Shades of Surrender Part 1 (MFM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,610
1 Ratings (5.0)

Maggie Frost keeps her life neat, orderly, controlled. She doesn’t take risks. All that changes when she loses a bet and finds herself being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Daniel Stilton, self made billionaire, is captivated by Maggie the moment he sets eyes on her. So is his best friend, Charles Waterford. A bidding war ensues, and Maggie finds herself at the mercy of two rich and powerful men who want to claim her body.

But only one can claim her heart.

Return to Surrender Inc., an exclusive hedonistic franchise where the elite go to play out their most decadent fantasies.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a serial novel with cliffhanger endings. Each part is 10k or more. Part Two will be released in late April 2015 and Part Three will be released in May 2015. Sign up to our newsletter for release announcements:

This ebook includes:

Shades of Surrender Part 1 (Surrender Series Volume 8) Bonus Excerpts

All parts have a scorching to extreme heat level. This is a MFM love triangle erotic romance.

Shades of Surrender Part 1 (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Shades of Surrender Part 1 (MFM)

Wild & Lawless Writers

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,610
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Wild & Lawless Writers

Lost, I drifted amidst a sea of masked elite clad in tuxedoes and evening gowns. The stage I stood on held five women and five men. As another marched up to the front to be auctioned off, I wanted to shrink into my too-tiny burgundy corset, dusted with sparkling rubies. It probably cost more than I made in a year. My wispy thong also left little to the imagination.

The auctioneer—a handsome older man with silver hair—turned to me and nodded.

I shivered and stumbled backward, away from his outstretched hand.

This was madness! With frantic eyes, I scanned the crowd for Ami and Josh, but they were nowhere in sight. During the pre-party that opened this event, we got separated. A beautiful blonde, wearing a mask plumed with peacock feathers, led them into a room and shut the crimson door behind them. I was ushered in here, led up on the stage, and left helpless.

The auctioneer curled his fingers. He smiled kindly. I shook my head and scurried farther away, smacking right into the chest of a scantily clad man. He cupped my elbow and bent to whisper in my ear, “Don’t worry, baby. No one will hurt you—well, unless you want them to.” His dark chuckle renewed my trembling.

The auctioneer looked displeased. He cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his crisp, white shirt.

Time froze and my heart seemed to stop. Crossing my arms over my heaving breasts, I wished the stage would open up and swallow me whole. These people—the richest of rich in the city—would know I wasn’t one of their kind. They’d tear me apart like a hungry predator. I had to go on with this charade in order to survive.

I put one stiletto heel in front of the other and concentrated on how the sequins dusting the tips sparkled. Anything to distract me from my present situation.

The auctioneer took my hand and led me up onto a raised block.

“Who will start the bidding?”

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