Sexy Santa

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

When Pam accepts a holiday job playing Mrs. Claus at the mall, she falls in love with the sexy Santa, but a woman picks him up after work every night. Pam builds fantasies but fears Ed is married and off-limits. Can her Christmas wish possibly come true? Then one night the woman doesn’t show up at the mall, and “Santa” Ed invites her out to dinner and asks her to drive him home. Over dinner, Pam learns some surprising facts, including who the woman really is, why Ed doesn’t have a driver’s license, and how Pam fits into his plans. Might she get her Christmas wish after all?

Sexy Santa
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sexy Santa

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Kayden Mcleod

Story Excerpt
On December 24th, Pam awoke with a sense of foreboding, then remembered the reason: Today was her last day of working with Ed…and a shortened day at that. Toyland would be closing at five sharp, the gig over for the year. Well, she would make the best of it.

She arrived even earlier than usual and was pleased to see that Ed was there early too. Reg himself let her in, instead of the assistant to whom he’d delegated the task after the first day. “It may be a mad last-minute rush,” he warned her. “Be prepared for anything.”

She was prepared for anything but never seeing Ed again. She was having trouble handling that prospect.

Ed himself seemed filled with a certain melancholy. “It’s over after today,” he said. “I’ve been peed on for the last time, gotten the last candy cane stuck in my whiskers…but, you know, I’m going to miss the little monsters.” He said it very fondly. “I’m going to miss you, too,” he added.

“I’m going to miss you also!” Pam blurted out with more emotion than she’d meant to show.

“Want to have dinner?” Ed asked. “We won’t get a dinner break today, but we get out at five. Would you allow me to take you to dinner? Dinner’s on me…but you have to do the driving.

“What about Misty?” Pam couldn’t help but ask.

“Her sister is making a Christmas Eve afternoon party. I told Misty I’d find my own way home.”

“You don’t have a car?”

“I don’t have a license. I lost it last year.” A burning sadness sprang into his eyes and a shadow crossed his face. Pam wanted to ask how it had happened that he’d lost his license, but the sadness and the shadow persuaded her that the question would be inopportune. “If I spring for dinner, will you drive me home?”

“I would drive you home even if you didn’t buy me dinner.”

“But I want to buy you dinner! I don’t like the idea of never seeing you again.”

“It’s bugging the hell out of me too.”

There. She’d said it. In fact, they’d both said it…but where could things go from here? He was still a married man.

Adult Excerpt

“Let me make love to you properly.” He pushed her down flat on the bed, then kissed her forehead, then her closed eyelids. From there he worked his way down her cheeks to the hollow of her neck, and from there to her breasts. He went back and forth from the left breast to the right and back again, like a slow-moving windshield wiper, not sucking her boobs but licking and kissing them. His tongue swirled around her areolae, taunting her nipples with light touches that spiraled her upward into a maelstrom of emotions. Her body began hunching up and down on the bed, eagerly straining toward release, although he wasn’t yet in her, hadn’t even touched her below the waist yet.

“So beautiful,” he murmured. “So beautiful.” Abruptly abandoning her boobs, he zipped down to her feet and kissed the top of each before turning to the insteps and laving them with his tongue. Then he licked and sucked at her toes. Pam was positively wriggling with unabashed heat and need.

“Let me—” she started, trying to sit up.

“No. Let me. You just lie there and enjoy.” He gently pushed her back down. Now he began nibbling up the inner sides of her calves, then her thighs. At last he reached her cleft. Even she could smell the fumes drifting outward from her cunny, the perfume of a woman in serious heat. “Oh, beautiful scent!” he rhapsodized, taking a deep whiff before plunging face-first into her cunny and extending his tongue to lick up and down the length of her slit.

“I can’t take any more!” she cried out. “My clit—please! My clit!”

“The customer’s always right,” he said with a chuckle and zeroed in on her clitty button, tonguing it with precision, flipping his tongue back and forth nimbly on her throbbing pleasure point. She grabbed his head on both sides and held it, as he continued to flip his tongue back and forth over her palpitating clit. Pam’s body surged up and down on the bed as she strove to get off, pressing her pubic mound against his mouth and nose.

Then Ed began to hum, his humming carrying through his tongue and making her clit vibrate.

“Ohmigawd!” she moaned and, with one last upward surge, she came off against his face, orgasming wildly.

Ed stayed with her till she was on the downside of her climax. Then, while the waves continued to surge through her, he clambered into position above her and, with one lunge, drove his dick deep into her cunny. “I’m clean,” he said breathlessly as he entered her. “Safe, I mean. I got tested after I met you. I hoped we’d wind up like this. I tested negative.”

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