Skin Deep (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,587
9 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, consensual BDSM, HEA]

Selene Foster and Damon Johnson have been close for years. They are more than friends—they are lovers. The dynamic of their relationship makes them both uncertain, since circumstances have prevented them from truly being together. They both left the West Coast when Selene turned eighteen. She was desperate to achieve her goal as a tattoo artist, and Damon wanted to be near her.

Nicholas Elias is the owner of Olympus, a hotel and casino off the strip in Las Vegas. He has been seeing Selene as a client for over a year. They flirt, they touch, and he hopes that they can have more. He invites both Selene and Damon to a members-only club where BDSM and ménage are welcome.

The three of them start a journey of exploration to see if three unlikely people can end up having a happily ever after.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.

Skin Deep (MFM)
9 Ratings (3.9)

Skin Deep (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,587
9 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
So hot and steamy and believable characters. I think this one needs a sequel. I want more from this hot threesome. I wanna know more about what their future could hot for them.
Barefoot Okie
This story was far better than its write up. Selene works as a tattoo artist in Vegas unbeknown to her one client who has been coming every month for a year own the entire complex and is falling for her. Damon is her step brother and while they love each other they fear critisim if they were to get together. Nicholas will bring the three of them together but he seems to be somewhat insecure in the early stages of the menage. There seems to be two sides to Nicholas, on one hand hes this strong Domineering man but then he can also be insecure and almost timid in the beginning. Very enjoyable reading.
Professional Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Damon Johnson would follow Selene Foster anywhere. They have a close relationship but circumstances have kept them apart. When Nicholas Elias falls for Selene, he realizes that if he wants her he has to convince Damon that they can have a successful ménage relationship. When Nicholas invites them to The Club, they embark on a journey that will change their lives. This was my first Alicia White book but it will not be my last one. I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. This was no perfect little threesome romance. The obstacles were enormous and were not solved lightly. I will say that while it isn't made clear in the description of the book, two of the main characters are stepbrother and stepsister. I do not feel I am giving this away because it is disclosed in the first paragraph of the story. And it is an essential part of the character conflict. That being said, my initial reaction was, "Really!?" It's made clear though, that they were not raised together, nor did they spend any formative childhood years together. There is an age difference and they were both older when their parents got together. Ms. White does her job in making this relationship acceptable to the reader. Plus it did make for good drama. It is a complex relationship that Ms. White complicates even further with the introduction of another man. Selene has definite feelings for both of them and is torn. It is a beautifully written conflict and once the three decide to try it together there are still hurdles and obstacles aplenty. Nothing in this story comes easy and I found myself devouring the book in a single sitting. There is enough mention of other characters in this book that I wonder if there will be a sequel. If there is, I will certainly be ready to read it." -- Ursula, Fallen Angel Reviews

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He held out his arm and waited for her to take it. She stared at him, arched her brow, and he wondered if she would reject him. It took seconds, but it felt like minutes had passed. She reached out and took his arm, and he finally felt like he could breathe. He felt her hand rubbing his arm, and he smiled. He walked her to his table and pulled out a chair for her sit down in. She sent him a questioning look, and he stayed behind her chair, waiting for her to sit down.

She sat down, and he pushed her chair in, loving the fact that she was here with him. “Thank you for joining me.” Nicholas went to his chair and sat down. He stared at her, her beautiful, thick hair, her gorgeous green eyes. Looking at her, he realized that she was the full package.

“How is it that I didn’t know you were Nicholas Elias? How is it even possible that you are the owner and I never knew?” She stared at him with a serious look on her face, and he knew that she needed to know the whole truth before they would ever be able to be together. He had kept a lot from her on purpose, wanting her to look at him as a client and not the owner of the place she worked. Now, he wanted her to look at him as her lover instead of a client.

“I came to you for a tattoo. I had heard how good your work was. I didn’t want you to be nervous, so instead of just saying I was Nicholas Elias, I got to be just Nicholas. I really liked that you just thought of me as another guy, instead of the owner. I got to be me.” He stopped talking when the server walked over with his usual lunch and whatever food Selene had ordered. He put the plate in front of him, and his mouth drooled. He was so hungry, and now that he had some company, he wouldn’t be alone for lunch.

“A burger and fries? I didn’t expect that.” She sent him a sideways smile, and she looked between their plates. They had ordered the same thing. She had good taste. This particular café served the best burgers in town.

“Of course, I’ve always been a burger fan, and these fries are fantastic. I hate shoestring fries, and I hate potato wedges. These are the most amazing steak fries you’ll ever eat.” She stared, giggling, and it was music to his ears.

“You’re very passionate about your fries.” Her face was flushed, and he loved seeing the sparkle in her eye. His new goal was to make her laugh every day.

“I’m passionate about many things.” He winked at her, grabbing a fry and dipping it into some ketchup before taking a bite.

They both dived into their food, making silly faces at each other. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to just be around her. He could just be himself. He had no worry that she would judge him. He watched Selene take a huge bite of her burger, trying to be sexy. She pouted out her lips, opened her mouth up wide, and took a slow bite. He wanted to laugh, but instead he mimicked her and she almost choked. She started laughing, tears streamed down her cheeks, and he moved to her side, rubbing her back.

“Are you okay?” He leaned into her. He rubbed his right hand in slow circles on her back, and with his left hand, he moved his fingertips up and down her left arm. Her skin was so soft, and he moved his face closer to her hair, wanting to smell her. She smelt like a mixture between strawberries and honey.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. That was so funny. Your face was priceless.” She laughed a little bit more, wiping her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful.” He kissed her bare shoulder and brushed his cheek against her.

“Th–Thank you.” Her words stammered out, and she bit her lower lip. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, especially since they were in a public place, so he backed off and went to sit down. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

“This looks cozy.” Hearing Damon’s voice, Nicholas turned from looking at Selene to look at him. He was standing next to their table, jaw clenched, arms across his chest. Nicholas knew immediately what he was thinking, so he shook his head, hoping that he would understand without having to say the words.

“Hey…Damon.” Selene stood up from her chair and went to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Damon’s body language changed quickly. He wrapped his arms around her waist, widened his legs, and leaned down, pulling her against his body. Nicholas watched as Damon closed his eyes. They looked good together. He wondered for a minute if he was wasting his time trying to push the three of them together. Then he realized that he did want a ménage relationship, and he really wanted Selene to be that woman.




Damon pulled back. He was breathing hard. “Wrap your legs around my waist.” She did what he said immediately, and he gripped her ass. He walked faster, and she bounced against his hardening shaft. She moved her hips, wanting to rub against him, needing the friction on his cock. Her heart was pounding quickly in her chest as she moved against Damon. She was close. Her clit was tingling, and her climax was within reach.

Selene heard a door shut and almost immediately felt her back hit something soft. She assumed it was a bed, moved her leg to plant them firmly on the mattress, and shifted her hips. Letting her pussy rub against the length of his pant-covered cock. Damon moved his lips down, kissing every exposed inch of skin on his way down.

Once between her legs, he pressed his palms to her inner thighs and his tongue went right to work. She balled her fist, clenching the bedsheets. Damon blew a steady stream of hot air over her clit, flicking the hard button with a fluttering tongue. “Mmmm, you taste so good. You’re so hot and wet,” he whispered, dragging his finger through her folds.

“So good, Damon. Don’t stop.” She shifted, trying to shove her pussy into his mouth. Damon smacked her pussy repetitively.

“Damon!” She cried out, moving under the sting. The slaps felt amazing, and her heart hammered in her chest. Her body burned, her pussy was on fire, and small tingles ran across her mound.

Damon stopped, and Selene wanted to cry. He used one finger and slowly pumped it in and out of her pussy. “Who’s in charge?” She knew what he wanted to hear. He wanted to own her, to be charge of her.

“You are. Damon, you’re in charge.” She moaned and shifted, rocking her hips up needing more than just his finger. Damon leaned down. He flicked her clit with his tongue and added another finger. He used his hand and slapped down on her mound a few more times. Her body jerked as his tongue and hand took her closer to orgasm.

“More….Damon, I need more.” She knew she was begging him, but she didn’t care. He moved his hands under her ass and pulled her closer to his mouth. He devoured her. She moved a hand to the top of his head and fucked his face, his mouth. “Don’t stop! I’m gonna come…oh shit…Damon!” Her orgasm washed over her quicker than she expected. She felt like she was spinning, and her body was shaking.

Selene opened her eyes when she felt Damon get off the bed. She didn’t have to guess what was going to happen next. Damon stripped off his clothes. He stood at the foot of the bed, gloriously naked. She couldn’t take her eyes off his beautiful body. He was perfection, all tan, big muscles, and his cock was hard and pointing at her. She couldn’t help herself. She moaned and licked her lips. She wanted him. She wanted him to pound into her.

“Nicholas…you ready to join us?” Damon asked, and Selene looked behind Damon and noticed Nicholas standing by the door. He was leaning against it really. She looked him over and saw that his cock was hard and pushing against the front of his pants.

“Nothing would make me happier.” Nicholas pushed himself off the door and walked to the foot of the bed. He stood next to Damon. She looked between the two of them and felt a little scared. Even though Nicholas was still fully dressed, she knew what he looked like under his designer, long-sleeve sweater and dress pants.

Damon crawled onto the bed, and she watched him. He ate her up with his eyes as he moved closer to her. Nicholas moved to the side of the bed, and she could see him from the corner of her eye. She wasn’t sure how this was going to happen. She pushed herself up on the bed, starting to feel a little worried.

“Tonight, you’re going to do what you’re told. Right, baby?” Damon stared at her, and Selene smiled. She knew he would take control. She shouldn’t have worried. He always took care of everything.

“I’m waiting for an answer.” His voice turned slightly stern.

“Yes. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.” She loved when he took charge when they were together. She trusted him completely.

“And you’ll listen to Nicholas. Right?” She turned and looked at Nicholas. He didn’t get on the bed. She realized that he was waiting to be invited. He was never pushy, and she liked that about him.

She nodded. “Yes. I’ll do what Nicholas says, too.”

“Good girl. Nicholas…I think it’s your turn to take a taste.” Damon spread her legs out wide and moved to the side of her, making space for Nicholas. She watched as Nicholas’s pink tongue wiped across his bottom lip. She didn’t have to wait long. He climbed on the bed and started kissing her legs. He took his time licking, biting, sucking, and kissing on his way to her pussy. He didn’t dive in like Damon. Instead, he teased her, took his time, and moved slow.

Selene was on sensory overload. She twisted on the bed, wanting Nicholas to move faster. Damon grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her body, throwing it over his shoulder. He leaned down, and she could feel his hot breath against her nipples before he bit down, giving her a jolt of pain. The exquisite pleasure ran through her body, and she felt her juices running down her ass. Damon continued to lick and suck, alternating between her nipples.

Damon pushed himself up onto his knees and moved closer to her face. His hand pumped his cock from base to tip, and she could see clear fluid seeping out. “Open your mouth, baby.”

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