Rachel's Seduction (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 130,456
169 Ratings (4.5)

[#271 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Consensual BDSM]

Bored with the monotony of her everyday life, Rachel Adams makes a reckless mistake that tumbles her into the middle of a Cattleman’s fantasy. A wild night of devilish pleasure with Killian Kregor and Adam Whitman might be enough to satisfy Rachel’s carnal fantasies, but it only whets the deputies appetite for more.

Not about to take no for an answer, Killian and Adam hold nothing back as they lure Rachel into giving into their darkest desires. Being unable to resist the pleasure that the deputies offer doesn’t mean Rachel has trouble defying them whenever it suits her.

That’s not something either Killian or Adam will tolerate. Rachel is theirs, which means she obeys. Losing this battle isn’t an option for the deputies. Winning against the hard-headed woman, though, seems impossible.

Killian and Adam are going to need a whole lot more than ropes and toys if they want to truly seduce Rachel. They’re going to need a plan.

This mega-length version has been extensively rewritten and is at 130,000 words. (The short version of Rachel's Seduction at 23,000 words is available in Tasty Treats, Volume 1 Anthology.)

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Rachel's Seduction (MFM)
169 Ratings (4.5)

Rachel's Seduction (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 130,456
169 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book
So hot!! Jenny Penn knows how to write erotic romance and proves it over and over. I'm glad I found this version (full version) of Rachel's Seduction. I read an abridged version of it in Tasty Treats Volume 1 and was kind of disappointed (not knowing that there was a full version). The dialogue between Rachel and Adam and Killian is hilarious at times and so fun to read. The sex is unbelievable but the fact that it is well written makes it a pleasure to read.
Professional Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Rachel’s Seduction is book three in the Cattleman’s Club series by Jenny Penn. What I found nice was how unique Rachel’s story was in this series. She wasn’t really introduced in great detail in the two prior stories—at least to me she didn’t stand out, so she was a relatively unknown entity at the start of this book. Rachel has no idea what’s she walking into when she meets Killian and then Adam. But it’s also quite apparent Killian and Adam don’t quite understand what they started when they met Rachel. I really liked how this story had a unique feel and quality over the other Cattleman’s Club books, while still maintaining the series integrity. That to me marks a very good author; to take a book in a series and create something vibrant and new rather than standing on what has come before and using the same formula to create the next. Ms. Penn has certainly shaken things up at the Club with Rachel, Killian and Adam. If you haven’t read any stories in the Cattleman’s Club series, I’d highly recommend starting with book one, Patton’s Way. They are mostly independent stories, but your enjoyment of this series will be greatly enhanced by reading them in order. I am highly anticipating book four in this series." -- Jae, Dark Divas Reviews

5 RAVENS: "Jenny Penn’s third book in the Cattleman’s Club series, Rachel’s Seduction, is a compelling story of love, explicit sex, facing one’s fears, and overcoming one’s past. Ms. Penn will have you rolling on the floor at times from the antics of Rachel, Killian, and Adam, while keeping you in a state of suspended arousal as you devour 372 pages of pure, unadulterated, Cattleman bliss. Unable to believe that she would attract not only one, but two sexy Cattleman by the name of Killian Kregor and Adam Whitman, Rachel Adams decides to throw caution to the wind and allow them into her bed, but with boundaries. Although the night begins as a fun romp in the hay for Rachel and the answer to scratching an itch, their night of fun and explicit sexcapades quickly turns into the possibility of a serious relationship for Killian and Adam. There’s only one problem, Rachel isn’t buying what they’re selling. In fact, the only thing that she’s interested in is no-holds barred sex that will leave an imprint on her mind and keep her warm during the cold winter nights when once again her bed is empty. Because given the voracious appetite of these Cattlemen, she knows that before long, they’ll become bored with her and begin look for something or should I say someone more to their liking, such as a sexy, thin, sleek model. At least, that’s what Rachel keeps telling herself so that she doesn’t fall head-over-heels in love with these two handsome devils. Will Rachel succumb to the pleasure that Killian and Adam can provide for the rest of her life? Will she relinquish her fears and risk it all for a chance at true love and happiness? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out! Ms. Penn has created a tantalizing, well-written story that will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, and at times make you want to slap both the heroine and heroes upside the head. The secondary characters in Rachel’s Seduction only increase the depth of the story and insight into each of our main characters psyche. Ms. Penn is a genius when it comes to incorporating several different couples’ storylines into one. I often found myself reflecting on Hailey’s Game throughout the story even though the primary characters were Rachel, Killian, and Adam. Moreover, I enjoyed how Ms. Penn allowed the story to play out with each character. It was well-paced and the banter between Adam and Killian was simply an added bonus. It was obvious that they grew up together and were best friends. Their understanding and acceptance of each others’ doubts and fears said a lot about their friendship. In addition, the suspense of who will be the next heroine and Cattleman to do battle is so tempting that I can hardly wait. I’m sure that it’s going to be Hailey’s friend, Heather and the good Sheriff, Alex. If you’re looking for a story where the sex is explicit, and often times raw, the passion is overflowing, the banter between the heroes and heroine is guaranteed to make you laugh, and the ability to overcome one’s fears and the past will make you proud, as our heroes and heroine strive for a Happily Ever After, then Rachel’s Seduction by Jenny Penn is definitely the book to read. This is one little community of alpha males and sassy heroines that I can’t get enough of, so be sure to pick it up." -- Blackraven, Blackraven's Reviews

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Rachel didn’t know if she’d said it or thought it. She didn’t care. All she cared about was arching backward, pressing into the tongue swirling over her tender little clit and making her whole body tremble as the screws to her release tightened down all around her. She tried to rear and buck into the open mouth tormenting her pussy, but the firm, almost painful, grip of fingers dug into her hips and held her still.

Her head reared back off the cock filling her mouth. She barely got out a squeak, not near the demand she intended, before the hand in her hair slammed her head back down. Rachel didn’t have the mind left to focus on any rhythm but the tongue that swirled over and over her clit.

Mindless of anything other than the orgasm building to a head inside her, she gave herself over completely to their control, to their authority. Being made vulnerable heightened the erotic experience, defining each second with a dark thrill that had her twisting as the bright light of ecstasy dawned over the horizon of her soul.

Three thick fingers, slick with her own cream, penetrated her ass, blasting her out into the ether as Killian’s husky promise chased after her. “So damn tight. I’m going to fuck this ass.”

Her world broke apart at the seams. She screamed as Adam pulled his cock from her mouth. She’d have been lost if it hadn’t been for the pressure filling her ass, grounding her to the world. Killian fucked his fingers into her, widening her, stretching her, preparing her for something a great deal thicker and longer than his fingers. And all the while, his words haunted her, a tender caress across the flaming folds of her pussy.

“I’m going to take you right here, so hard and deep, with Adam filling out that tight little pussy of yours. You want that, don’t you? You want both of us fucking you at the same time. Filling you like you’ve never been filled and making you explode with pleasure like no other man ever has. Feel it, baby.”

Suddenly, he lifted, bringing his hips to mold around hers. His thick thighs pushed hers open even wider, forcing her to rest her weight on his as his thick shaft parted her folds with the tempting promise of penetration. It didn’t come. Instead, he teased her with the feel of him, letting his actions and words work her into a frenzy of need.

“You like that, baby? You want it? You want to feel my dick stretching you wide? You gonna beg me for it?”

The deep, dark words floated through her mind, making her whimper with her own need. God, she wanted it, wanted the thick, hard cock sawing through her pussy lips and teasing her clit with its non-stop stroking motion to plunge deep inside her, fill her, and then pound her hard and fast into oblivion.

“I am going stretch this little cunt wide, fill it with more cock than it’s ever had. I’m going to fuck you harder and deeper than any man has ever fucked you, and you’re going to love it. Every sweaty, dirty second of it. You’re going to be begging for more.”

Oh, God, please. Now. That’s just what she ached for.

“Then I’m going to pull it out and slam it into this ass.” He leaned back, forcing his cock even tighter against her cunt as his hands palmed her butt. “This tight, plush, virgin ass. It is a virgin, isn’t it, baby? You ain’t never taken a man here before, have you?”

Rachel didn’t have the ability to form words. Her voice had been stolen from her long minutes ago. The reasoning needed to form coherent thoughts had been eaten away by the primal instincts Killian called forth with his hands. Those primitive responses ruled now. They bowed her back lower, arching her hips up to rub back against his bold touch.

“Was that a yes?” He flexed his hips, dragging his dick back until it lodged against the edge of her opening. With expert precision, he pressed forward so subtly that not even the full, rounded head of his cock pressed into her. Instead, it hovered, barely inside, more a promise than a fulfillment.

“Answer me, Rachel. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh, God, yes!”

Her acceptance curled from a moaning pant into an outright scream as he embedded his full length deep into her. Just as she’d fantasized, there was no hesitation in Killian, no persuasive subtly or teasing slowness. He slammed into her with the feral hunger of a primitive man focused on one single goal—mating his woman.

He pounded into her so hard and fast that she’d have flown forward if not for the fingers biting into her shoulders. With a hard grip, he held her prisoner for his fucking. Not that she’d have tried to escape. She’d already melted into the floor, boneless and limp under the aggressive assault of pleasure overwhelming every facet of her reality. Her entire world had narrowed down to the primitive beat of ecstatic drums sounding off with each spearing thrust of Killian’s cock deep into her.

It took him a matter of seconds to shred her world into tattered fragments. So thick and hot, his cock hammered in one explosion after another as rapture began to mushroom through her, racing toward one final, soul-shattering detonation. Then he pulled free and, for a second, she wavered on the very edge of either eternal bliss or total ruin.

A heartbeat later, he forged back into her with a speed and skill that had her eyes bulging. Killian didn’t stop until he had embedded every rock-hard inch of his cock in her ass. The unusual pressure cracked the whip over her release and sent her soul hurtling out of her body.

She shot straight up under the impact of ecstasy’s pure, raw waves and crashed back into Killian. They both tumbled back onto the floor, but Rachel didn’t notice. The pain darkening the edges of her pleasure only served to deepen the depths of her lust.

Trapped within a magical, mystical sphere, Rachel writhed in Killian’s embrace, completely unaware that her own instinctive motions kept the steady hum of pleasure coursing through her. Even as the brutal waves of her release began to subside, the frothy pleasure still lapped over her body, keeping her from truly crashing down.

She did, though, become aware of a few simple facts. The most unavoidable was that Killian’s dick felt like a piece of silk-covered, heated iron, burning her ass from the inside out. He still had her imprisoned in his arms. His thighs still forced her legs open wide, but now she lay stretched across him, open and vulnerable to Adam’s gaze.

Rachel’s breath caught as her gaze locked with his. In some distant part of her mind, a voice cried out that this couldn’t be real. It had to be a dream, a wonderfully dirty dream that excited her to the point of madness.

Insanity. That was the only explanation for the vision playing out before her very eyes. She’d lost her mind. She was not being held captive in Killian’s embrace, impaled on his cock from behind, with Adam’s head slowly lowering over her open, weeping cunt.

This couldn’t be real, but it was. The dark look of hunger in Adam’s gaze grounded her as nothing else could. He kept his eyes locked on hers, keeping her aware of the details when all she wanted to do was get lost in the moment.

Then she was lost, lost to the hot wash of breath over the oversensitive folds of her pussy. Already tormented by Killian’s own feasting and harsh fucking, she didn’t know if she could take another round. Even as Adam’s tongue tickled its way up her split slit, she flinched.

Pleasure to the point of pain came at her from both sides. Every teasing lick Adam made over her cunt had her squirming to escape the piercing shards of rapture that cut through her. The edges melted as her motions jarred the dick impaling her ass and made it burn so brightly with its own form of pleasure that no other sensation survived the inferno.

After a pause and a whispered breath, Adam repeated the cycle of torturous delight. With expert skill, he wound her back up the mountain until she was moaning out, “Please” and begging him to put an end to the game and fuck her. That’s what she wanted. They’d reduced her to a thing of wild need that had one desire—to be filled, fucked, and ridden hard…from both sides.

“Please, Adam.”

She couldn’t take any more. She wanted to tell him that, but the rest of the words got choked off when he slid two fingers deep into her. He pressed down, back against the cock filling out her rear. She bucked up, unable to contain the bolt of wild pleasure that whirled through her. So delicious, she wanted—needed—another taste.

Arching her head over Killian’s shoulder, she began to thrust in time with those amazing fingers fucking into her. The ecstasy sparkling through her body had a reverse echo, for every thrust down onto the fingers pulled her up the thick shaft buried behind her. Up became down and down became up until the sensations blurred and she no longer had control of her motions.

She was barely aware of Killian’s hands biting into her hips, exaggerating her motions. All she could do was twist and shudder as the mushroom cloud returned, billowing outward as it began to rush toward total annihilation.

“Oh, God,” Rachel screamed. “I’m going to come!”

In an instant, all motion stopped.


She snarled and bucked, fighting to find some way to save the ethereal bubble of pleasure from collapsing down all around her. Beneath her, Killian cursed and clamped his arms round her stomach. Like steel manacles, they tightened down until she could barely breathe, let alone struggle.

“Don’t worry, my wild one,” Killian growled in her ear, making shivers run down her neck and race across her spine. “You’re going to get everything you want, all the dick you can take. We’re going to pack this tight little body so full of cock you won’t be able to breathe without feeling us. We’re going to screw you like you ain’t never been screwed, right here on the floor, just like the wild thing you are.

“That’s it baby. Go on and twist. You like the feel of that? You like teasing yourself on my cock? You like having your ass crammed full of meat, don’t you?”

“Killian.” That was all she could manage to whimper. The dark, forbidden suggestions made her burn more hotly than ever.

“I think she’s ready. Don’t you, Adam?”

“Hmm, she certainly is wet and squirmy enough for a good fucking.”


“But it’s kind of fun to tease her.”

Rachel shrieked and jerked under the sudden lick of Adam’s tongue. He went straight up, pausing long enough to tickle her clit and make her jerk again.

“Definitely fun.”

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