[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, Consensual BDSM]

Four hundred years ago, Ashai was robbed of his life and his family. His Nathifan powers allowed his mind to survive and after many centuries, he finally finds his youngest son, Kephri. He decides to dedicate his existence to protecting his son, but everything changes when he meets his soul mate, Eryon.

Eryon is a healer on the pirate ship, The Heru. Following a horrible betrayal, he’s kept his true desires at bay, not allowing himself to trust and love again. When a mysterious A.I. befriends him, he doesn’t know what to believe. When the truth comes out, both Eryon and Ashai decide to brave the abyss that separates them. But shadows of the past threaten their fledging love, and in their quest, Eryon and Ashai will have to face their worst nightmares. Will they succeed, or will the obstacles in their way defeat them?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Reborn (MM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Four hundred years ago, the Nathifan civilization was all but destroyed because other worlds were afraid of the special powers they wielded, except for two people Kephri and his father Ashai. Kephri, a child, was kept in suspended animation while his father Ashai survived when his soul, or mind, was uploaded into a computer. Ashai existed for hundreds of years searching until he found Kephri and his mate on a spaceship, The Heru. Concealed as the ship AI, Ashai met Eryon, the ship doctor, who remains distant from the crew. Eryon has a past filled with betrayal and desires he keeps hidden from everyone. Eryon has questions about their new AI Akil, who is Ashai, but feels comfortable in spending time with him until a friendship blooms. Ashai knows that Eryon is his mate, but what kind of a future could they have together? What will Eryon do when he finds out that truth about Ashai and can they find a way to be together? Reborn is an incredible book about the resilience of life and the power of love. I can't imagine awakening like Ashai did in a computer not knowing the fate of his family, but his determination to keep searching gave him the drive to fight for his life. Eryon's past left him scared to trust again, but how he opened up to Ashai was inspirational. Eryon's anger over not being told the truth was understandable, but when he acknowledged his love for Ashai a whole new world of pleasure began for them. I felt Kephri and Ashai's anguish when they returned to their home world, but even as difficult it was for them, it helped them to put to rest the past and reach for their future. I loved how the books, Truth and Deception and Reborn, overlapped allowing the reader more of an insight into Ashai's past to help understand what made him the man he is now. The love between Ashai and Eryon was moving as they fought to overcome obstacles that most people would never encounter." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Ashai watched in relieved awe as his son hugged his Meskhenet, offering comfort. He wondered if he should feel jealous over Kephri’s obvious connection with Eryon, but he decided he had no reason to. Kephri loved Minkah. Besides, Eryon clearly needed someone by his side, and in his current form, Ashai couldn’t be that someone.

At least he’d succeeded in rescuing his mate from the brutish Talkurian. He’d experienced a brief moment of terror when the firewall prevented him from accessing the private system controlling the communicator network. Luckily, he’d broken through it just in time and immobilized the Talkurian. In the end, they’d been lucky. His mate was safe. With Kephri there, Eryon would get over this horrid experience with little problem.

Ashai chuckled to himself as Minkah directed a dark glare at the two embracing men. For Nathifans, jealousy meant love. Even so, it wouldn’t do for Kephri’s helpfulness to cause him trouble with his mate.

Accessing the private network again, Ashai triggered Minkah’s own communicator. “Don’t worry, Minkah,” he said upon making the connection. “My son loves you. You’re in no danger from Eryon.”

“You really are very resourceful, aren’t you?” Minkah said, almost pouting. “I think I won’t even ask how you broke through all the firewalls with such ease.”

“I had a good incentive. What are you going to do with the idiot?”

“Not sure,” Minkah replied. “I’ve just been back for a few hours. I can’t start punishing people without at least consulting Kosey. It would also be unpleasant and quite embarrassing if this came out.”

Probably overhearing Minkah’s reply, Eryon broke out of Kephri’s embrace and spoke out. “I don’t want anything to happen to Gaari.”

Ashai couldn’t stop himself from protesting. “But, Eryon, he hurt you. He would have forced himself on you.” He didn’t care he’d stopped sounding like a computer long ago. He just needed to protect his mate. He couldn’t understand Eryon, but he thought that maybe he’d misjudged the Jamaran because of the video log. He didn’t seem disgusted by Kephri. In fact, Ashai guessed Eryon even allowed Kephri inside his mind. The more he saw of Eryon, the more he wanted to be able to touch him.

Confirming Ashai’s thoughts, Eryon smiled sadly. “He was not himself,” he whispered. “You punished him enough. And once he recovers, I know he will feel terrible about it.”

Ashai wanted to scream. If only he had a physical body, he could shake some sense into his Meskhenet. The lights started to flicker again, and the computers began beeping at his agitation.

Eryon’s soft look turned almost angry. “Stop it! I’ve made up my mind. Please respect my decision. Besides, we have more important things to discuss.”

“More important?” Ashai repeated in disbelief.

A whirlpool of feeling fleeted over Eryon’s beautiful face. “Yes. Such as how you got into the systems. I don’t recall anyone installing you, and I’ve been with Kephri and Minkah all day.”

Ashai couldn’t help but admire his mate’s sense of observation. In truth, AIs couldn’t download themselves to closed-off computers and take control of other systems so completely. Ashai’s Nathifan powers gave him this ability. Even in life, he’d been able to control computers, and this talent perfected itself with the passage of time. However, Eryon didn’t need to know that.

Guessing Ashai’s thoughts, Kephri offered Eryon a reply. “We didn’t actually install him, no, but we opened a connection for him. He’s been created by the most proficient Fukainan engineers and has certain abilities normal AIs do not. It’s one of the reasons why we chose to take him with us in the first place.”

Ashai wanted to chuckle at Kephri’s explanation. His son’s ability to bullshit his way out of seemingly impossible problems always amazed him. He did feel sad that Kephri learned to lie because he needed to hide his Nathifan nature or, rather, hide his powers from his mate. He hoped Minkah one day realized how much Kephri loved him.

Still, for once Kephri’s unfortunate talent for deception worked out. Eryon seemed to buy the explanation and nodded. “All right, then. You’ll just have to show me what you can do another day. I’m so tired now.”

“Are you sure you’re all right?” Kephri asked Eryon.

“I’m fine,” Eryon said with a small smile. “Just need some rest.”

“Well, guess that’s our cue to leave,” Minkah said, grabbing Gaari’s unconscious form off the floor. “Come on, Kephri.”

Eryon gave Kephri and Minkah a startled look. “My apologies. I’m being rude. I should be offering you a snack, something. Akil, could you please prepare the captain and Kephri a drink?”

“Certainly,” Ashai replied, falling into computer mode. After all, he needed to preserve his AI façade. Upon his command, the automatic service system provided Eryon with a glass of pure water and another of sweet juice.

A smile fleeted on Kephri’s face as he got up. “We’ll just take our drinks with us and let you rest.”

He pushed Eryon back on the bed when the Jamaran tried to get up, intent on seeing them to the door. “No need for that. We can see ourselves out. Take care of yourself.”

Ashai wanted to say that Eryon didn’t need to take care of himself. The beautiful healer had Ashai to watch over him, to provide him with everything he needed. Still, he remained silent. No point in drawing attention to himself. Besides, in spite of his acceptance of Kephri, Eryon could still hate Nathifans as a people. Ashai didn’t want to face that particular thought. It was much too soon.

Kephri offered Eryon another warm smile, then turned around and exited the room. Minkah gave Eryon a stern look. “See you tomorrow, Eryon. And don’t think we’re done discussing what happened here today.”

Eryon didn’t say anything, and Ashai hoped that it meant his mate would see reason. Gaari’s actions needed to be punished. They couldn’t just allow him to get away with it as if nothing happened.

Minkah followed his lover out of Eryon’s chambers, carrying the large Talkurian with ease. Sighing, Eryon looked up as if trying to detect Ashai. “So it’s just you and me now, my dear computer. By the way, my thanks for saving me from that regrettable situation.”

“No thanks necessary. I just wish you’d reconsider your decision regarding that man.”

“You’re awfully bossy for an AI, you know that?” Eryon chuckled softly, and his eyes drifted shut before Ashai could reply.





Eryon’s body responded to the authority ingrained in Ashai’s voice. His nipples hardened, and he let out a low whimper. For so many years, he’d deceived his body with fake images, replacements of what he really wanted. After all, how could he make himself trust again after what happened with Morys? But his former lover could no longer reach him. Morys would no longer haunt him. Eryon had Ashai now, and his soul mate would protect him.

Out of thin air, energy straps appeared and wound themselves around Eryon’s wrists and ankles. As the electronic shackles tightened, Eryon waited for the familiar panic to make its appearance. To his surprise, it didn’t come. In his heart, he knew and acknowledged his connection with Ashai. He trusted Ashai to take care of him. Even so, a part of him always squirmed from showing his true needs. His body understood the situation better than his mind.

Eryon let out a gasp as Ashai tweaked his already hard nipples. “You’re so beautiful,” Ashai murmured. “So very beautiful.” His tone shifted to a strong, almost aggressive voice. “Who do you belong to? Say it! Who is the master of your body and your soul?”

Eryon arched toward Ashai, begging for his mate’s tantalizing touch. “I belong to you. To you alone.”

“Say my name, love. I want to hear it coming from your lips.”

The words touched him in a commanding yet gentle caress. Eryon didn’t know how Ashai found the perfect balance between the two, but just the sound of that voice had him on the verge of climax. “Ashai! Ashai, please!”

The next thing Eryon knew, Ashai took possession of his mouth in a violently passionate kiss. Eryon strained against the bonds, yearning to wrap his arms around his mate. As expected, the energetic shackles held, and Eryon let out an agonized moan into his mate’s mouth.

As if on cue, Ashai broke the kiss. He caressed the side of Eryon’s face and cupped his jaw with almost bruising strength. His golden eyes burned into Eryon as he growled, “Yes, you are mine, my own. From this second, you will obey my every word. You will not come until I say so. You do not move unless I demand it. You can speak. I want to hear your voice as I make you mine.”

Ashai made a significant pause, and Eryon guessed his mate was giving him the chance to say no, if, in the end, he didn’t feel ready to place such trust in their love. Eryon didn’t want to say no. He’d at last found what he’d been looking for all these years. He refused to lose it because of fear.

Eryon relaxed against the bonds and smiled toward his mate. “Yes, master.”

Ashai’s eyes blazed at Eryon’s words. The bonds tightened around Eryon’s wrists almost painfully, but not quite. “So beautiful,” Ashai whispered again.

Out of the blue, a pair of nipple stimulators appeared in his hand. Eryon randomly remembered they followed the model of the very much outdated teasers, which in turn had been born from the somewhat ancient nipple clamps. This particular model nullified any problem its ancestors had.

As Ashai attached the stimulators to Eryon’s nipples, a burst of electricity passed through his body, scrambling his thoughts. The tiny buds throbbed in pleasure-pain, and erotic energy coursed through his blood, pooling into his crotch. Eryon cried out, aching to move, to ask for more. He obeyed his master’s command and remained still, wanting above all things to keep himself from disappointing Ashai.

Shining, golden eyes swiped over him, and Eryon almost came right then and there at the predatory lust he could read on Ashai’s beautifully sculpted face. Desperate for contact, he clenched and unclenched his fist, struggling for some composure. He needed to obey Ashai. He needed to keep as still as possible.

Ashai tsked, as if displeased. “Already breaking my rules, my own?”

Every muscle in Eryon’s body froze. Much to his dismay, he realized that his fist contractions counted as movement. He knew better than to try to argue his case. He’d wronged his master by not thinking over his actions, by not trusting Ashai with his body.

Ashai lifted Eryon’s chin, preventing him from looking away in shame. “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Eryon swallowed around the knot in his throat. “Yes. I’m sorry, master.”

“What do you deserve? Tell me, my own.”

The purring possessiveness of the address made Eryon weak in the knees. He found himself surrounded by Ashai’s voice and scent, swallowed whole by the other man, so vulnerable, yet so aroused and safe.

“I deserve to be punished, master,” he somehow managed to say.

Ashai nodded and stepped away from Eryon’s prone body. “I planned on taking it easy, but I see we need something entirely different.”

Eryon shivered in arousal at the forcefulness in his master’s tone. It should have scared him. It should have made him run in the other direction. It didn’t. He needed to feel Ashai’s strength branded on his skin. He wanted to envelop himself in his master’s scent and let loose all the anguish he’d gathered over the years.

The anticipation of not knowing what Ashai would do made his blood boil. He could almost feel the bite of the whip on his skin, there, just out of reach, teasing him. He needed the pain, the pleasure, the freedom his mate alone could offer. Still, he knew the right to decide lay with his master. He trusted Ashai to give him both his punishments and his rewards.

Ashai must have understood Eryon’s thoughts as his expression softened ever so slightly. Even as he selected the energy whip off the floating table, his eyes held a smile for Eryon, a smile of reassurance and love.

Eryon licked his dry lips and focused on those golden eyes, his world, his master. Ashai waved his hand, and the shackles holding Eryon upright tightened and shifted, rotating Eryon’s immobilized body. The new position gave Ashai access to Eryon’s back and his exposed nether regions.

The sizzling softness of the whip passed over Eryon’s spine in an intimate, yet dangerous caress. Eryon let out a soft sigh, which shifted into a gasp when Ashai’s tongue passed over his ear lobe.

“How many do you think you deserve, my own? Let’s say ten. I find myself in a generous mood today.”

“That’s…That’s very kind of you, master,” Eryon stammered.

Ashai bit on the lobe, the slight pain fueling the flame already consuming Eryon’s body. “Very true.”

The whip caressed Eryon’s side and reached down to his ass. Eryon gasped as the naughty toy delved ever so slightly between his cheeks, sending ripples of energy through his body. His hole twitched with the need to be filled, but the whip retreated, and Ashai stepped away from Eryon’s body.

“Do you remember your safe word, my own?”

Eryon tried not to sound needy and desperate but failed miserably. “Yes, yes, master.” He winced at his own voice, knowing Ashai could hear the disrespectful “Gods, do it now” that remained unsaid.

For whatever reason, Ashai let it slide. Eryon couldn’t help but be just a bit thankful that Ashai understood his eagerness and his lack of control. Their relationship was still so new. Eryon wanted to obey, to be everything the other man wanted him to be, but his body and his mind yearned, needed too much.

Even though he’d expected it, the first crack of the whip came as a surprise. The nipple stimulators buzzed in time with the whip, striking Eryon with another bout of energy. He arched his back, half wanting to move away from the whip, half aching for more of that sweet pain. Ripples of shock started passing through the cuffs holding him upright, complimenting the whip and nipple stimulators.

Over and over, the lashes fell, until Eryon lost count and let himself fade into the agonizing pleasure. He could no longer separate one sensation from the other. His world became his master, the incredible man Eryon loved so much. It was freedom, pure, unaltered freedom.

Just the unbearable thought of disappointing his master allowed Eryon to force himself away from an explosive climax. He could feel it coming, just within his reach, but without his master’s permission, he would not submit to the urge. But gods, he was so close!

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