New Beginnings

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,150
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Faced with the daunting reality that their relationship has been based solely on Izzy’s dreams, Tamara must now decide if she’s even capable of loving a witch.

“It is much easier to live in the world of dreams, than to face the grim reality that my soul mate is a witch.” – Tamara Hightower

New Beginnings
0 Ratings (0.0)

New Beginnings

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,150
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

I knew why Kaley wanted me to stay put. The last time I felt like this, I went out and wrecked my bike. By the time I regained consciousness, the paramedics had already declared me dead at the scene and had transported me to the city morgue. I was locked inside one of their body lockers with no way out. Rachael heard about the accident on the evening news and called Kaley who in turn, snuck me out before the coroner had a chance to cut me open, and in the process, ruined my chances at a good time. I had already decided that when they opened the locker door, I would lay perfectly still, while they pulled the metal table out. At the right moment, I would open my eyes, making funny faces and scream, booga, booga booga! I would have to erase their memories, but it would have been fun. Yeah me, hungry, bored and pissed, not a good blend.

I looked at my keys.

“I swear I’ll let you rot in those cold lockers, next time.” She smiled. “Please.”

I tossed her my keys. “Fine, but heat up the damn bag, first. That shit’s nasty as it is and worse, cold.” I strolled to the couch, plopped down, stretched out and closed my eyes. It would take at least two minutes to warm up the bag and that was plenty of time to keep catch up on some needed sleep.

I announced my presence as I blended perfectly into the corner of the room silently watching her. “I have been thinking about you,”

“And?” Izzy replied as she sat on the throne armrest.

“I would like to try this again, if it’s all right with you.” I approached her holding one arm behind my back.

She crossed her arms and legs. “Well, what do you have in mind?”

I stopped a foot away. “My name is Tamara Hightower and I’m extremely pleased to meet you,” I said, handing her a fresh bouquet of a dozen red roses.

“I’m Izzy,” she said, holding the roses closer to her nose, “and I’m glad you came back.”

“You have touched me in a way only one other has. I would like to pursue this and see what happens next.” I caressed her bare arm and her energy soared through me, exciting me as if this had been the first time we had ever touched.

I leaned toward her, pressed my lips to hers as my tongue demanded entrance. Our kiss rekindled the insatiable sexual hunger we had for each other. I grabbed her ass, standing her up and pressed us closer together.

She pushed me back. “Wait a minute.” She reached into her beach bag and pulled out a leather harness giving me a sheepish smile. “I’d like to see what you can do with this.”

My eyes lit up. She met my smile with her own impish grin. I kissed her passionately as she unzipped and pulled my pants off. Her tongue tasting every inch of my hard muscular belly as she slipped the harness on me and snapped the buckles, situating it perfectly over my crotch.

She guided me to the throne and sat me down, strapping one of my hands to the throne armrest. She took my other hand and pulled it through the leather strap on the opposite armrest. Pulling the strap tight, she raised her head and ran her tongue up my belly to my neck.

The throne was wide enough that she knelt directly over me while she nibbled my soft skin. Her sundress draped across us. Then she moved her neck close to my mouth. A tease. She let my tongue touch her skin. More teasing.

Slowly, she moved her neck closer to my tongue. I could feel the hard, steady pulse of her artery beat. I opened my mouth and she pulled away, “Uh-uh. Not yet…first you fuck me, then you taste me.”

I raised my hips, pushing my stiff cock against her, but it slid past her cunt and stopped at her ass. She raised her hips. “That hole is for another day,” she cautioned as she stroked my eager cock back to her waiting cunt and it slid inside her.

She mounted me. Wiggling, she took every inch and with each of my upthrusts, she pushed down, driving the base harder against my swollen tip. My fingers dug into the armrest and she quickened her momentum, wiggling the base, heightening my sexual intensity. I arched my back. She stopped, sitting perfectly still on my lap.

I opened my mouth and she kissed my lips. “I am the keeper of your pleasure,” she said, squirming in my lap.

My eyes rolled back.

“Look at me,” she commanded.

I ignored her.

“Look. At. Me.”

I opened my eyes. “Bid me your blood,” I pleaded.

She smiled. “You have not earned it yet.” She kissed my neck and slowly moved her hips. My groin immediately obeyed her, thrusting up and into her.

“My naughty little vamp,” she whispered as she vigorously rode me, “I should make you wait.”

Izzy slid her hand under her dress and found the leather harness bound to me. She slipped her hand under it and felt my dampness. I pushed up and she moved with me. She slid her fingers down and caressed my asshole. I clenched my cheeks and bared my ass down into the throne cushions.

She forced the tip of her finger into my ass. “All. Of. You. Belongs. To. Me.” She wiggled her hips on the base of my cock. “All. Of. You.”

Something hit me. I snapped my eyes open. Kaley stood in front of me holding a glass and kicking my foot.

“Wakey, wakey, little sis, time to eat.” She smiled and held the glass toward me as I sat up.

“Suck a witch’s wart,” I cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Kaley sat next to me.

I threw my head back and downed the entire glass. “It’s her. It’s that witch.” I paused, placing the empty cup on the coffee table. “She’s my fucking soul mate.”

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