Mastered by Mavericks (MFM)

Doms of Destiny, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,649
22 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Officer Nicole Flowers gets a call from a sheriff in Destiny who sends her on quest to find out the source of all her recent troubles. The truth she doesn’t know is her new struggles aren’t new but were born in her dark past.

When Nicole arrives in Destiny to do a little personal detective work, everything changes after she meets two cowboys—Sawyer and Reed Coleman. Though resistant to the sheriff’s insistence for the two to be her bodyguards, intrigued, she finally agrees.

Sawyer can see the beautiful policewoman has been carrying a heavy load of guilt, though Nicole’s unwilling to share much about it. Reed is immediately blown away by Nicole. Her presence awakens feelings inside him he’s never experienced before and isn’t sure he’s ready to face.

Unseen danger surrounds this trio. Will they be able to overcome past guilt and crushing sorrows and cling to each other in time, or will evil find them first?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.

Mastered by Mavericks (MFM)
22 Ratings (4.3)

Mastered by Mavericks (MFM)

Doms of Destiny, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,649
22 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Just a really great book.
Fantastic as always.... love this series cant wait for Ericas story
donna b buccella




“Hey guys.” Sheriff Jason Wolfe walked in.

Sawyer stepped off the ladder, focusing his attention on the woman following close behind Jason.

“Hello, miss.” Reed moved around the sheriff and stood right in front of her. “I’m Reed Coleman,” his brother said, extending his hand.

The raven-haired beauty didn’t take it, which seemed to disappoint Reed by the frown that suddenly appeared on his face.

“Officer Nicole Flowers from Chicago PD.”

A female cop? Damn, I wouldn’t mind being arrested by her.

She wore jeans that revealed her curves perfectly. Her blue knit shirt clung to her full breasts, which would fit into his hands nicely. She topped the outfit off with a sexy jacket.

“My eyes are north of where you’re looking, Mr. Coleman.” Nicole didn’t look amused.

Sawyer snapped his head up to her chocolate-colored eyes. She wasn’t looking at him but at Reed. Apparently his brother had been taking in her physique just the same as he.

Nicole placed her hands on her hips instead of crossing them over her chest. The woman had moxie, that was for sure. He’d never cared much for moxie before, always going for the more subdued types, eyes down, trembling.

But clearly Sawyer’s dick had different ideas now, especially when it came to Nicole’s moxie. His cock jumped and his balls grew heavy.

His mind didn’t seem to be in the driver’s seat as much as his desire. Sawyer was sure Nicole’s soft curves would feel wonderful in his grasp. Unfortunately, squeezing her as a “hello” wouldn’t be the best introduction to Destiny. And by the demeanor he saw from her, it would likely be met with discontent and flailing arms and legs. God, even that picture sent hot pulses down between his legs, making his jeans even more uncomfortable.

“Do we need more law enforcement in Destiny, Jason?” Gold asked. “With Charlie moving to California next week to be with his kids, that leaves you short a deputy. Is Miss Flowers taking that position?”

“She’s here temporarily,” Jason answered.

Nicole turned her big brown eyes his direction. “I’m here to assist the sheriff with a certain matter.”

She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Sure, other men might see her differently, believing the stick-figure models to be more attractive, but not him. Her attitude might be firm, but her shape was most definitely soft, calling to his fingers to touch.

“Introductions are in order,” Jason said, always bent on the protocols both here at Phase Four and everywhere else. Rules. The law. That was Jason’s way. “This is Mr. Gold. He owns the club.”

This time, Nicole extended her hand. “Interesting place you have here.”

Gold shook her hand. “Thank you. Are you familiar with my type of club, officer?”

“Like I said, I’m from Chicago,” Nicole said. “Yes. I’m familiar.”

“I’d be happy to extend you a visitor’s pass during your stay in Destiny, officer.” Gold smiled.

Sawyer leaned in, hoping she would accept the offer but knowing that was doubtful.

Nicole shook her head. “No thanks. I’m only here to help the sheriff. Nothing else.”

Jason turned to Reed. “You’ve already met Reed Coleman.”

“The pleasure is all mine, miss,” Reed said, bending at the waist in a silly bow.

“I’m sure that’s true, Coleman.” The corners of Nicole’s lips curved up slightly for a moment and then back down into a frown. Reed’s devilish charm seemed to have worked on her if only for a split second.

God, he would love to see a full smile on her gorgeous face.

“And the guy by the ladder is…?” Nicole’s brown eyes zeroed in on him, her long lashes fluttering.

“I’m Reed’s brother, miss. Sawyer Coleman.” He stepped forward, closing the distance between them, and put his hand out for her to take.

She smiled and took his hand in her tiny fingers. The connection felt electric, sending a hot current through his body and eventually settling in his cock.

“Nice to meet you, Sawyer Coleman. I’m sure you have your hands full with this one.” She tilted her head toward Reed.

“More like the other way around,” Reed said.

Nicole laughed. “I’m a police officer, Coleman. I know when someone is lying to me, so don’t even try it.”

His brother’s eyes narrowed. Nicole was getting to the man-whore like no woman had ever before. It was fun to watch. But she was also getting to him. Though their handshake had ended, he kept his fingers wrapped around hers, unwilling to let go of her for even a second.

“Don’t be too hard on my brother, officer,” he said. “He’s not used to being around women like you.”

“Like me?” she asked, pulling her hand free but keeping her gaze locked on him. “What does that mean?”

Sawyer immediately missed touching her fingers. “You’re not blown away by his overused lines and floppy blond hair.”

“Don’t forget his big blue eyes. I bet the girls swoon over them.” The amused grin on her full lips made his blood turn hot in his veins. “I like blue but I also like green, like yours.”

Damn. He could already tell this girl was going to rock his world. “Nice to know, Nicole.”

She blinked and her cheeks turned a gorgeous shade of red.

Sawyer’s heart thudded in his chest like a jackhammer. She might have the body type he was always drawn to, but her manner, edgy and defensive, was calling to him, too, which was new. Why? What was it about this woman that had him reacting like a teenage boy and not a twenty-nine-year-old cowboy?




Her body was alive and on fire, causing her to writhe and thrash on the bed.

She sucked in a breath as Sawyer’s fingers and lips touched her swollen wet folds. Every part of her shook as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and dove down on her pussy with his greedy mouth. The heat that he sent into her slickened flesh from his trailing tongue was unimaginable and shocking. Never had she felt these kinds of sensations. When Sawyer applied pressure to her clit with his tongue, explosive jolts suddenly rocked her entire body.

Nicole grabbed a fistful of his hair trying to steady herself, but it didn’t work. Nothing was steady. Nothing was calm. Quite the opposite. Even the room seemed to be spinning, burning, thundering like her body.

“God. It’s so…”

Reed swallowed her words with his mouth, kissing her until she thought she might actually pass out. He released her lips. “How delicious is Chicago?” he asked Sawyer.

“Sweet cream, bro. The sweetest I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

“I thought so.” Reed’s hot wicked eyes peeled away her defensive layers with ease. “I can’t wait to feel your tight pussy around my cock, sweetheart. What do you think about that?”

She groaned, unable to answer as Sawyer once again buried his face between her thighs. His lusty licks drove her mad with shaky desire. She could no longer hold back her screams.

“Music to my ears, Chicago.” Reed’s lips feathered her nipples. “Let us hear your cries of pleasure.”

Sawyer’s groans reverberated over her clit, making her even wetter. “So fucking good. God, I could sample you all night. Come for us, baby. Drown me with your cream.”

“I–I can’t…I never…never been able to…”

“Shhh.” Reed’s hand covered her mouth. “You will come tonight, Nicole. Trust me. And more than once, I promise.”

She wanted to believe him, already feeling more sensations inside her body than ever before. “But what if I can’t?”

Before she could give them the million reasons why she couldn’t, Sawyer began nibbling on her clit and thrusting his fingers into her pussy, hitting a spot that erupted into immense pulsating sensations that flooded her body. There was no doubt about what this was, her first climax ever. She’d never dreamed it would be so piercing and consuming. Her body was in charge, not her mind. Her pussy clenched and unclenched and clenched again. She could feel the liquid pouring out of her and into Sawyer’s ready mouth. And still she came and came and came.

She could hear herself scream but it sounded far away and distant to her as the quakes in her body seemed to scream even louder. Reed’s and Sawyer’s licks and kisses were giving her the most supreme pleasure she’d ever felt in her life. Hot heady waves rolled through her again and again. Over and over. Stronger and stronger.

Sawyer pushed his finger in deeper into her pussy and started sucking her clit into his mouth, causing a new round of shattering trembles to flood her body. Every muscle tightened, every cell fired, every breath came out a scream. The incredible intensity went on and on until she was totally limp.

Sawyer moved up her body, returning to the place on her side he’d been earlier. He brushed his lips on her shoulder. Reed nibbled on her neck. Her heart pounded in her chest as she trembled between them.

“How do you feel, Chicago?” Reed asked, continuing to trace his fingertips over her body.

“It’s hard to describe, but I feel great.” She looked up at the faces staring down at her. God, they were gorgeous men. “Really great.”

“Just wait until we get inside your gorgeous body.” Reed’s sweet lascivious grin let her know he wasn’t even close to being done with her tonight.

Sawyer smiled broadly. “Your pleasure pleases us, baby, more than you can know.”

Still reeling from her orgasm, she was surprised at how her pussy seemed to react to their lusty talk as it throbbed and ached once again. This wasn’t her norm. For Chrissakes, she was a cop—maybe benched at the moment, but still a gun-toting, badge-wearing Chicago police officer. So why was she acting like a frail, fainting woman? Because these two cowboys seemed to know every spot on her body that could work her into a stupor, and God what a stupor.

“You’re so beautiful, Chicago.” Reed ran his hand up her neck.

She bit her bottom lip to keep from pleading with them for more. Trying to raise her mental walls back up but failing miserably, she closed her eyes tight.

“Don’t, Chicago.” Reed’s voice was filled with sharp warning.

When she felt his fingers on her chin, she opened her eyes. “Don’t what?”

“You know what I mean. Don’t pull back. Keep yourself open.” His tone softened. “I want you to experience more pleasure than you’ve ever had before. I want tonight be unforgettable for you.”

“It already is,” she confessed, feeling the sting of grateful tears in her eyes. “I want you to enjoy tonight as much as I do. Fair is fair. I’m a modern woman.” She reached between both their legs and grabbed their big, hard dicks, one in each of her hands.

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