Mikayla (MFMMM)

Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,156
42 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]

Mikayla Aubert is trying to grow her real estate business. Michael, Antoine, Pierre, and Douglas Fromm are making an attempt to get to know her better despite their busy schedules. A ménage relationship is exactly what they have hoped for to be able to commit to one woman and make her their everything.

When she is assaulted by an enemy and doesn’t inform them immediately, they must lay down their rules and make her see that her safety is their priority. When she is then threatened by a potential serial killer as well as Bennitto Florres, they take matters into their own hands to protect her. But Mikayla is an independent woman and she wants to handle things on her own. They must learn to compromise before they lose her completely.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Mikayla (MFMMM)
42 Ratings (4.5)

Mikayla (MFMMM)

Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,156
42 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I enjoyed how the heroine was so strong willed and interdependent regardless of the situation. She worked hard to get to where she was in her life. She refused to let anyone get her down or stop her. I enjoyed how the main heroes of this story all had different careers although they were related. This was an amazing story and I look forward to reading more in this series.
Love the series and all the books in it.

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Pierre watched her walk through the foyer and explain the dimensions of the home and the many acres of property, but he missed most of it as he focused on her beauty. She had the face of a porcelain doll, an exquisite body, and a sexy tone of voice.

“How long have you been a realtor, Miss Aubert?” he asked, wanting to hear more of her seductive voice.

“Oh for about four years now.”

“Four years? Certainly, that’s not a long time at all. You own the place as well?” he asked, surprised. She did seem rather young to own the business.

“I can assure you that I know what I am doing. I started in the business as a teenager, working the phones, setting up appointments, and learning about the realty business. By twenty I was an agent, and the owner had offered me a share in the place by twenty-one.”

“So you have a partner?”

“Not anymore. I brought her out over two years ago. Would you like to see the kitchen area? It is quite lovely and right off the entrance are two sitting areas to eat, one inside and one outside.”

“Sure, lead the way.” He followed her and listened to her descriptions. Her low heels clicked along the marble flooring, and her hips swayed in a way that appealed greatly to his manhood that now stood at complete attention. He strained to inhale more of her sweet, fresh perfume and nearly stumbled into her. Damn, he was acting like an inexperienced teenager. She really did know her stuff, including the materials used around the home, the exact dates of renovations over the centuries, and some information on the past owners. She was young though. Younger than him by a good number of years. He figured at least seven. He thought about what she told him and how she was a partner with her boss at twenty and bought out her boss’s share at twenty-two.

“As you can see the kitchen needs some updating depending on what your lifestyle is like. Are you married, Mr. Bently?” she asked him. He stared at her a moment, and they were mere inches from one another. He thought about inching closer to get a better whiff of her lovely perfume, but she seemed nervous. He had that effect on many people. Only moments ago, this young, beautiful woman had that effect on him.

“No, Miss Aubert, and please call me Pierre.”

“Pierre? I thought your name was William Bently?”

“Oh, I like to use my middle name, so please call me Pierre.”

She smiled as a light blush cascaded from her cheeks to her neck. “If you’d like to follow me out this way, I do believe there is an outdoor area used for entertaining or just relaxing.”

He had recovered quickly enough that she hadn’t seemed to pick up on his minor lie. He didn’t want her to know exactly who he was quite yet. He was amazed at how quickly his mind seemed consumed by her beauty as he followed her outside and was impressed with the spacious area. The majority was done in cobblestone with bits of green moss as grout. There were also vines of flowers and greenery climbing from trellises against the stone surfaces of the house way up toward the roof and side windows. It was gorgeous.

“There’s room to have meals out here as well. Very nice,” he stated.

“Do you entertain a lot?” she asked him.

“I do but have people who handle all the arrangements. Celia would have a ball with this place.”


“My personal assistant.”

They came across a beautiful chalet on the property. There was a gorgeous trellis covered in wisteria. It was breathtaking.

“What is that over there?” he asked over her shoulder, completely invading her space in order to absorb her scent. God, she is intoxicating.

“Oh, those are the servants’ quarters, or depending on what you are planning on doing with the property, they could be a number of things,” she whispered as she gazed up toward him, catching his stare.

“And what would you do with the estate if you were buying it?”

“Oh, I’m not certain really. There are so many possibilities. But I wouldn’t change that wisteria and trellis.” She sounded so serious as they walked closer.

“Why is that?” He watched her walk nearer to the flowers, letting her hand gently glide across the trellis. He suddenly wished those hands were on him, gliding along his body as he held her gaze, staring into her dark brown eyes.

“Oh there’s quite a beautiful story about this trellis and the flowers.”

“You know it then? Do tell me,” he replied, watching her, intrigued by her tone of voice and her beauty. She had a perfect figure. She could be a model, but then many men would be able to look at her and fantasize about her. No, he was glad she wasn’t. He couldn’t believe these feelings of possessiveness.




Mikayla was shaking. One minute she was getting bent at them for acting so overprotective and the next she was all fired up and wet beyond belief from Douglas’s kiss and caress. She wanted him. She wanted all of them. As he climbed the stairs, she knew that the others followed. Anticipation filled her, and then she recalled how they said they’d never done this before. Together, they’d never made love to a woman.

Douglas held her as if she weighed nothing at all, and it thrilled her to be in his arms and carried to his bedroom. They entered a large room, down a long hallway, and it was dimly lit. She was grateful, as the fear that they might not find her as attractive naked filled her mind. The damn insecure thoughts could ruin this time. She swallowed hard as Douglas slowly lowered her down his body until her feet touched the floor.

He held her gaze, and she looked up, absorbing his intense stare. He began to slide the sweater off her shoulders, down her arms, then onto the floor. She was glad she had worn the strapless dress, and it appeared that the others were as well.

He caressed her arms, and then she felt another presence behind her. Michael caressed her neck then lifted her hair off her shoulders before she felt his lips singe her skin. She closed her eyes and absorbed the feeling of them touching her.

“So beautiful. So soft and sweet,” Douglas whispered then kissed her lips softly. Someone took her left hand and brought it higher until she felt tender kisses upon each finger. She didn’t want to look. She just wanted to feel and to know that all four of them were touching her together. Then she felt her other hand being raised softly and her fingertips kissed gently. Her hand hurt, but she hid it from them.

“This is such a pretty dress, and you look really good in it, sugar, but it has to come off. I want to see all of you,” Douglas whispered.

She opened her eyes to find him staring at her. A glance to her left and she saw Pierre. A glance to her right and she saw Antoine. She knew that Michael was behind her, and then she felt his erection despite the pants he wore as he pressed against her.

“You’ve got me so fucking hard right now, Mikayla. I want to spank you for what you’ve done. You will learn to not keep secrets from us. Especially when it involves your safety,” he stated, surprising her and making her jolt forward toward Douglas as Michael glided the palm of his hand over her ass cheeks.

Damn, did she find his words to be so erotic and dark. She never thought about being spanked during sex. Apparently his authoritative side led even into the bedroom.

“She doesn’t understand the rules, Michael. We’ll have to make her understand the rules we have and that they’re for her protection and safety,” Douglas offered.

“What rules?” she asked as her voice cracked, revealing that their touch and their words were having an effect on her.

Douglas began to run his fingers under the seam of her dress then slowly pull it down to her feet. She heard their intakes of breath and then felt Pierre and Antoine hold her arms and press a hand against her waist to balance her as she stepped out of the dress.

Douglas stepped back to take in the sight of her.

“Fucking hot,” he whispered, then reached toward her, trailing a finger from her throat down her belly between her breasts to her mound. With his finger he drew circles over the silk of her thong panties, pressing deeper to separate her pussy lips. She moaned then pressed against his finger, and he chuckled.

“You like that, Mikayla? You like when I tease your cunt?” he asked, and she moaned again, closing her eyes and shying away from his naughty language as the heat filled her center.

“Come take a look at our woman. Come see how wet she is for us,” Douglas stated, and they each stepped next to him and looked at her.

Michael had a look of pure lust on his face. His eyes matched Antoine’s who began to undress before her eyes. He was a work of art. Then it was Douglas who pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it behind him without a care. Next came his pants, and damn if the man wasn’t wearing any underwear or boxers. She swallowed hard and licked her lips. He was huge.

Pierre followed suit, pulling off his shirt, revealing a very chiseled chest and perfect abs. They were all in amazing shape, and her body tingled with desire and trepidation. Could she do this? Could she have sex with four men?

“I love the heels, sugar. Those are going to stay on while I fuck you long and slow.” Douglas pulled her to him and kissed her again. She felt another set of hands on her waist then her panties being pulled from her body.

“Look at this ass. It will be a pleasure to spank it,” Michael said then pressed the palms of his hands against her lower back then over her ass cheeks.

“It’s going to be even better to fuck it,” Pierre added, and she felt her pussy leak. Douglas lifted her up then placed her on the bed. He stood between her legs, staring at her body and running his large hands along her torso then over her breasts.

“You were built for me. For us,” he stated then let his finger trace her nipple and her right breast before reaching her chin and nose. Something came over her, and she arched toward him. His eyes widened, and she saw Antoine, Pierre, and Michael surround them.

“You’re sure, Mikayla? It’s all of us or none,” Pierre stated.

“Yes. I want you all,” she told them, and Douglas tore open a foil wrap and prepared to make love to her.


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