Jerineau Arden is an Amazonian Warrior searching for a planet to call home for her all-female crew. When her ship crash lands on an alien planet, she doesn't expect to find a mate, never mind three. With matings long since forgotten, it takes three very determined men to convince this Amazonian woman that taking a mate is more than just sex for procreation. And when an enemy thought long-defeated returns, no one is prepared for the outcome.

Sex Me Replete
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

With so few females in the galaxy, even after twenty-five years of peace, women were highly guarded and the Earthen concept of pre-marital sexual contact was nearly non-existent, though with races like the Amazonians out there, maybe the female population will continue to flourish. Within another generation, perhaps the ratio between males and females will return to what they were before the Banart and Hienial wars.

But, those were thoughts for another time. Right now, his mate looked ready to tear his pants from his body if he didn't shuck them soon. Far be it from him to provoke violence in his mate. "Have you ever kissed a male before, Jerineau?" he asked.

"No I haven't. Will you be my first then?"

Michal laughed. "Absolutely. Come to me mate. Step into my arms and I'll give you your first kiss, the first of many your mates will give you through the long years ahead."

She boldly stepped forward, placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted her face to his. Michal slowly lowered his head and pressed a tender kiss to her lips. As if they had all the time in the world, she trailed her hands down his bare chest. He could feel her awe and amazement at how chiseled he kept his body. She thoroughly touched him, explored his body and ran her palms along the surface of his skin as if she craved him as an addict craves drugs or an alcoholic its next drink.

He loved it when Jeri touched him. His body craved her touch, desired it where he'd never desired another's. Even the hunger for blood was inconsequential against the craving he felt for his mate's touch.

He needed her savagely, almost roughly, but he would take this slow--even if it killed him. He backed her up to the bed and gently shoved her back until she bounced down upon it. She giggled and, before she could roll away, he settled on top of her. Grabbing her arms, he placed them above her head. "Now I have you just where I want you, my Warrior Princess."

"And where is that my Savari Prince?"

"Beneath me, ready to take my cock."

"And is your cock ready for me?"

Michal threw his head back and laughed. "It's always ready to take you, and soon I shall prove it to you." He quickly hopped off the bed and finished undressing out of his uniform, then returned to the bed where Jeri waited for him.

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