Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (MMM)

Wolf Creek Pack 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,777
268 Ratings (4.7)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, Werewolves, Vampires]

Ben knew there would never be a mate for him. No one in his or her right mind would want to be shackled with a man with no tenderness, no gentleness, and certainly no kindness. He didn't even know what those emotions were anymore. They were stripped from him, along with a good portion of his sanity. Ben has nothing to offer a mate, and he knows it.

When huge sky blue eyes peek out at him from under strawberry blond hair at a Wolf Mating party, Ben can't deny his fascination, or his need to claim Stefan as his mate. But Stefan comes with a lot of baggage. According to vampire law, he's been given away by his brother to Dane, the brother of Stefan's best friend, Audley. In exchange, Audley has been given to Stefan's brother. The problem? Audley and Stefan are both Ben's mates.

When Stefan and Audley are kidnapped, Ben and their friends race to save them. Can Ben survive long enough to save his mates, or will his worst nightmare come true? Can Stefan and Audley overcome their fears long enough to save their mate, or will they lose him forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (MMM)
268 Ratings (4.7)

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (MMM)

Wolf Creek Pack 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,777
268 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Just when I think that Stormy Glenn can’t surprise me anymore with the depth and love that her characters have for one another; she blows my mind and proves me wrong. I’ve read every book in the Wolf Creek Pack series and I’m always convinced after I finish one of them that it can’t get any better. Fortunately, Ms. Glenn does an excellent job of not only making me eat my words, but has me begging for more with the turn of every page, as I anxiously prepare to read the next book in the series. Ben, Stefan and Audley made me instantly want to give each of them a big hug and tell them everything was going to be alright, but for different reasons. I wanted to hug Ben because he had never known unconditional love. Often, his size and scars made people fear him, which is a pity because they never got to know the kind, generous man that he has buried deep inside. Even Ben himself didn’t think that he could love or was worthy of love, which just ripped my heart out. That is, until he met Stefan who saw the big man for who he truly was, a kind, generous, loving soul who just happened to be his soul mate. What a wonderful gift? But, will Ben be able to protect Stefan from the evil that’s lurking in the background? Stefan is a gorgeous, tortured soul who has suffered abuse from everyone in his family including his father. Unconditional love or even love at all was something that never occurred to his family. My heart wept for everything that he had to endure over the years. Although his character was introduced in the Prince’s story, I couldn’t wait to see him find his Happily Ever After. He and Ben are a match truly made by the Gods. But beware, because the Devil or should I say Devils have their own plan. Will Stefan survive his tortured existence to find his Happily Ever After with Ben? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. Then, there’s sweet, kindhearted Audley who is not only Stefan’s best friend, but has also been tortured at the hands of his deranged brother. I must admit that I wanted to do physical harm to both Stefan’s and Audley’s family. That ole saying, an eye for an eye is definitely appropriate in this story. You can’t help but love the little guy and that’s exactly what Ben and Stefan feel as they come to the realization that the Gods have intended for them to have the abundance of unconditional love that they deserve. Will Audley be strong enough to walk away from his abusers and accept the gift that Stefan and Ben have to offer? As I write this review and think of Ben, Stefan and Audley, a smile comes to my face. I really love these guys and find myself wanting to protect them with everything in my being. They’ve been hurt both emotionally and physically, but I love how Ms. Glenn shows us that love can truly conquer all. Not only do they learn to love and trust one another, but also they learn to accept love, which is really mesmerizing to watch unfold. The depth of Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? is so compelling and full of life’s little lessons that we have a tendency to forget, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad when the story came to a close. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of humor and hot scorching sex as the regulars from Wolf Creek Pack make an appearance to help Ben, Stefan and Audley fight off the evil that threatens to destroy their Happily Ever After. I love how Ms. Glenn always lets us know how everyone is doing. I really feel as though the members of Wolf Creek Pack are a part of my family. If you’re looking for a titillating, action-packed, fast-paced, heartfelt story, that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes on the same page while keeping you in a constant state of arousal, then Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? is the perfect story to read." -- Blackraven, Blackraven's Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "Stormy Glenn does it again! You will fall in love with Ben, Stefan, and Audley. Ms. Glenn has a very gripping way of pulling a reader in, and making them feel as though they are in the story along with her characters. Ben is the big, tough werewolf but he is also very vulnerable about thinking he will never be loved by anyone or find his mate. Stefan is very small, especially compared to Ben, but Ben’s size is actually a turn on for Stefan. I loved seeing Stefan going after what he wants -- Ben -- to claim him. Ben and Stefan bring out the best in each other. Later, when they go to save Stefan’s best friend, Audley, the reader finds out right away this couple is going to become a threesome. Audley is very apprehensive since he has been through so much. Ms. Glenn shows how much each of the men need the other two men in their lives. When Stefan’s and Audley’s evil brothers take them and their friend, Nate, the action really starts as members of the Wolf Creek Pack, and some of their extended family, take on the vampire brothers. I felt that the love between Ben and Stefan was wonderful and the sex scenes were sizzling. I love how Ms. Glenn brings a werewolf and two vampires together in this story. It certainly makes for some scorching sex scenes. Then she added in the evil brothers and we also get a major battle. Tossing Audley into the mix kicked everything up to blistering! Ms. Glenn always has me waiting for her next amazing story and this one doesn't disappoint. I’ve already mentioned this story to several readers. Well done Ms. Glenn!" -- Tuberose, Whipped Cream Reviews

"As far as Ben Nobles is concerned there isn’t a mate anywhere out there for him. Ben is a werewolf soldier for the Wolf Creek Pack and he has the scars to prove it. No one could possibly want an enormous battle ravaged loner for a mate. For more years than he cares to contemplate Stefan, a vampire, has been under the control of his stepbrothers. Though only Oliver now remains and he still manages to make Stefan’s life a living hell. Likewise, Stefan’s best friend Audley, another vampire, is under the control of his brother, Dane. Neither is looking forward to the day when Oliver gives Stefan to Dane and then Dane gives Audley to Oliver. When that day happens there is no hope of escape for either vampire. Werewolf Alpha Daniel Nash and vampire Prince Zacarius have set up a Wolf Mating Party. All unmated wolves and vampires of mating age must attend. The evening should have gone smoothly, yet, all hell breaks loose when it turns out that the most unlikely of pairings become truth. What happens next is anyone’s guess after this mess is straightened out. Fate must be answered and wishes really do come true for some. Fans of the Wolf Creek Pack series are going to love Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? For anyone who hasn’t read the stories in this series, this might be the place to start. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf is filled with action, adventure, drama, warmth, and sizzling hot sex. Ben, Stefan, and Audley are engaging characters worth cheering for. There is solid emotional conflict, spirited interaction, and true primal lust. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf has it all, entertaining from the first page to the last!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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A small movement of ragged brown fabric to one side of the circle caught Ben’s attention. He watched from the edge of the trees, his eyes never leaving the figure in brown. He caught sight of a small pale face glancing out from behind stringy hair.

The dirty strawberry-blond hair was not what caught Ben’s attention. Nor was the length, which seemed to go on forever, from the top of the young man’s head to just below the soft curve of his ass.

It was the huge sky-blue eyes that peeked out between the thick strands of hair. They were the most expressive eyes Ben had ever seen. Then the little man smiled at him, and Ben felt a strange tightening in the middle of his chest.

The world around him simply disappeared. It was only the young man and him. No one else existed. But as quickly as it had come, the smile disappeared, along with the beautiful eyes that had seemed to see into his very soul.

Ben leaned up on his feet to get a better look at him. At six-foot-nine, he stood taller than most men. In fact, he had never met anyone who was taller than him. There was nearly nothing that could make Ben leave the safety at the edge of the party. But the body was huddled down behind the horde of partygoers, and Ben couldn’t get a good look. He felt a need to find the young man.

If he had been truly thinking about it, he would have questioned this obsessive need to find the man hiding on the other side of the circle. And then he would have run for his life. But all he could feel was an unnatural desire to hunt down the brown fabric and meet the man who smiled at him.

Ben left his safety at the edge of the trees and began working his way through the crowd, his eyes never leaving the young man. He knew the man could see him walking to him by the slight turning of his body toward him. He seemed to be waiting for Ben. From the small smile on his lips, Ben assumed the man would be happy to see him.

As he got closer to him, Ben could see more of his stature. He was small. He might reach Ben’s sternum…if he stood on a stool. Otherwise, he would barely reach Ben’s chest. The man couldn’t have been more than five-foot-ten or so. His thread-worn outfit was definitely not made to look pleasing on him. There seemed to be no contours or soft places on him. On a whole, the clothing seemed to hang over him more like a sack than a shirt. It was not made to entice anyone, which was strange considering that’s what tonight’s gathering was all about.

The smile fell from the man's lips as Ben drew nearer to him, fear began to form in his deep blue eyes. Ben slowed his quick stride. He felt sorrow in his heart as he realized that the little man was afraid of him. Ben stopped a mere foot from him. He wanted to give the man the opportunity to flee from his side before he said anything to him.

As he tried to form the words that might keep the stunning man where he could look at him, Ben noticed that the man’s gaze was not on him but on some unseen person behind him. He slowly turned as he felt a cold shiver creep up his spine.

A man walked slowly toward them, a look of triumph plastered on his thin lips. He was a vampire. Ben could tell even from here. He looked back down at the young man. His fear was almost tangible. Before his eyes, the man began to shake.

It came suddenly to Ben that the little man wasn’t afraid of him. He was afraid of the vampire walking toward them. He wasn’t even looking at Ben. His entire being was centered on the man coming toward them, and his body was readying itself to flee.

“Dane,” the little man whispered, terror lacing his thin voice.

Ben wondered if an eternity from know he would understand why he did what he did, but for now, it was a complete mystery to him. He only knew that he had to get the young man to safety, to protect him. Reaching out, he grabbed his arm and began dragging him through the crowd. The man gasped as he was pulled along.

Ben stopped suddenly when the smarmy-looking man stepped in front of him. He felt the smaller man plow into his back and reached around behind him to place a steadying hand on him.

 “Are you claiming Stefan?” Dane asked.

Ben suddenly realized what he was doing. His only thought was to save Stefan, not to claim him. His stomach rolled just by the thought of it. He couldn’t have a mate. “Why do you ask?” Ben growled.

“Because if you do not claim him, I will,” Dane said as he stepped around Ben and reached for Stefan. “Stefan, come,” he stated triumphantly.

Ben could feel the terror filling Stefan by the shaking in his body. “You will not!” he snarled as he stepped between them. He didn’t know why, but he knew he could not let this man take Stefan from him. “He is not your mate.”

“If you do not claim him, then he is fair game for the rest of us,” he said as he reached for Stefan again, grabbing his wrist. Stefan seemed to make his body as small as possible as he pressed up against Ben.

“Touch him and die!” Ben snarled as he pulled Stefan from the man’s grasp, wrapping an arm around Stefan’s waist and pulling him back against his larger body.

“Ben,” said a strong voice behind him “What goes on here?”

Ben turned toward the voice, knowing it was his alpha. “Nothing goes on here, Daniel.”

The man beside him sputtered, “That’s not true, Alpha Nash. This man is refusing my claim on Stefan.”

Alpha Daniel Nash looked over at the arm that Ben had wrapped around the waist of the cowering man. “Ben, if you do not claim this man, then you must give him up to he who will.”

Ben’s body went stiff at his alpha’s words. He didn’t want to claim Stefan. He always believed that he would spend his life alone. Then he heard a small whimper come from the frightened man pressed against him. He knew his choices were gone.

“Then I claim him.”





Stefan opened his eyes slowly. For a brief moment, he wondered where he was. Then, as the events of the previous night filled his head, he quickly turned, looking for Ben, only to find the other side of the bed empty. Where was Ben?

Sitting up, he looked around the room. It was deserted. Stefan threw the blankets back and crawled from the bed. He quickly went to the bathroom to see if Ben was there. Finding it vacant, he slowly walked through the rest of the house.

He walked into the kitchen and found Ben sitting at the table. He held a cup of coffee in one hand, a newspaper in the other. Stefan took a moment to just look at him. Ben truly was magnificent.

He was dressed in nothing but a pair of jeans, his chest and feet bare. The mere width of Ben’s shoulders was stunning on its own. He looked like he could carry an entire house on his shoulders, not to mention the sheer size of his arms.

Stefan didn’t know if he was a minority or not, but Ben’s size was more arousing than anything he had ever encountered before. It made him feel safe and protected, something Stefan had never experienced before. He seemed to spend his life being afraid.

The sight of Ben’s naked chest, smattered with dark chest hair, plain out turned Stefan on. He wanted to run his fingers through that hair and discover where the small trail going down the man’s abdomen led to.

“Did you need something, Stefan?” Ben asked without turning his head.

Stefan could feel his face heat up as he walked toward Ben. Guess he had been caught. However, he wasn’t embarrassed enough to stop looking. Or to not climb on to Ben’s lap and try to get a feel of that glorious chest.

Devlin told him that he would be attracted to his mate, but Stefan had no idea he would feel obsessed like this. He couldn’t stop looking, stop wanting to smell the man. If this was what being mated felt like, Stefan was all for it.

As Ben looked up at him in confusion, Stefan swung his leg over Ben’s lap, straddling his legs, his hands coming to rest on Ben’s wide chest. He rubbed his hands over Ben as he slowly raised his eyes to meet Ben’s golden ones.

“Good morning.” Stefan giggled at the sight of total shock on Ben’s face. He felt pretty sure his usual shy demeanor hadn’t prepared Ben for this. Stefan couldn’t explain it beyond the fact that Ben was now his mate.

He wanted the man. Everything about Ben aroused Stefan to a fever pitch, from the top of his gorgeous dark head to the bottoms of his big feet. The man was truly breathtaking, and just knowing that Ben was his nearly made Stefan melt.

“Is there—did you need something, Stefan?” Ben asked again, his voice going low and deep, filled with apprehension as he gazed down at Stefan.

“I imagine there are lots of things I need, but there is only one thing I want,” Stefan replied as he leaned up to press his lips against Ben’s. As he tried to push his tongue past Ben’s lips, he felt Ben’s hands press against his shoulders, pushing him back. With a deep heavy sigh, Stefan leaned back and looked into Ben’s eyes.

“Stefan? Do you know what you’re doing?”

Stefan’s lips curled into a small grin as he grabbed Ben’s hands from his shoulders and moved them down to his ass. “Yep,” he whispered just before he leaned up to kiss Ben again. He wanted his mate to claim him. Now!

Ben opened his mouth and kissed Stefan back. Stefan could feel Ben’s large hands clench his ass through the thin material of his shirt. Never letting his lips leave Ben’s, Stefan reached down with his hands and grabbed his shirt, pulling it up until Ben was holding bare flesh in his hands.

He could feel Ben’s response in the tightening of the man’s hands on his ass, the soft moan that came from Ben’s lips as his tongue moved out to brush against Stefan’s, and the hard throbbing of Ben’s cock between his legs.

“Stefan,” Ben growled as he ripped his lips from Stefan’s. “Baby, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m asking—no, I’m demanding that my mate claim me.”

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