Evan Wall is called Midas because every investment he touches turns to gold. His power came to him after a supernatural presence swept through his mind. The gift was accompanied by a curse. He can understand finances perfectly, but he’s clueless about women. Then his old love, Chen, shows up with weird powers of her own.

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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

Reggie Sterling, naked, squats on my desktop. Her haunches rest on her ankles. Her knees are spread. The golden mist only my eyes can see floats between her legs. Her dress lies flat on my couch.

I hold the portfolio in front of her shaved cunt. She cups my chin in her hand, raises my face, bends close, and kisses me hard. She presses her palms to my cheeks. The tip of her nose touches mine. She brushes my hair off my forehead. She rivets my eyes to hers. She says, “I am Crocale.”

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