Sanguinarian (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 85,438
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Historical Romance, vampires, bondage, spanking]

Evangeline Rutledge, an innocent young girl of gentle birth, is sold by her avaricious guardian to a Lord who has the reputation of being a vampire.

Terrified, Evangeline runs away, and Lord Dominic Ravenscroft, known as The Raven, anticipates her reluctance to marry him and goes after her. So begins their relationship in a rundown castle in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors. The scene is made yet more desolate because it is winter.

As it turns out, Raven is not only a vampire but also an assassin for the British government, and the screams Evangeline heard upon her arrival were the screams of a traitor being killed, not an innocent woman murdered for her blood. Evangeline, when she discovers her true self, is not quite so innocent as everyone thinks. Ultimately, the vampire and the inexperienced girl find that being opposites can make for a perfect marriage—and that a spanking can be extremely arousing.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sanguinarian (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Sanguinarian (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 85,438
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Excellent story line; had to read it all in one sitting. Thank you, Fyn.
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Sanguinarian is a very different vampire story. The author created a wonderful vampire that would fit in to today's society with our almost 24 hour world. I actually enjoyed this book as I usually do not read very much historical fiction, regardless of genre. I actually could sympathize with Evangeline as she tried to get out of the marriage because she did have some solid plans to make a respectable living for that time period. As this story progresses, you see some of the changes that both Evangeline and Raven undergo. Both realize they have not really taken the time to get to know each other and Raven is so used to getting his way, he has never really had to play the gentleman. The author brings out the fact that in those times, reputation makes all the difference in the world about how you are perceived. I did have to laugh at a couple of the secondary characters. Evangeline's friend/housekeeper was one; she almost seemed at times fanatic about propriety. Sanguinarian is one historical I will be reading again." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymph Reviews

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“Will you let go of me please, for decency’s sake?” she asked quietly. “That is, if you possess any decency, sir.”

Raven squeezed her harder against him. Grasping her small, round buttocks, one in each hand, he squeezed hard again, separating them until the cool air touched her anus. He pressed the tip of one finger against the tight rose. “Assure me you will behave from now on.”

“I promise,” she whispered, her cheeks scarlet.

Scooping her up against his chest Raven plumped her on the bed. From his pocket he produced two long cords of fine, soft rope. In an instant he bound her ankles together and then flipped her over to tie her wrists behind her back. “My lord?”

“Evangeline,” he said, as though he were forcing himself to be patient. “Perhaps ruining you is not the way to win you over. I should not have said it. Pleasuring you, showing you how delicious it can be to have an experienced man torment you until you scream is the answer. Let’s try it.”

“No, let’s not!”

Raven laughed and threw off his jacket.

Bound and helpless, still lying face down, Evangeline could do nothing but wait. When she saw him lean down toward her buttocks she turned away to bury her face in the eiderdown. The sensation of Raven’s face pressed into her bottom quite overwhelmed her. Her breath caught in her throat as her buttocks flamed with rippling pleasure. The sensation was indescribable and her mind struggled to make sense of it. Raven had cupped her bottom and touched her intimately when she had sat in his lap, but to press his face into a part of her body she never dreamed she would show anyone made her swoon. She released a scream into the eiderdown when his tongue darted out and began to lick the cleft. Up and down, he swept his cool, wet tongue, sending waves of sensation flooding her body. Warm liquid seeped between the plump lips of her cunt.  

“Tell me it’s good,” he whispered, barely pausing to speak before continuing. Raven licked wide circles over each buttock, but always returned to the cleft, probing deeper each time until his tongue touched the flaming, sensitive skin of her rosebud. Evangeline clenched her buttocks tightly but could not dislodge him. The rising pleasure between her legs removed every last shred of her modesty. She no longer wanted him to stop. She wanted the same apex of pleasure he had invoked in her before.

Raven sat up and when she felt him move away Evangeline wanted to scream, to beg him to continue his ministrations. He rolled her deftly over onto her back. “Evangeline,” he said, triumph in his eyes. “Your cheeks are pink, your eyes are wide. Look at your nipples, hard as little pebbles. Sweet juice seeps from between these plump lips.” As he spoke he cupped her mound of Venus with his strong hand, grinding the heel into the golden pubic hair.

“Now I will make you scream.” Raven lifted her body gently so that the top of her head was very close to the headboard. Grasping her ankles, he raised them above her. With the loose ends of the rope he secured her feet to the headboard, through the ornate fretwork so that she was bent almost double, exposing her buttocks in such a way that they separated, showing her puckered anus. Evangeline felt her pussy completely exposed, her lips separating in this unnatural position.

“There.” Raven smiled. “Now you are mine.” He lowered his head. Evangeline closed her eyes, unable to think or focus any longer. Her mind whirled. Her body burned with pleasure. The sudden sensation of Raven’s warm mouth covering her cunt made her release a long, loud cry. He began to lap, his tongue sweeping up and down and then around in circles, covering every bit of the sensitive skin between her lips. Over and around, up and down he licked endlessly while the pleasure which Evangeline thought could rise no more built to unbearable heights. Suddenly he thrust his tongue deep inside her where his fingers had been before.

He began a new rhythm, his tongue lapping circles around her cunt and then thrusting hard, penetrating her. The muscles in Evangeline’s legs and buttocks tightened. She panted loudly and shamelessly, unable to suppress the depth of her arousal.

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