last of their number, and make her aware of paranormal abilities she didn’t know she possessed. With Mandi’s powers added to the mix, will the Fair Warriors have the strength to defeat their ruthless enemy?

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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

Dark roof beams peak above of our bed. The glow of the fire blesses our bodies. Devon’s head journeys lower. His scratchy cheeks rub my perfumed thighs. His tongue finds my opening. My legs would rise if his thick arms hadn’t imprisoned them.

I want more and deeper. He dwells and teases until he draws my gasp. He rises over me. His salty lips part mine. My hands guide his cock. He fills me. My heels travel the backs of his legs.

I was forced to let surgeons shape my cunt to suit the pleasure of another man. For the bear-man’s cock, it’s a tight fit. But my love for him lets my body melt and flow. Devon works me, works until we are one.

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