Our Bon (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,218
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
Bonita Marshall has secretly fantasised about her gorgeous neighbours, Ash and Caleb, for months. Since they are together, her dreams are futile and Bonita moves on with a new boyfriend. Enrique Rodriguez quickly turns out to be manipulative and nasty. Enrique threatens to release footage of her mother he managed to record, and Bonita pays the blackmail money he demands.  
Ash Jayara and Caleb Williams entertain ideas about claiming Bonita as their own and regret not approaching her before she met Enrique. The boys suspect something is wrong with Bonita and Enrique’s relationship and investigate. They fall afoul of him, suffering the consequences of his increasingly unstable mind. Together they embark on helping Bonita extricate herself from her nefarious boyfriend.
Will they be able to help Bonita before Enrique loses it completely? Will they be able to convince her that they are serious about wanting a relationship with her? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Our Bon (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Our Bon (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,218
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“This is never-ending,” Enrique sneered.

Bonita opened and closed her mouth. She caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror over the fire place, hot and flushed, and she scowled at the reflection. She looked like a firecracker about to explode, with her uncontrollable hair, the colour of blazing flames, frizzed out in all directions thanks to the humidity. Her blue eyes stood out large and angry next to the flush of her pink cheeks. Putting her hands on her hips, her temper flared to match her hair and she stamped her foot. “You’re despicable! I can’t believe that someone would stoop so low. You’re the most selfish, egotistical man I have ever met.” The cold calm of her voice belied her anger.

“Really, Bonita. See it as a business transaction. You’d better get used to the idea. I have a lifestyle to maintain.” Cupping his scrotum and adjusting himself, he smiled at her leeringly. Bile rose in her throat, thank God she’d never slept with him.

With a groan of disgust and fighting back hot tears of anger, Bonita shook her head. “Why don’t we settle this? Just let me buy the recording. You can relax then, take the money and run. Why put us both through the stress of blackmail?” How had she found this vile creature attractive when they’d first met? They’d been out to dinner four times before he’d been invited to meet her parents at a family gathering that turned out to be a continuous nightmare.

“I feel the longer route will prove more profitable. I’m not settling for some piddly little amount when I can have an income for years.”

With her mind furiously ticking over, Bonita thought she’d try and call his bluff. “This is just ridiculous. I’m going to tell Daddy. He wouldn’t want me ruining my life and bowing to blackmail, just to save him.” Bonita had wracked her brain for a week trying to work out a way to keep her parents out of this. No matter how many grand ideas she came up with though, telling her parents always came up as the best option.

Enrique looked enraged. Bonita stepped back as his hand swept through his oiled, slick dark hair. His beady little black eyes glared at her and spittle gathered in the corner of his mouth as he spoke in a viscous, harsh whisper. “Really? Really? You’re going to ruin the life and political career of one of the most loved and respected men in this country? Your father’s life?”

Her father had been revered for his innovative approach to building strong, unified communities and supporting indigenous youth through education and training. After a decade of building a reputation for being a straight shooter who never wavered in his beliefs, he moved to the state government, and easily led his party to victory. Now, after a record breaking four terms in office, almost every Australian knew his face and his popularity soared tirelessly.

Dropping her head, Bonita knew he spoke the truth. She’d never, ever do anything that could hurt her parents. Her dad represented everything good in the world. He’d taught her the importance of being financially stable but also, that it wasn’t the be-all and end-all. The diversity in life meant that richness and beauty, contentment and happiness could be found in so many more places than one’s wallet.

Bonita struggled to understand why someone would willingly hurt another person, just to extort money from them. She knew it happened all the time, but to show so little regard for another human being shocked her. Enrique also insisted she maintain the façade that they were dating so that he could keep an eye on her. Everyone thought they were in love. If this went on for too long, Bonita would end up a childless, old maid.

In her heart, she secretly adored her gorgeous neighbours, Ash and Caleb. Because of Enrique’s stipulation that she remain connected to him, she wouldn’t be able to entertain the idea of a relationship until she’d sorted this out. In reality, it could never happen anyway. They were smitten with each other. She’d never seen them with a woman. They’d bought the house next-door a little under five months ago and the three of them had become fast friends.

Moving on from her longing for them proved harder than it sounded but she couldn’t shake the effect they had on her body and mind. No other men held her interest. She’d tried to find other men. Someone would eventually hold her interest and direct her mind away from them.

Enrique came over and grasped her upper arms. Giving her a rough shake, he held her at arm’s length and smiled. He probably thought it looked kindly, but to Bon it just looked creepy. He said, “You’re always telling people to make the best of things, not to worry and look at the bright side and now, I’m giving you the same advice.” Leaning in, he kissed her forehead. An involuntary shudder ran through her as her stomach roiled.




Both men chased her in, hastily drying off as they came and tackled her onto the bed. With a squeal of excitement, Bonita struggled futilely as they all wiggled up the bed. Hands started to roam and caress her body, calming her excitement and turning it into a raging desire.

She could feel their stiff rods pressing into her and she reached behind to palm Caleb’s cock in her hand. He responded with a groan and moved in her grasp. She trailed her fingers down Ash’s hard, dark chest. His nipples were taught, surrounded by dark areolas and when she flicked one he gasped against her shoulder.

Caleb cupped her breast and squeezed and she pushed back against him sighing, “I want you both in me.”

Nuzzling her neck, Ash mumbled, “We can’t rush that. Don’t want to hurt you.”

Ash rose up and rolled off the bed, his erection bobbing as he went. Caleb must have sensed his intentions because he rolled off the bed, too, and grabbed her ankles, dragging her to the edge. Her pussy didn’t care what they had in mind as long as they kept touching her.

When her knees were bent over the edge and her feet were dangling just above the floor, Ash spread her knees. Both men took a moment to gaze down on her and they smiled, nodding with approval. Caleb pulled Ash to him and with one hand around his shoulders and the other grasping the throbbing cock in front of him, he said, “Look what we’ve got to play with. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Bonita wriggled a little under such scrutiny, but her body responded with a shiver of delight at the thought of them playing with her. Their playful words caused her face to warm in a blush. When she raised her hands in an attempt to try and cover something, both men shook their heads. Caleb said, “No, don’t Bon, let us look. We’ve waited for ages.”

She watched Ash take Caleb’s cock in his hand and they both stroked each other, never taking their eyes off her. Bonita whimpered, their cocks pulsing and throbbing, straining as they worked each other. Muscled, large, and powerful, they’d be able to throw her about without a second thought and the fragility she felt stoked her fires, making her feel feminine and desirable. Together they wanted her.

She held her breath when they kissed, turning to each other and locking eyes, true love passing between them and Bonita wondered if they’d one day look at her like that. A small voice in her mind said that they already did.

Breaking apart, Ash almost lunged at her, landing on top and holding his own weight. He stroked her aching, moist slit with his member. He buried his head in her shoulder, rumbling out a satisfied groan, and then lined up and slid straight home.

“Oh God,” he moaned as he held his place deep inside her. She clenched her muscles and held him tight, rolling her hips a little, unable to resist. “She’s so wet. Use her juices to lube up.”

Lifting his head, Ash locked onto her lips, his tongue thrusting deeply, exploring her thoroughly. Bonita responded with equal enthusiasm, lifting her hands and holding his head. She could feel Caleb’s fingers collecting her juices to spread on Ash’s puckered star and then he coated his own cock.

Ash pulled out and thrust back in hard, hitting her deep inside and she arched her back, gasping. He stilled and nibbled her neck. Bon watched Caleb’s face over his shoulder. Caleb smiled at her, his lids half-mast with lust as he worked on Ash and then lined himself up. Slamming into Ash with no mercy, Caleb didn’t wait for any adjustment time. He pulled back out and slammed home again, settling into a relentless rhythm, gripping Ash’s hips.

Bonita and Ash cried out together as Ash shunted forward and pushed deeper inside her. She rolled her hips to meet Caleb’s thrusts and Ash’s push forward. Her clit pulsed with each movement, being crushed as Ash pressed into her and the warmth spread out and rippled through her pelvis.

All three of them moved and groaned, working together, sensations of pure pleasure surged through her. Her mind lost all thought as her body became central, connected physically and spiritually to the men she adored. She could only feel, heat seared through her veins and she clenched.

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