When Tom is in need of a vacation, his friend offers him the use of his parents’ cottage on the beach. Tom loves being alone on the beach, but as the days go on he wishes for a lover to spend the nights with. No one is around, so Tom decides to lie naked in the warm sand and play naked in the warm water. It is during this vacation that Tom notices someone enjoying the sand and water just as he is, naked.

Beach House
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The weather was perfect for Tom’s much deserved and much needed vacation. The temperature had been in the mid to high eighties all week, and had not dropped below about sixty-five at night. Tom had brought his favorite books and films, and had spent the first four days of his vacation getting up as at whatever time he chose. He drank his coffee on the beach and lay in the sand all day, only interrupting himself to take a dip in the cool-warm water when the heat got to be too much.

On the second day of Tom’s vacation, after making sure that he was the only one on the beach, he didn’t bother with wearing anything at all. “It’s a waste of time. I’ve got a nice dick. May as well let it get some fresh air.” After that one day with nothing on, Tom didn’t bother for the rest of the week, and he loved being naked in the sand.


The gorgeous man broke the kiss to bend and lift Tom bodily up into his big strong arms, carrying him up the sand toward the dunes. Tom giggled at him and threw his arms around the man’s neck as he strode purposefully past the towel that Tom had brought with him to the beach and on up to the house.

The strong man kicked open the door. There was no time to turn the knob. He marched into the living room and placed Tom gently on a rug on the floor. The stranger knelt beside Tom. He swung around and knelt between Tom’s legs, licking at his body, cleaning the salt from Tom with his mouth. The oral massage that Tom was receiving was erotic and sensual. His entire body tingled with delight, his cock now swollen and throbbing visibly against his gut as the man licked and sucked at him. Tom reached for the man, his fingers running through the damp hair and around the man’s face, touching and feeling him.

The man’s hungry mouth slowly made its way toward Tom’s groin. Tom groaned with anticipation as the man began to lick at his pulsing shaft, his tongue sliding along its length to the root of his cock and back again to circle the head before licking at the slit, scooping up the droplets of pre-cum that were beginning to gather. The man nibbled at Tom, his teeth scraping against him lightly and sending shivers throughout his entire being.

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