Two Sirs for Sasha (MFM)

Club Esoteria 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,009
28 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Sasha McCoy is caught posting a sign in the men’s room at Club Esoteria. She is hoping to meet a Dom who could help her heal from past abuse from her ex-husband and father. The last thing she expects is to be claimed by Gavin Wellings and Peyton Davenport.

Gavin and Peyton are best friends, business partners, and Dominants. They are looking for a submissive woman able to share their passion and enthusiasm for the D/s lifestyle. Finding a female submissive in the men’s room posting an advertisement that begins "Dom Wanted," they think they might have found the woman of their dreams.

Will Sasha be able to pass their tests? Will she submit her happiness to them? Can they keep their pace slow and easy as they teach her how to be their submissive?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Two Sirs for Sasha (MFM)
28 Ratings (4.1)

Two Sirs for Sasha (MFM)

Club Esoteria 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,009
28 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What can I say about cooper?? Brilliant
donna b buccella
If you have enjoyed all of the previous books in the series this one will not disappoint you either. I love how each book has a completely different story and yet previous characters are brought back.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Two Sirs for Sasha is a frothy little read, Episode 9 in the author’s Club Esoteria series, but able to stand on its own quite nicely. Gavin and Peyton catch Sasha putting up a sign in the men’s room at Club Esoteria indicating that she is looking for a Dom and decide quickly that she needs two Doms-them. They have been searching for some time for a woman who is willing to put up with two Doms at once. But Sasha has severe self confidence issues and runs from them after hearing two other subs at the club describe her as fat. Can these two powerful Doms convince their sub that they really do want her? There is some very light BDSM involved in this novella, but this is most definitely a ménage book, although there is no contact between the men. Both are focused on training and pleasing their new sub. Two Sirs for Sasha does not have an extensive plot or deep character development, but it is a fine book to while away a couple hours of time." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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“What the hell are you doing in here?”

Sasha McCoy gasped and froze. The deep-as-a-well-in-the-desert voice did not belong to her uncle, who was supposed to be guarding the door. Needing a moment to think, she finished smoothing the tape to the wall just above and between the restroom’s two urinals.

Knowing she could no longer ignore him, she turned only her head and upper body toward the door behind her. A big, hot, sexy-looking man who radiated power with each breath stood just inside the doorway. He stared at her as if she was a visitor from another planet and not just a woman in the men’s room.

He was big, tanned, gorgeous, and looked like he worked hard for all the rippling muscles his bare chest under the open black leather vest showed off. Sasha swallowed hard, but did not have a plausible explanation for him.

Antony was supposed to keep everyone out until she had posted her signs and slipped out the back door. After all, that was what half uncles were for, wasn’t it? To keep her out of trouble such as this while helping her fulfill her deepest desires, no matter how crazy the rest of the family thought she was?

“Well? Look me in the eye as you answer me, girl,” the man demanded, growing impatient at her extended silence.

Sasha’s gaze rose to meet eyes the color of blue ice as her pussy clenched at his authoritative tone. A shiver raced through her before she looked at the rest of his face. His jet-black hair was cut short and neatly styled, accentuating the strong lines of his face. Her pussy wept as she realized this was exactly the kind of man she was looking for.

“Um, well, you see,” she stammered.

Her brain went blank instead of coming up with an excuse that would not have him rolling on the floor with laughter right before he had her thrown her out of the club. If that happened, Jenna might be so upset she could give Club Esoteria’s business to another catering company. Then she would have to face her father, who would be more upset over the lost contract than her being caught in the men’s room posting a “Dom Wanted” sign.

With an impatient huff, her inquisitor stalked toward her. Blinking, her gaze dropped to his bare chest. If only she had the guts to reach out and touch the tanned flesh. But she knew that was the last thing a submissive looking for a Dominant to take her under command should do. Such a bold move might get her strung up and spanked by anyone with a yen to do so.

The man moved so close his cologne wrapped around her, causing her nipples to leap to attention as well. She lifted her gaze back to his face. He stared down at her with a blank, unreadable expression. He stopped with only inches between them. He held her gaze for another few long seconds before reaching over her shoulder to pull down the sign she had just taped there.

As he read it, the backbone she thought had been ground into dust by her ex-husband snapped back into place. “Where is Antony? Why didn’t he stop you from coming in here?”

“Silence,” the man growled. His dark-as-a-moonless-night voice flowed through her, melting her momentarily willfulness like ice in the heat of a North Carolina summer.

Sasha snapped her jaw shut in response to his order as the clenching between her legs squeezed even tighter. Arousal like nothing she had ever felt before rolled through her. No one had ever brought her to this level of sexual hunger with just a few words.

He read her lengthy notice, and then, without a word, folded it and slid it into the back pocket of his jeans. Though Sasha could not imagine what he was planning to do with it, she was fairly certain she did not want to hang around to find out.

As if reading her mind, the big man wrapped the fingers of one large hand around her upper arm, stopping her before she could make good on the thought of escape.

“Let me go,” she said, trying to tug her arm from her grip.

Instead of releasing her, the man turned to the closest urinal. Using his free hand, he opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. Apparently he did not care that she was standing right beside him. Turning her head in embarrassment, she slammed her eyes closed, wishing she had thought through her decision to advertise for a Dom for another twenty-four hours before acting on it.

When he finished, the man released her arm in order to do up the fastenings of his jeans. She immediately took a step toward the door.

“One more step and I’m going to strip you naked, paint you purple, and tie you to the St. Andrew’s Cross next to the bar with a sign that offers your ass to anyone who wants to take a swing at it.”

She froze midstep and turned to stare at him. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me,” he said with a look that made her will to argue melt and her legs go weak.




Without hesitation or thinking too hard about what she was doing, she turned her head. After brushing her lips over his earlobe, she slowly dragged them across his cheek to the corner of his mouth. His breathing hitched and his lips parted in response to her soft touch. Starting at the corner, she used the tip of her tongue to lick her way across his bottom lip before mating her mouth to his.

Her tongue pressed through the seam of his lips, and she brushed across the front of his teeth before pressing between them to find his tongue ready and waiting. She explored his mouth until his hands came up to hold her head and he took control.

She tried to press closer, needing more than just lip-to-lip contact. Instead of allowing her, Gavin broke the kiss and pulled back several inches to look at her as they both caught their breath.

“Was it as hot as it looked from here?” Peyton asked, sounding a little breathless himself.

“Uh-huh,” Gavin grunted before his hands slid from holding her head down to her shoulders, which he began to gently massage.

Sasha could not find her voice to answer, though from the men’s reactions they were not expecting her to. Peyton reached over and after lifting Gavin’s hands from her body, wrapped his arms around her chest just under her breasts and pulled her so she slid across the couch to sit in his lap.

“So, cupcake, are other parts of your body as responsive as those sexy lips?” Peyton asked.

He did not wait for an answer as one hand threaded through her hair to hold her head still for his kiss. When his free hand slid over the silk to cover one breast with a light touch, she sucked a breath and arched her back, needing a firmer touch. She began to race up the mountain of arousal at a fast pace and could not wait to reach the peak and throw herself over the edge and into her orgasm.

Since leaving her husband, Sasha had learned that she could bring herself to orgasm by just playing with her breasts and nipples. She began panting as a hand stroked from knee to hip to her other breast. As if the two hands belonged to one man, hot fingers flicked at her erect nipples through the lace before taking the nubs between thumbs and forefingers and rolling them.

Sasha could not stop her hips from shifting on Peyton’s lap. She felt his long, thick, solid erection pressing into her hip and her arousal grew even tighter. Peyton’s hips began moving as if he, too, needed more than just hot kisses and heavy petting.

She stiffened when the straps of her chemise were pulled from her shoulders and down her arms to her elbows. A moment later, the lace covering her breasts was brushed over the peaks of her tits and down to her body. Pulling her lips from Peyton’s, she looked down her body.

She was naked to her waist.

At some point Gavin had slid closer on the couch and pulled her legs into his lap. He met her gaze with a heavy-lidded one of darkest green as he leaned down and swirled his tongue around her right nipple. She gasped when he then took the bud into his mouth and began to tease it with teeth and tongue and lips. With Peyton’s hand still playing with the other one, Sasha closed her eyes and moaned loudly as her orgasm flashed through her like lightning.

“She’s very responsive,” she thought she heard Peyton say. “Maybe too much so.”

“That might be a problem, but we can work with her on control,” Gavin responded as she slowly relaxed.

Sasha felt the stress she had carried since starting up the catering company against her father’s wishes drain out of her. She was left bonelessly draped across the men’s laps. They stroked her arms and legs, verbally praising her as she slowly recovered.

“Here, little lamb, drink this,” Gavin said.

She opened her eyes and found a bottle of water being held to her lips. She opened her mouth and drank automatically, the cool liquid quenching the thirst she had developed. As her body began to once again respond to her mind’s orders, she shifted and reached up to hold the bottle herself.

“Ready for your next lesson?”

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