Reesha has spent her adult life planning harvests for the colony on Worrik, she tells them where to go, how to plant and what crops will do best. When her assistant sends her off on an impromptu vacation, a morning of relaxation and personal entertainment in the sun sends a beacon rippling across the psychic plane that will bring her suitors running.

The dragon set has spent the last few years skipping from planet to planet, looking for their fourth. When a sensual burst struck their thoughts, they knew immediately it was their elusive mate, they turned around and the hunt was on.

Take Me On
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

Reesha woke with a jolt as a pounding on her door brought her out of her doze. “What the hell?”

She straightened her robe and opened her door. “Hello?”

A male stood in the vestibule, or what was left of it. She had an impression of broad shoulders and bronze skin before his glowing blue eyes caught her attention. “Citizen?”

It took her three tries to clear her throat. Through the window, she could see two other men equally as massive in muscle as the first.


“We have come to see if you require any assistance. Your zipper is trashed and the power cells are dangling off your roof.”

She cocked her head while casually trying to hold her robe closed. “Who are you, precisely?”

“We are the new airborne security patrol. Clones. Dragon shifters.”

She licked her lips. “Horcross blends then.”

Awareness flickered in his eyes. “Yes, citizen. Bound to serve the good people of Worrik. Would you care for some assistance?”

“That would be great. Give me a minute to get dressed and I will be right with you.” With a quick nod, she darted back into the confines of the cottage.

As soon as she was around the corner, she slithered out of the robe and made a beeline for her bedroom. She sorted through her clothing and pulled on some loose trousers and a flowing shirt that covered her to her collarbone.

She was running a brush through her hair when a huge eye appeared in the window. “Holy hell!”

Reesha stumbled backward and fell backward onto the bed.

The thunder of footsteps into her room ceased and she heard, “Artur, put the cells back on the roof and quit fooling around.”

The eye blinked and a whine came from the scaled head as the dragon stood and sat up on his hind legs.

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