Seductive Knight

Knight Brothers 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 64,034
0 Ratings (0.0)

Irresistible rapture… Alexandria Rose travelled back to the United States hoping to solve the mystery surrounding the man her mother had killed. What she did not expect was to find herself living with the man she’d asked for marriage when she was just a girl—Gawain Knight.

Within a span of few days, she gives him her trust, body, and heart. In the arms of Gawain, she feels rapturous desire she cannot resist and nights of erotic pleasures. Though she knows she’ll have to go back to the Philippines once she has fulfilled her promise to her mother to find answers about the past, she risks giving Gawain her heart.

Passion rekindled… Gawain Knight has been trying to follow his brothers’ footsteps in finding the right woman. But he doesn’t have to look far. The young girl who asked him to marry her has come back to stay with him. Alex turns out to be a bewitching woman he can’t stop kissing. Since she stepped foot in his house, he can only think about her. Alex is the one for him. But there is one problem—she’s not staying for good. Can his love be enough to make her stay?

Seductive Knight
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seductive Knight

Knight Brothers 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 64,034
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Scott Carpenter

“How was the flight?”

“Long and very tiring. I sat by a nice gentleman. His name is Lars. He’s funny. He gave me his home address and cell number. He said to just give him a call and he’ll come and get me.”

With a face like Alex’s, Edmund was sure she’d receive more offers like that. “At least you didn’t get bored. Anyway, I didn’t really talk to Baskerville. Three hands passed you down on me. Welcome back to the US.”

“Thank you.” Alex smiled.

Damn. Edmund couldn’t stop staring at her. “Airline food is horrible. You must be hungry. I know a place close by. It’s called The Flying Dragon.”

“Flying Dragon? I remember a Chinese restaurant with that name. Mom and Dad took me there when we came home from our trip to Europe. That was long time ago.”

“Probably the same one. Want to go?”

Alex sighed. “No, thank you. I’m not that hungry, but I am very tired.”

“I can imagine. You flew half across the globe.”

“Kind of nerve wracking, too. Lars tried to calm my nerves by carrying on a conversation. He kept me awake, too. Not that I’d be able to sleep on the plane anyway. And he kept chewing peppermints and drinking orange juice that he mixed with drinks from the tiny bottles.”


“I’m sorry?”


“Ah. No wonder each time he finished a bottle, he got louder and louder.”

Edmund noticed that her accent suddenly disappeared. Listening to her now, no one would know that she’d been outside the country for eleven years. She stopped pulling down her hat, too. She seemed to relax a bit. She was still standing like a soldier, though. He wondered what she considered her second language. From what little information Baskerville gave him, Alex was only ten when she and her mother disappeared. He bent down a bit to see her eyes. “You’ve been hiding.”

“Oh, I’m sorry” Alex said, and then she took off her hat.

Edmund was suddenly speechless. Good fucking God. Women would die to have her hair and her eyes…they were so green. Like the edge of the forest. So breathtaking. There were dark shadows beneath them, though. Yeah, she looked tired.

“My hair is a mess.” She undid her hair tie. Her golden hair cascaded down her shoulders, flowing and with big curls.

Edmund thought he was looking at the goddess of Olympus. Damn. “You look…great. Don’t worry about your hair.” Jesus. What a beauty. He noticed the attention she got from the male passengers. Even the airport staff were staring. If she were his girlfriend, he’d probably have to guard her all the time. Alex didn’t seem to notice the attention she was getting, though. “As I have said, the Baskervilles are sick. So, for the meantime, you’ll be staying with a buddy. A friend of mine.”

“Sounds like I’m such an imposition.”

“No. No. It’s just Baskerville didn’t give us enough warning.”

“Please thank your friend for me, but he doesn’t have to receive me. I have a friend. I could stay with him.”

Receive? Man, that’s old, he thought. “I can’t let you do that. My instruction is to make sure I deliver you safely.”


“In one piece.”

“Am I in danger?”

“No. Bringing you home in one piece is just an idiom or a phrase.”

“I see. Your friend, does he know that I will be staying with him?” She put her droopy smashed-on-her-head hat on again. She clasped her hands and stood in front of him so prim and proper, so demure, like some kind of an English royalty wearing an old hat. Edmund noticed her thick accent was back again. She seems to show her accent when nervous, but loses it when relaxed. Interesting. “He’s a good man. Don’t worry about him.” He didn’t really answer her question and was glad when Alex didn’t say anything. She just nodded.

“He’ll be happy to see you.” That part, he’d been told was true. Gawain would be surprised to see a friend he had lost.

Edmund grinned. This young woman would make any man’s heart go wild. He’d bet his medical license Gawain’s head would spin when he saw her again. After all, this was not the same imp who’d followed him around.

Alex was so interesting and had a unique beauty, the kind the Knights would find irresistible. And damn it to heaven, her sexy accented voice could thicken a man’s dick. If he weren’t in love, his might, too. Mentally, he reminded himself to call on his buddy, Tristan, to tell him that the Knights’ assessment of Alex was far off. She wasn’t the gangly ten-year-old they remembered her to be. He wouldn’t be surprised if Gawain failed to recognize her. Edmund laughed inwardly. This would be fun.

“How long will I be staying with…your friend?”

“Two weeks. Three at the most.”

“What’s his name?”

“Gawain, his name is Gawain Knight.” He didn’t have to wait long to see Alex’s reaction to Gawain’s name. He thought he saw her big green eyes grew even bigger, if that was even possible. And did she suck in her breath? “Why are you shaking your head?”

“Gawain Knight?” Alex croaked.


“Does he have brothers and a sister name Kirsten?”


“I know him.”

“I was told that. So you remember him?”

“Of course. He likes ugly girls.”

Edmund let out a guffaw.

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