So Much More Than Naked

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,000
26 Ratings (4.2)

Darcy has always been in control. He had to be. He had assumed responsibility for his younger brother Martin when their parents died. Now Martin was getting married and he insisted that Darcy have a date for his wedding.

Without Darcy's knowledge Martin goes looking for a date for his big brother in the personals. But he slips up and punches in the wrong number.

Darcy reluctantly agrees to meet with the person who answers his brother's ad, figuring he'll ask the girl to the wedding and that will be it. However, it's Ryan he ends up meeting, and he's NO GIRL. In fact he's a Dom looking for a submissive, and Darcy seems to be right up his alley.

So Much More Than Naked
26 Ratings (4.2)

So Much More Than Naked

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,000
26 Ratings (4.2)
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"Well," he said, his voice silky smooth and deeply delicious, "you must be the guy who answered the ad. You're certainly tall, dark and handsome."

"Ah, well I..." Darcy was surprised. "That's me." He felt himself blushing.

The other man stood aside and held the door open. "Come in. You're in the right place."

Darcy narrowed his eyes, and hesitantly walked inside. "I am?"

The young man closed the door behind him. "Yes."

"I've been expecting you. I'm Ryan." He held out his hand, and Darcy clutched it for a second in his, then released it.

"Hi, Ryan. I'm Darcy. I wasn't sure if she would want to go to dinner --you see my brother responded to the ad and I didn't get a lot of information. I usually don't do this. I mean, I have never done this. I do know she likes to play chess though," he pointed out with a smile. "I'm no chess player. Maybe she can teach me." He knew he was rambling.

Ryan looked at him for a moment. "Ah, I don't follow. Who plays chess?"

"Well," he hesitated, "that's what my brother told me. He said she liked to play chess. Maybe he got it wrong. It doesn't matter, like I said, I don't play so..."

"Who exactly is she?" Ryan narrowed his eyes.

"I'm sorry I don't know the name and...she's blonde and..."

Ryan didn't seem to be listening. He slowly ran his gaze over him and smiled. "You're in great shape. I bet you have a fantastic body."

Darcy opened his mouth, then closed it. He felt himself flush. "Ah...thanks, I work out, probably not as much as I should." He focussed now on his surroundings. "Actually, I can't stay long. I have to work out in the morning before work and..." Anything was better than staring at him like an idiot. They were standing in an entrance where a small table sat, topped by a tiny lamp, which allotted only a small amount of light. Ahead of him, he could see another room, possibly a living room with a staircase on the left, which obviously led to the second floor. Everything was in pastels, from the colours on the wall and the paintings, which were of Greek landmarks and mythological hero's, to the carpets on the floor--all beige and mocha.

"Follow me," Ryan said, crooking his finger. "We'll go and sit down."

"I can wait here if..."

"Wait here? Why would you want to do that? Come on in," he said, flashing a smile. "I won't bite."

Darcy followed him down the hallway, then into the living room. His gaze moved over his shoulders, and his back, to the swell of his ass in tight ripped jeans, then quickly back up to his hair again. He swallowed.

"Have a seat," he said, indicating the sofa. "I've really been looking forward to this. It's kind of a gift to myself. It's a relief really to finally meet you. I've been a little nervous about this."

Darcy folded his hands in his lap as he sat on the black leather sofa. Gift? That was odd, he thought. "Why a gift for you? You mean it's a gift for her, don't you?"

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