Bossy and the Brat (MM)

Men of Holsum College 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,542
10 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, light spanking, HEA]

Calvin Beaumont is a biology major, lab tech, and resident advisor—everything everyone expects him to be. There’s only one problem. He likes boys. In particular, a flirty dance major who was a freshman on his hall.

It’s sizzling summer at Holsum College, and Tyler Burk isn’t a freshman anymore. When he notices his hardworking resident advisor has same-sex feelings, he goads, teases, and tempts Mr. Bossy into dating on the sly. Cal may not be out, but he’s domineeringly hot, and Tyler doesn’t mind keeping things quiet…for a while.

But Calvin has wanted Tyler all year, and their sexting and secret rendezvous soon blossom into something neither one of them can control. Can Cal control his secret, as well as his sexy little brat? Or will he be man enough to admit he’s not the man everyone thought he was?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bossy and the Brat (MM)
10 Ratings (4.8)

Bossy and the Brat (MM)

Men of Holsum College 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,542
10 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Daisy Harris just keeps getting better in this series. I love her characters and the unique stories she comes up with for each pairing.
Cassandra Carr
I really enjoyed reading Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris so much that I finished the book in one sitting. I thought her characterization of Tyler and Cal were right on the mark and the title perfectly suited them. Cal was the reserved one in the relationship and was hiding his "true" self by having a girlfriend but secretly smitten with Tyler. He came across as the alpha type and the "boss" when it came to Tyler because he used to be Tyler's RA and that just carried over into their personal life which Tyler had no problem with. Tyler was such a fun character because he was fearless and did whatever came to mind. He had a knack for pushing Cal's button and getting his own way. I loved their outrageously bold and sexy text messages which were hot! I could not wait for their relationship to move to the next level and get their happy ending. Another great story in the Holsum College series and I can't wait for the next book in this wonderful series.
Professional Reviews

5 KISSES: "Those of you who follow our reviews know how much I love these books. The Men of Holsum series is one of my favorite series and one I’m always looking forward to reading more of. In Bossy and the Brat, Ms. Harris once again captured and captivated me with her amazing characters and vivid storytelling ability. I loved these two men. Okay, I love all of Daisy’s characters, but there was really something about the rapport and chemistry between Calvin and Tyler that I absolutely adored. Bossy and the Brat is certainly a perfect name for this book, because each character definitely represents the title! I loved how Calvin and Tyler learned to really communicate with each other and the love and affection between them really jumped off of the written page. As with all of the Holsum series (I like the college name…Holsum…wonder if it’s just a little word play for wholesome) the author really knows the ins and outs with her characters. She writes about young people and the college life so well, her characters are really fun to read. I also appreciate how much both Calvin and Tyler really evolve into stronger, more mature men, without losing who they really are inside. I loved these two heroes and I really loved these two men together. Bossy and the Brat is one of my favorites in the series and I can’t wait to read until the next book comes out! Highly Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

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“But I need you not to be with anyone else.” That much, Cal knew. He couldn’t think of Tyler as his—with sex or without—if Tyler was still hooking up with other guys.

“Um…yeah, I guess that’s okay.”

“If you don’t want to—”

“No.” Tyler pulled Cal’s hand protectively into the cradle of his own. “No, I want to. Just…we’ll be making out and stuff, right?” He rubbed his hands on his thighs, fidgeting in his seat as if he was hard all over again.

Cal bit his lip. He wasn’t much older than Tyler, but he felt like his sexual control was already miles ahead. If nothing else, he’d been raised with the idea that restraint was a cornerstone of life. That a man couldn’t be a man without it. But looking at Tyler with his low-slung jeans and his provocative haircut, Cal realized—Tyler didn’t understand about delayed gratification.

“No. We won’t be making out. Or stuff.” He watched, peeking to the seat next to him as he drove, gauging Tyler’s reaction. If Ty had slumped in disgust, Cal would have backed down in a minute. Tyler was too much of a temptation to avoid for long.

But Tyler didn’t lose interest. Instead, he wiggled in his seat, those fitful hands scrubbing all the more mercilessly on his thighs. “Aw, man,” he whined. But there was a hint of a smile on his lips. “I can’t wait that long.”

Oh, God. Cal felt his own cock filling. Just the idea of Tyler hot and hard and waiting for him made Cal crazy. But, used to containing his desires deep inside where no one could touch them, he let that warmth fill his belly. He absorbed Tyler’s attraction, drinking it like liquor. It made him so giddy he felt light-headed. “Yes, you can.” Cal touched Tyler’s thigh, feeling the jump of muscles underneath.

He squeezed, measuring the resistance. “You’ll wait all the way until September.”

“No.” Tyler shook his head, his eyes wide with something like fear. But it wasn’t just that—his gaze was bright and shining. Excited. “I can still jerk off, right?”

Cal rounded onto the street by the dorms and thought about it. He wasn’t in any position to tell Ty what to do. But he was having such fun watching Ty squirm. “How about this—you wait until I tell you it’s okay?”

Tyler licked his lips. He settled back into his seat. Cal wondered if Tyler noticed he was cuffing Cal’s thumb and rubbing up and down. “Um…I guess. But how long?”

“I guess we’ll see.” Cal tried to sound disinterested as he pulled to a stop. He knew he wouldn’t be able to park anywhere near Cushman I, II, and III, but he didn’t want Tyler to come for the ride as he wove in and out of neighborhood streets. “If you’re good, I’ll let you get off sooner.” He smiled at the indignant look on Tyler’s face. He wasn’t sure anyone had ever told Tyler “no.”

“What if I just go ahead and do it when I feel like it?” Tyler’s pointed chin jutted forward. It was the picture of rebellious indifference. But Tyler gave himself away with his searching eyes. He wanted this.

“Well, then I’ll be disappointed.” Cal watched the emotion play across Ty’s face.

Ty swallowed, but then looked away as if he were unhappy. So Cal added, “And I’ll have to punish you.”

“Hm?” Ty twisted his mouth into a small grin. Clearly, that was what he’d been wanting Cal to say. “And how would you do that?”

In that respect, Cal had no idea. He felt like he’d reached the end of his creativity. He’d played the stern master but had no idea what lovers did for punishment. He thought back to the few beatings he’d gotten as a kid. There was nothing sensual there. And though he knew full well that sadomasochism was a popular kink, even among students, he didn’t think he could ever be interested in hurting someone for pleasure. Not even if the receiver enjoyed it.

“I’ll have to think about that.” Cal gave his best answer. Mostly, he just wanted Ty thinking of him—whether he touched himself or not. Because Cal knew he’d be thinking of Ty with every waking breath. “But I promise you, it will be severe.”

Okay, now he was really pushing it, as Cal had no idea what he’d use to back up his threat. But the way Tyler batted his eyes and tilted his head was all the encouragement Cal needed. His fingers twitched, wanting to reach across and grab Tyler’s neck to drag him in for a kiss. But they were on campus, in the jagged line that delineated where they could be together and where they couldn’t. So Cal scorched him with his eyes, since he couldn’t with his lips. “You won’t touch yourself tonight, will you?”

Slowly, Ty shook his head. His eyes were wide and transfixed, his mouth slack and wet. Cal saw a hint of his semen on Ty’s chin and it made his cock pulse.

“No, I promise.”

“Good boy.” Cal rubbed his thumb over Tyler’s palm quickly, but then gestured for him to get out of the car.




“I’m going to tie you up…” Cal ran a thumb along Tyler’s taint then the seam between his nuts. “But not your hands.”

Before Tyler could wonder or protest, Cal bent to kiss his cheek. And in a quick move of hands, he wrapped the shoelace over Tyler’s cock and under his balls and laced it into a quick knot. He eased it just slightly tighter, squeezing so his dick felt full and heavy and his balls twisted to just the right tension. “Wow, that’s goo—”

Cal landed a firm swat on his ass cheek.

Tyler thrust forward in response, trying to get his dick up against the bed. But the move only worked to make the bonds feel tighter. Cal had left his hands and feet free—hell, his whole body. But he’d trapped that one part of him.

“Not too tight?” Cal ran a fingertip over the taut, hairy skin of his sack, causing Tyler to shiver. It had never felt that intense before—someone stroking his balls. Tyler wondered if he could get off from that alone.

Not likely, he realized. Cal was probably planning on torturing him for quite some time. “No. Not too tight.” Tyler tried to wiggle, though it seemed pointless since Cal was running the show. “But really. I can get hard again in like fifteen minutes. And you can fuck me if you want. Just…let me get off first, okay?” He chanced a peek over his shoulder and found Cal smirking.

Cal ran his fingertip over the pucker of Tyler’s asshole. But the move was obviously just a tease. “You know you don’t get to.”

The words shot a thrill of want through him so hard his dick jumped within its shoelace prison. “Oh, c’mon.” He pumped back in Cal’s direction, hoping to coax Cal into giving him what he wanted.

Instead, Cal hooked a finger under the base of his knot and gave Tyler’s cock and balls a tug. “You’re only making this harder on yourself.” But he softened his words by pressing a kiss to Tyler’s tailbone. “But, no. I’m going to get off now. Not you.”

Cal stood and walked around to get on the bed. He came to kneel in front of Tyler and unfastened his pants just enough to get out his cock.

Tyler groaned at the sight of it. It smelled musky and was hard and jutting forward. Cal lifted Tyler under the chin and urged him to wrap his lips around that luscious length. Tyler’s own cock lurched. He sucked Cal deep, keeping both his hands on the mattress for leverage. Meanwhile, Tyler pumped his dick into air, occasionally catching a rough drag of flannel across his damp head. But Cal didn’t let him move any closer to the bed.

Instead, Cal eased forward on his knees, pushing his dick to the back of Tyler’s throat where he filled Tyler’s mouth with bitter-salt flavor and a stretch of silky skin. Cal advanced until Tyler had no choice but to rise up onto his knees, and he had to grab the base of Cal’s cock to steady himself.

“I’m going to come in your mouth.” Cal petted his head, stroked his cheek. His cock was hard and demanding, but his voice was low and sweet. And even though Tyler’s dick felt ready to burst from the pressure, he whimpered, wanting Cal to give him all of it. To use his mouth and his throat. And hopefully, afterward, his ass. God, he didn’t care if he came, so long as Cal kept him in this perfect place where Tyler was his everything.

“Open wider, my prince.” Cal rubbed his jaw, urging Tyler to relax. Then he pressed another half inch forward, and, as if it were the most effortless thing in the world, Cal pulsed cum into Tyler’s mouth.

Tyler struggled to swallow, and Cal pulled back far enough to let him get some of that thick sauce down, before pumping deep into his own juices.

In its bindings, his dick throbbed. Tyler started to get scared that he’d get hurt—not be able to come later, be stuck with that yawning pit of ache all night. Right when his breaths picked up and he started to panic, Cal pulled out of his mouth and reached down his body.

“You’re okay,” he whispered in Tyler’s ear. He petted softly over Tyler’s cock. Even the tiniest touch burned like pain and pleasure mixed together. And Cal must have known it, because he stroked Tyler’s cheek and looked into his eyes. “I want you to come while I’m fucking you. Can you wait?”

Tyler shivered. He didn’t know. Didn’t think he could handle being the one to make the decision…He stared at Cal, wide eyed, hoping Cal would understand.

Cal pulled Tyler to standing. “Here.” He got on his knees.

Tyler hoped Cal would suck him, but Cal didn’t. Instead, he ran his fingertip under the binding on Tyler’s balls. There was enough space for his finger. It wasn’t so tight Tyler would lose circulation.

So Cal stood up. His gaze kind, he said, “Let’s take a quick shower. I want to wash you.” He ran his touch over Tyler’s arm, up his neck, down his back. So much attention…

“Yeah,” Tyler said. Yes, he wanted all of it. Anything and everything. “I can do it.” And he realized in that moment that he could. The ache was bearable—good even. He could wait for what came next. “But can we go now?”

Cal kissed his nose. “Yeah.” He grabbed a towel off a hook and wrapped it around Tyler’s shoulders. “Let’s go take that shower.”


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