[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, vampires]

Yolanda is a bodyguard and used to dealing with men. But falling in love with two vampires is a different kind of challenge. How will she deal with her job AND them?

Yolanda is very attracted to night security guard Atal and his partner Zadok. She agrees to a morning of acrobatic sex with the two yummy men, only to find herself falling in love with them, and wondering if they are vampires—if vampires truly exist. While working as a bodyguard with one of the building’s clients, Yolanda spends her free time with the vampires engaging in a lot of excellent sex and getting to know them and their stories.

But one evening there is a kidnapping attempt on her client. Now they all have another problem to solve and Yolanda is frustrated by the vampires’ determination to protect her at all costs.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Eternity (MMF)
11 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I was disappointed, I loved her other books! this is still worth a read.
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“Won’t you please come up to our apartment when I finish this shift, Yolanda? You know how much Tsadowq and I want to make love to you. We won’t do anything you don’t want, but we can promise you, anything we do, you will enjoy very, very much.”

Atal’s chocolate-brown eyes burned into her hazel ones, the lust in them scorching her to her soul.

Yolanda gulped in a deep, but shaky, breath. Her libido was screaming, “Hell, yes,” but her brain was saying, “Wait.” She hesitated.

Atal stepped out from behind the security desk on the concourse level of the Smith Tower building, and drew her gently into his arms. When she made no attempt to resist him, he pulled her tightly against his body, grinding his cock into her belly. He bent his head and possessed her mouth in a torrid, carnal kiss that took the last of her breath away and left her knees wobbling so badly, it was lucky he was holding her tightly, or she may just have melted into a puddle on the floor.

Yolanda dropped her gym bag to the carpet, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and rubbed her aching nipples over the hard wall of his chest. Their mouths parted for the merest moment as they both dragged air into their lungs, then Atal’s head bent once more, as he dived in for another kiss. This time, his tongue explored her mouth, running along the insides of her cheeks and behind her teeth before tangling with her tongue.

“Fuck, woman, you’re hot. Feel how much I need you.” Atal’s cock burned hot even through his uniform pants and her jeans. And hard. And huge. God, she wanted to feel that inside her. It had been so damn long since she’d had a real live cock in her. Not to mention how scrumptious Atal looked. Over six feet tall to her five-four, olive skin compared to her pasty whiteness, short black curls she wanted to run her fingers through, and a long, lean, muscled runner’s body she wanted to grab on to. And Zadok was just as yummy. He was almost as tall as Atal but stockier and heavily muscled, with black hair and eyes and tanned skin.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. Another kiss like that and you’ll be calling the cleaning crew to scrape me off the carpet because I’ll have melted!


Atal stood behind her and lowered the zipper of her dress. It slid down her shoulders, over her hips, and slithered to the floor, leaving her in her stilettos, bra, and lace thong.

Yolanda ran her hands over Tsadowq’s muscular chest, undoing his shirt one slow button at a time, then brushing it open so her tongue could trace the muscles and lick over to a nipple. The flat little nub stood up at the first flick of her tongue, and she sucked it deep into her mouth.

Then she turned around to Atal and repeated the process, this time sucking his nipple until he groaned.

Tsadowq undid the clasp of her bra, letting the straps slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Each man took a breast in his hands, palming their weight, licking the smooth curves, and playing with the nipples.

Drawing in a deep, ragged breath, Yolanda gasped, “My turn again.” She unbuckled both men’s belts, then, placing her right hand on Tsadowq’s zipper and her left on Atal’s, she drew them down together, before dropping to her knees.

“Stand close together,” she ordered. Holding both cocks in one hand, she licked and sucked at the two erections together, rubbing them against each other, and licking and nibbling from one head to the other and back again.

“Enough,” growled Atal, picking her up and whirling her around. “Get those panties off.”

“It’s a thong,” Tsadowq corrected him.

“Whatever. I want it off.”

Both men dropped their own pants as Yolanda stepped out of her thong.

Tsadowq stood straight, his legs wide apart. Atal picked up Yolanda, tipped her upside down, and held her so her palms could rest flat on the floor, but her cunt was level with Tsadowq’s cock. Tsadowq slid inside her then held her thighs so her legs stretched out behind him like the handles of a wheelbarrow.

Atal dropped to the floor and slid underneath Yolanda, his cock level with her mouth, his upper body held up by his elbows so he could lick and suck both her pussy and Tsadowq’s balls.

Tsadowq bent his knees a little farther so he could thrust into Yolanda, and the three began to move in unison.

Yolanda knew she was going to climax very quickly. The intense excitement of the ceremony, the extremely deep penetration of Tsadowq in her cunt, the erotic pleasure of Atal licking her clit, and the yummy, huge, hot cock in her mouth, were all compounding her feelings. She felt so hot, so wet, so aroused. She tried hard to concentrate on Atal’s cock, sucking it deep into her mouth, nibbling the head, licking the stalk. Then she nibbled along the ridge where he was extra sensitive.

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