Having It All (MFM)

Climax, Montana 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 117,670
20 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
As the doctor for Climax, Montana, Nikki Meshevski counsels poly families. Rejected for her height, brains, and take-charge attitude, she's still a virgin, but is eager to change her status to better serve her patients.
When she sees engineer Eric Frost, home for a quick visit, she realizes her fantasies of domination and control could become reality. An affair with the Frost brothers seems the perfect solution, especially as she's already fallen in lust with his fun-loving younger brother, Matt .
Nikki wants a short-term solution, but Matt wants a wife for the Circle C Ranch, and children to love. Sister Marci is a happy ranch wife, but Nikki's never been domestic. While she loves both Eric's commands and Matt's gentle touch, and wants them in her life, she will not give up her career to become a wife.
Must she choose between their love or her profession? Or can she have it all?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.
Having It All (MFM)
20 Ratings (4.5)

Having It All (MFM)

Climax, Montana 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 117,670
20 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved Nikki, Eric, and Matt's story!!!! It was wonderful to see the continuation of the families from the 1880s to 1988 and to see the next generation as little kids. Highly recommended and can't wait to read future books on the present day Tanner's Ford/Climax generation!!!
JK Maxwell
This was fantastic! !!!!!! I loved matt eric and nikki together. Nothing sexier than 2 demanding loving sexy as sin cowboys!!!! Amazing, I can't wait for more
donna b buccella
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "This was an intriguing story, with a strong, yet vulnerable heroine, two really yummy cowboy atruegemawardDoms and a fun story. Nikki Meshevski has finally achieved her dream: she is a doctor, earning her own living, and she has been accepted by the town of Climax, Montana. The only problem is, because she is six feet tall, highly intelligent, and an assertive woman, she has either annoyed or terrified any man interested in her, and is still a virgin. She wants to change her status, but she only wants a fling, never marriage. Her mother was tossed aside by two men after becoming pregnant, and Nikki wants no part of a situation that would deprive her of her hard won career or her ability to stand on her own. While the townspeople push her at Matt Frost, she can’t believe he’s interested, since he has been known to duck into the town beauty shop to avoid her. Besides, everyone knows Matt wants a wife to settle down on his ranch. But his brother, Eric, is known as a rolling stone and as a huge man, might be able to fulfill her fantasies of someone who can subdue her and take charge of her sexual being. Eric is happy to fulfill her fantasies, but makes it known Matt will also be participating in their activities. The three of them come to realize that there is more to their relationship than just incredible sex, but can the brothers convince Nikki to become a permanent part of their lives? I could sympathize with Nikki, (in spite of the fact that I’m short and she’s tall), and I fell in love with Eric and Matt. Who wouldn’t fall for two caring Doms whose who goal is to satisfy their woman and keep her safe and happy. The book includes bondage and spanking, but don’t look for real hardcore BDSM. The story also starts out a little slow as the set up is laid out in excruciating detail, but quickly becomes hard to put down. An enjoyable read for anyone who has ever dreamed of a cowboy taking charge of her sex life." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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“I’m the town’s primary care physician, and responsible for keeping our citizens healthy. Having a drunken brawl at a wedding is not what I would call healthy.”

Brenda sighed. She perched on the rolling metal stool and stared intently at Nikki, who suddenly felt foolish. She was a stranger, and should not intrude. There’d been few injuries beyond bruises and a few cuts. Their morning-after headaches were likely causing more problems than the fight.

“Sorry, Brenda.” She rubbed the bridge of her nose, but her headache did not retreat. “Something snapped when I saw Marci drive away with Simon and Lance. I’ve taken care of her all my life. She doesn’t need me anymore, and it hurts a bit.”

“Give her a couple of weeks with those two fussing over her, along with a dose of morning sickness, and Marci will need you, both as a sister and as a doctor. But she’s now the responsibility of her husbands. It’s time for you to take care of yourself.” Brenda tilted her head like one of the MacDougal ravens hiding a hard-boiled egg under straw. “I watched you and Matt Frost dancing. He held you pretty close and you didn’t try to get away.”

“And then he disappeared,” she grumbled.

“Disa—?” Brenda frowned. “Didn’t you hear? Matt had to leave early to drive to Missoula to pick Eric up at the airport. He left for the big cattle auction this morning. Eric will bring the truck home.” Her eyes narrowed in speculation. “Is that why you’ve been so short today? Missing a certain hunky bachelor?”

“What I’ve been missing is sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning a lot.”

“I know what you need,” replied Brenda slyly. “I don’t have that problem, since I’ve got Derek to turn to when I’m frustrated. Not that we go without sex long enough to get as antsy as you,” she added. “You’ve been here for months, working day and night. I know that look in your eyes. You’re horny, Doctor Meshevski!”


“How long since a man’s given you a good orgasm?”

Nikki felt heat rise up her chest. “I’ll, ah, file these.” She reached for the brown folders.

“Not so fast!”

Brenda shoved her stool with her foot. She rolled forward, stopping in time to slap her hand on the folders. There was a glint in her eyes that made the heat roll up Nikki’s chest even faster. No one, except Marci, knew her as well as Brenda.

“You’ve never had an orgasm, have you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Of course I have.” Nikki faltered under Brenda’s hard, knowing look. “Fine! I’ll admit it. I’ve only had them alone.”

“No man has ever touched you in a way that made you forget about everything but what you’re feeling?” Brenda frowned and shook her head slowly. “You’ve been with a bunch of selfish pricks. You need to find a real man, one who can satisfy you. Matt used to be quite popular with the ladies. I’m sure he knows his way around a woman’s anatomy.”

“No, thank you,” she replied primly. “I hear Matt wants a wife. I do not want a husband.”

Brenda narrowed her eyes. “Did you see his older brother, Eric? He rescued my rascal nephew and brought him here. He had his shirt wrapped around Joshua when he came in.” She leaned forward. “Were you looking out your office window, Doctor?”

The tall, broad-chested man hadn’t seen her glancing out the window. He’d had all his attention on the bloody boy with him. She’d waited, almost panting, and sure enough he’d come out again. He’d tossed his blood-stained shirt in his truck before carrying Joshua’s bike to the back door.

Like his brother, Eric filled out a pair of Wranglers like nobody’s business.

“Eric?” she asked, pretending innocence. But heat, unwelcome but uncontrollable, rose up her chest and face. “Stop smirking!”

“Aha!” Brenda leaned back in satisfaction. “That’s why you’ve got your knickers in a twist. Matt left you wet and wanting last night, and now his big brother has caught your eye. Eric’s a rolling stone who’s made it clear he’ll never settle down. He’s perfect for you.”

She’d shivered when she’d seen Eric’s tight expression. Combined with the musculature and size, he made her think of Conan the Barbarian, one of her favorite fantasies. She’d fantasized about being tossed over his shoulder and carried away, then ravished repeatedly. That was before she’d arrived in Climax and discovered women often married two men at once.

Sex with the imaginary Conan had been enough to light her nights. Matt had replaced him, until she’d seen a photo of Eric. He had a commanding presence that made her toes curl. The thought of both of them in bed with her was way over the top. She closed her eyes as her inner flames reached even higher.

“Brenda, I’ve had no experience flirting and my few dates were disasters. I could not look Eric Frost in the eye and ask him to dance, much less hop into bed. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Brenda suddenly gasped. “Oh, no, don’t tell me you’ve never even had sex!”

Though her face was flaming, Nikki pretended to examine her blunt, smooth nails. Thanks to the wedding, they were a pale pink. Like her hair, boots and clothing, they were designed to get the job done with a minimum of effort. She didn’t dress to catch a man. She’d given up long ago.

But then she’d danced with Matt. He’d slid his hands over her bottom and pulled her against his very impressive erection. She’d wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him there. When they moved his cock rubbed against her clit. She’d almost come, right there on the dance floor.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”




He inhaled, imprinting her scent into his DNA. It reminded him of the jungle after a cleansing rain: hot, damp, and earthy. It brought out something primal in him. She was one of those women who thought they needed to be in control. He wasn’t surprised, as she’d been raised by a single mother. With no strong male influence, one who protected and provided for her, she would not have learned the advantages of submitting to her man.

By the time Matt got home, he’d have her training well under way. At the very least, she’d know his body, and her own, one hell of a lot better. Matt would put his own spin on things. They were opposites in many ways. Matt was a jovial giant unless aroused to fury by a bully. Nikki would bring out another type of arousal.

Keeping his tongue busy, Eric skimmed his hand over her belly. She gasped when his finger touched her clit, but he moved on. They groaned in unison as his finger entered her slick heat. She was snug for someone her size and age. He added another finger, needing to stretch her to prepare for his cock.

If her pussy was this tight, her ass would be heaven. But, since he’d be the first Frost brother to fill her mouth and pussy with his cock, he’d leave her ass to Matt. Not that he wouldn’t get his fingers in there first. He’d need to stretch her so she’d be ready. Not a hardship, at all.

He thrust his tongue in her sopping pussy while using his thumb on her clit. She shuddered and another gush of flavor exploded in his mouth. He reveled at the intensity of her reaction as he played with her. She was at his mercy, forced to accept his pleasure. Her hands worked her breasts, squeezing and pinching. That was one thing he didn’t have to order her to do.

And God, did she have magnificent breasts! They spilled over her ribs, flowing to the sides. He couldn’t wait to bring her to the hot spring where gravity’s force was lessened. He’d fill his hands with her breasts and tow her backward. He’d turn her around, and she’d spread her legs, clutching his hips as he skewered her. In time she’d learn to take Matt in her ass at the same time. They’d fill her, front and back, the three of them becoming one.

Unable to take the constriction on his cock from his tight jeans, he pulled away. She mewled a complaint as he released his jeans button and hauled his zipper down. He eased his thick cock out, groaning at the relief. Before his hands got busy again, he shoved his jeans to his thighs.

“Don’t stop!” she demanded.

He looked up. She had her heels pressed into the mattress, offering her pussy to him. Her ass cheeks were clenched tight, hiding the tiny hole he intended to investigate next. His balls ached, needing to explode inside her. But she had to come first. He might not make his promise of twice before he entered her, but he’d make up for it the next time.

He brought his mouth to her clit and sucked her nectar. She jolted, gasping for breath. Tilting his head, he managed to fit three fingers into her. He pumped them as she twitched. Excess juices flowed down to her ass. He gathered some with the fingers of his left hand. Still working her clit and pussy with his right, he scratched lightly at her back hole. She tensed, clenching his face with her thighs.

He knew she wanted this, even if she didn’t know it yet, by the gush of fluid that dripped down his chin. He breached her outer ring and twisted his finger. She exploded, flooding his mouth. Yes!

He had to have her. Now.

He held his cock, gasping as he forced himself to slowly guide it into her pussy. She was tight and hot and perfect. Her heat grabbed his cock with the force of her orgasm, squeezing him like never before. His blood pumped, needing to take her, to make her his.

Once he was far enough in, he grasped her hips. He gritted his teeth as he ever so slowly sank deep inside her. He gasped, hauling air when his groin met hers without hitting bottom. Then he began a rhythm with his hips. He kept one finger on her clit, another in her ass.

A white-hot wire shot a blast from the base of his spine, between his balls, and out his cock. She gasped, her second orgasm clenching him like a vise. She raised her hips to meet him thrust for thrust as he roared his possession. Staring at the vision before him, he filled her with everything he was, man and beast. Nothing else existed.

He finally slowed, head pounding and blood rushing like a mountain river in spring, as the dregs of her orgasm milked him dry. Finally, there was nothing left but satisfaction.

He leaned over her body, still attached in the most primal way. She slumped, eyes closed, palms resting on those gorgeous breasts. They rose and fell as she panted. The flush of orgasm covered her pale skin, a final reward.

“We’ll save that spanking for next time,” he said, each word separated by a gulp of air. “That scratch your itch, Doc?”

Her eyes opened, focusing on where their bodies joined. She traced her way up his chest to his face, and then to his eyes. One corner of her mouth quirked.

“Not bad. Maybe you’ll get better with practice.”

A deep chuckle burst out. “Baby girl, we’ll be finding that out tonight.”

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