Night's Embrace

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,300
3 Ratings (3.3)

Annabel is ready to give herself to Poe, body and soul. But will he accept her offer?

Just as Annabel is ready to end her life, an amazing man comes to her in the dark of night. Her body responds to him and she finds that she wants him more than she’s ever wanted anyone. Allowing him to make love to her, she decides that she’ll do whatever he asks, as long as he’ll keep her with him -- even if he is a vampire.

Night's Embrace
3 Ratings (3.3)

Night's Embrace

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 8,300
3 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Jessica Coulter Smith

Bending down to kiss me, he lifted the skirt of my dress and shoved my panties down my legs. I stepped out of them and cried out when his hand slipped between my legs, spreading them so his fingers could stroke my pussy.

His thumb circled my clit as he slid two fingers inside me, and my hips moved instinctively against his hand. I felt like fire had consumed me, every nerve ending screaming for him to touch me, love me, fuck me hard. I wasn’t sure my legs would hold me much longer and I clawed at his shoulders, holding on for dear life.

“You’re so hot and so wet,” he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

“I want you,” I whimpered, unsure if I could make it another moment without his cock inside of me. I’d never wanted someone as much as I wanted Poe.

His fingers slid out of my pussy and I shivered in anticipation. He gripped my legs and pulled them around his waist. I felt his cock brush against my pussy and I thrust my hips forward, trying to take him within me.

“Uh uh, not yet.”

I growled in frustration, but he only chuckled. He used the head of his cock to brush over my clit. I thrust against him again, but he still kept his cock out of reach.

“What’s the rush?” he asked as cock slid against my pussy again, delving between my lips, sliding along my clit over and over.

“Please, Poe.”

“Please what, Annabel?”

“I want your cock inside of me.”

He gave me a wicked grin and then plunged into me hard and fast, and I cried out in ecstasy. He slid out of me until only the head of his cock was inside of my pussy before pushing back in harder than before. Keeping a slow and steady rhythm, he kept me right at the edge, not allowing me to climax.

He nipped my ear and whispered, “Do you want me to fuck you harder?”

“Yes,” I answered breathlessly.


“Oh God yes!”

Gripping my hips, he began plunging into me so hard and fast that it pinned me to the cave wall, my ass bumping against it with each powerful thrust. I knew I would have a bruise or two in the morning, but I couldn’t have cared less at that moment. All I could think about or care about was Poe and the myriad of sensations he and his cock were creating.

He bent his head and took my nipple in his mouth; his tongue teased it, hot and wet against my fevered flesh. When he nipped me with his teeth, my orgasm ripped through me, and as my pussy clenched around his cock, I felt him come deep inside of me.

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