Shades of Surrender Part 2 (MFM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,010
1 Ratings (5.0)

Maggie Frost keeps her life neat, orderly, controlled. She doesn’t take risks. All that changes when she loses a bet and finds herself being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Daniel Stilton, self made billionaire, is captivated by Maggie the moment he sets eyes on her. So is his best friend, Charles Waterford. A bidding war ensues, and Maggie finds herself at the mercy of two rich and powerful men who want to claim her body.

But only one can claim her heart.

Return to Surrender Inc., an exclusive hedonistic franchise where the elite go to play out their most decadent fantasies.

PART TWO: Though she tries to stay away, Maggie is drawn back into the arms of these two billionaire playboys. She takes Daniel and Charles up on their offer, and finds her life irrevocably linked to theirs. How long will it last? Maggie fears she’s just a toy they’ll soon discard.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a serial novel with cliffhanger endings. Each part is 10k. Part Three will be released in late June 2015.

This ebook includes: Shades of Surrender Part 2 (Surrender Series Volume 8) Bonus Excerpts (5k)

All parts have a scorching to extreme heat level. This is a MFM love triangle erotic romance.

Shades of Surrender Part 2 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Shades of Surrender Part 2 (MFM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,010
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Wild & Lawless Writers

“I have to think about your offer.” My voice trembled and I wanted to melt under the scrutiny of those caramel eyes, but I stayed strong. If I gave in, all would be lost.

Daniel sipped his coffee, his eyes never leaving mine. “My friend will pay you double what you made at the call center.”

“What would I be doing again?” A wage that high would mean I could take some night classes and get back to pursuing my degree in anthropology. I felt dizzy at the thought.

“You’d be his receptionist. Take calls for him. See to the customers’ needs while they wait.”

I looked down at the creamy coffee in my cup, hating I was the first to break eye contact, but the intensity got to me. If I took a job with Daniel’s friend, I’d owe Daniel something, and I didn’t want to be in this rogue billionaire’s debt. Who knew what he’d want in return.

Still, I had rent to pay, not to mention bills.

Maybe Ami could pull some strings and get me a job. I’d rather be in her debt than obligated to this sexy stranger. Getting in too deep with Daniel Stilton would tear my world apart. I would be a toy to him, and when he got bored he’d simply throw me away.

I had to protect myself.

Besides, I also wanted to talk to my supposed best friend about her giving all my information to Daniel. She’d told him my real name, where I worked. Why was she trying to sell me to the wolf she’d tried to protect me from? We’d definitely be having a throw down.

“Give me a few days to decide.” I downed my coffee in two quick gulps. Thankfully it was only lukewarm now.

He didn’t look pleased as I got up from my chair and grabbed my purse.

He trapped my fingers in his strong, smooth hand. “Your smartphone—may I have it?”

I frowned at him. “Why?”

“Trust me.” He made a gesture with his hand that I give it over. His bold confidence demanded I comply.

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