What compelled Jace to make his bull’s head mask and why does it take him to such a strange, scary place? His power to channel a labyrinth of terror-driven sex attracts the Fair Warriors, three women in the business of providing extreme experiences. If he guides them to the mysterious cave where he encountered the shadow of the Minotaur, will he clear his head and heart enough to accept Tanisha’s love?

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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

I say, “You’re trying to change the subject.”

“Um-hmm.” She kisses her way down my chest. She slips her lips over Mr. Dickie. He’s not much of a mouthful. Her tongue teases him.

I say, “Oh, stop.”

She sucks me with a steady rhythm. I close my eyes.

“Hey, it’s a cave.”

I’m standing below Amanda on a steep slope near the summit of the mountain. I’m trying not to fall backward. I’m drunker than I thought. She’s bending over. The top of her body penetrates the dark opening in the rock. All I want to look at is the thin material of her shorts stretched across her sweet backside.

She glances at me over her shoulder. Her red hair kindles in the sunlight. She wrinkles her nose. She says “C’mon.” She crawls in the cave.

A cry overhead makes me study the sky. An eagle circles. I wonder if we’re crowding its nest. I decide I need to pee. I watch my stream splatter on the rock.

Amanda’s face emerges from the cave entrance. She rolls her eyes. She says, “Hurry up.” She disappears inside.

I shake off the vivid daydream. Tanisha‘s cheek is distended by a resurrected Mr. Dickie. She slips him out of her mouth. She kisses his tip. She sits on me and holds him with both hands. Her legs surround my head. She asks, “Where were you?”

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