Midnight Mirage (MFM)

Midnight Mirage 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,348
21 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, MFM, light consensual BDSM]

Lincoln and Gabe, best friends and the hottest new alt-rock duo Mirage, only want one thing. Mallory. They’ve been waiting a year for Mallory to open her heart to both of them and accept the alternative relationship they wish for. Mallory’s flattered by their attentions but can’t believe they’re any more than sweet words. They’re rock stars, surrounded by beautiful woman. They can’t possibly want a plain-Jane reporter like her.

When a crazed fan forces their hand, their protective instincts take over. Gabe and Lincoln aren’t willing to wait for their woman any longer. They initiate her with intense pleasure, ringing in the New Year in the naughtiest way possible. But when they whisper words of love and forever in her ear, she runs away. Will Mallory be able to open her heart and return their affection, or will insecurity keep her from the men who love her?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Midnight Mirage (MFM)
21 Ratings (3.8)

Midnight Mirage (MFM)

Midnight Mirage 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,348
21 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great, hot read. I loved it. My first e-purchase. The heroes are so sexy and yummy....like dark rich chocolate and the heroine is perfect for these two bad boys.
I will certainly add Ms. Edwards work to my must read list. She is a author to watch.
Fantastic Hot REad.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

"Mallory Macgregor is a reporter working with some of the hottest rock stars for interviews all their fans want to see. While Mallory has only been doing this a little over a year, it seems that many doors have opened up for her and many of the top artists have agreed to meet and be interviewed by her. One of her favorite bands, Mirage, is why she is working this New Year’s Eve – to complete an interview with them. Lincoln and Gabe are best friends from grade school and it just so happens that they make great music together too. As the members of Mirage, the world is their oyster right now. However they only want one woman and have been slowly working toward that goal for a year now. Finally, tonight they plan on making their move and getting Mallory in their bed. Both Lincoln and Gabe already know they want more than one night with her – they want forever. When a fan breaks up the interview and scares Mallory, she hurts her ankle. Lincoln and Gabe waste no time in having the fan taken out and getting to Mallory to see how hurt she is. Surprised to find herself in their bus, Mallory discovers that this is only the first of her surprises tonight. The lust she has felt for both Lincoln and Gabe is finally going to be fulfilled. Mallory can’t figure out why they want her, but she is more than willing to explore everything they are offering to her. The night is one erotic fantasy after another for the three of them. When morning comes, Mallory runs while trying to work it all through her head. Is the one night all fate is willing to give Mallory, Lincoln and Gabe or does fate have something much more special in store for them? An erotic New Year’s Eve is the beginning of a rock and roll relationship to last a lifetime. Lincoln and Gabe show Mallory just what their life can be in Midnight Mirage. Taking an entire year to seduce the woman of your dreams is very unusual for anyone – much less rock stars and yet that is exactly what Lincoln and Gabe did. I was touched at how they took the time to learn just who Mallory was and to help her. I could understand Mallory’s hesitation in believing that Lincoln and Gabe really did want her over all of the women they could have. When the morning came, I wondered if the three of them being together really was in the cards. Seeing the all three of them work out just what they wanted and how it would be had me hoping that this was just the first day of a wonderful lifetime for them. Midnight Mirage takes an erotic night of passion and turns it into a lifetime of loving in the harsh world of rock and roll." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Ready for your interview?” Mallory asked, her voice rumbling with unease as she took the final steps to meet Lincoln and Gabe, the duo who made up Mirage, the band she’d been sent to this New Year’s extravaganza to interview. The ground vibrated beneath her feet from the bass of the band still onstage. She looked up to meet their eyes, the focused heat of Lincoln and Gabe’s gaze burning her like a laser. Mallory tried to ignore the warm fluttering in her stomach at their stare, and the heat climbing up her face.

There was something different about the way they looked at her today. The way they’d watched her approach. Her reporter sense tingled.

She knew these men better than probably anyone else did, beside their mothers. In the year since she’d met them, they’d become the constant in her new, relentlessly-moving life spent searching for new stories and bands. Since she’d started her career last January she could only recall a few instances when she’d gone more than three weeks without running into Gabe and Lincoln. She’d interviewed every one of their opening acts, reported on the same award ceremonies and benefits they attended, and even ended up at the same hotel as they were during their vacation, which she’d arrived at to interview a different musician entirely.

At first it had seemed odd to her, too coincidental, but after a few months on the road she’d started to look forward to these chance meetings. Enjoying each moment with these men, basking in the attention they showed her, the flirting words and accidental touches of Gabe, and Lincoln’s deep eyes focused on her as he quizzed her about rock history.

“Of course.” Gabe’s British accent made him sound overly polite as he spoke. Though she knew he was anything but. He took a step closer to her, so she could smell the aftershave and warm sweat from his performance dabbled on his skin.

“Let’s start with what you two are planning.” Mallory looked back and forth between them, trying to determine the direction of their thoughts.

“We were trying to determine how to get you into bed with us,” Gabe stated matter-of-factly. He glided closer to her, fitting into one side like a key in a lock, while Lincoln circled around to the other, making her feel like she was being surrounded by hungry sharks.

She smiled, the twirl in her stomach increasing, as if she’d swallowed three of the helicopters she could hear circling the musical extravagance in the sky. They’d been flirting with her since the moment they’d met her. Every time she bumped into Lincoln and Gabe, they’d whisper wickedly seductive nothings in her ear that made her pussy gush with need. But there was a purr to Gabe’s voice today that held more promise than it usually did. As if this time he planned to make good on his flirts.

It wasn’t professional. She knew that. But it wasn’t uncommon for rock-and-roll journalists to get involved with their subjects. She probably should put a stop to it, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the attention of two gorgeous rock stars who could have any woman they wanted.

It wasn’t like they really meant any of it. Like all the other musicians she’d met, they were all talk and no follow-through.

“Right,” Mallory huffed. “That’s not enough to shut me up.”

 “We don’t want to shut you up.” Gabe’s hand traced her left side, the touch combined with his lyrical accent made her shiver, regardless of the almost-January cool air. His bleach-blond surfer boy looks contradicted his British heritage. “We want to make you scream in the New Year with us.”

Lincoln nodded. His dark eyes watched her, gauging her reaction. She wished she knew what he saw. Her legs shook beneath his intensity. Her panties dampened as his eyes darkened almost to black.

She’d been having dreams of these two men for months, what it would feel like curled between them, screaming out their names, filled to the brim with their cocks. The way Lincoln looked at her, it was almost as if he could see those fantasies, the erotic images that flicked across her eyelids even now. Their combined male scent tantalized her senses.

But they were only dreams. Things like that didn’t really happen. Definitely not to girls like her. She could rarely get one man to hang around long enough to end up in her bed, let alone two.

“Spend the night with us,” Lincoln whispered into Mallory’s ear, making her quiver at the warm gust. The heat of his body radiated through the mere inches between them to bathe her skin.

It would be so easy to give in to her desire. All her friends thought she lived this crazy rock star life filled with drugs, wild sex, and raging parties. Mallory wished she had half the fun and excitement everyone assumed. In truth she was more a visitor to this music mania world than a citizen. She spent more time in her hotel room at the computer than at any party. It made for a very lonely life.

She hadn’t even had sex in six months. He’d been a member of the stage crew, not a rocker, or a drummer, just an average run-of-the-mill roadie. She’d thought maybe he’d want to see her more, but he’d never called her again. In the end, it didn’t matter. She was fine on her own.

“Stop kidding around.” Mallory shifted her weight on her too-high stiletto heels, trying to separate herself from Gabe and Lincoln. If she got far enough from their body heat she might be able to think clearly again.

“We’re not joking, love,” Gabe whispered directly into her ear, his lips so close they were almost on her earlobe.

“I’m here for the interview,” Mallory conditioned. “Nothing else.”

“You want more than that.” Lincoln’s words were resolute, indisputable. His dark looks and brooding air were a perfect contrast to Gabe’s brighter complexion and personality. “We know the truth, even if you won’t admit it.”




“Here, let me help.” Mallory slipped off the couch to kneel on the floor before Lincoln. Her round ass protruded before Gabe at the perfect height it would take to reach out and grab it, massage it, slap it. He could push her over onto her hands and knees and be inside her in the amount of time it took for him to unzip his fly, if it weren’t for Lincoln standing before her.

Her dark, purple-covered nails gripped the tab and pulled down. Every nerve in his body screamed with the tick of the zipper’s release. His cock pressed harder, the pinch of his own metallic zipper into the tender underside of his dick like a cool burn against his skin. The pain heightened his senses, only making him more desperate, more frantic to be inside her.

He surveyed Mallory’s profile, her soft, parted lips, her deep, uneven breaths. Her mouth wouldn’t be open for long. He’d be putting it to better use as soon as she turned his way.

It was a good thing she was dealing with Lincoln’s clothing first. He could go slowly. He had more control than Gabe could muster on his best day. If her hands were on him, he wouldn’t be letting her turn away to touch or strip Lincoln. Not that he wanted to deprive his friend, but he wouldn’t be able to help himself. He wanted her too much. He’d dreamed of her too long.

Gabe watched with growing eagerness as her fingers peeled down Lincoln’s dark jeans, freeing his cock to stand at full attention. Her pouty cranberry lips pursed, placing a kiss on the very tip as Lincoln groaned above her.

“Mallory,” he croaked, his throat husky, and Gabe’s anticipation spiked.

She kissed his thighs, her head bobbing before Lincoln, her long, dark hair floating around her in a wave. If Gabe couldn’t see from above, he might even think she was performing an entirely different act upon his friend. A show Gabe would’ve enjoyed watching. Blood shot down his veins, pooling in his groin at the thought.

Lincoln’s fingers tangled in her hair, gently massaging her scalp while using the slight pressure to direct her gentle caresses. Lincoln groaned as his cock rubbed against her cheeks while she kissed his pubic bone and stomach.

Pulling tight on her hair, the streamers of color encasing his hand, he pulled Mallory’s lips off his body. Her head snapped up, angled to meet his glare. His chest pounded as he stared down at their woman. Even from his angle, Gabe could see there was no fear in Mallory’s eyes, only the gleam of passion, or lust unfulfilled.

Lincoln leaned down as if to kiss her, but instead he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, tugging on the flesh. She mewed, surprised and thrilled in the same sound. Gabe’s nerves vibrated with the noise.

Lincoln smiled as he released her, turning her head toward Gabe. Her lips shone with moisture in the limited light, swollen, full, and pink from her previous kisses. Her eyes gleamed, thick arousal covering her gaze.

“Now him,” Lincoln commanded, nodding his head toward Gabe, his heartbeat skyrocketing and his cock hardening to an iron rod beneath his jeans. Finally, it was his turn.

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