The Husband Contract (MFM)

Brides of Bachelor Bay 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,959
38 Ratings (4.0)

[#420 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Even after the arrival of a boatload of brides from the East coast, men in the Washington Territory outnumber women fifty to one. Without the constrictions of proper society and too few women to satisfy their needs, the men on the shores of Bachelor Bay have honed little more than brute strength and lust.

Looking to escape an unsavory fate back home, Olivia and her sisters secured passage to this untamed land. Olivia is under contract to marry, but tempted by debauchery she only dared imagine in Boston, she gives her heart and body completely to two men.

She would rather lose both Jack and Aaron than be forced to choose between them. Will her final decision cost her both of the men she loves, or is there a loophole in the husband contract?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Bella Grace is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Husband Contract (MFM)
38 Ratings (4.0)

The Husband Contract (MFM)

Brides of Bachelor Bay 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,959
38 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Wow. Just wow. I've never heard of Bella Grace but now that I've read this book, I won't forget her. I loved Olivia. She was full of spunk and let me tell you, she didn't let those men forget it! A lot of the historicals I've read are all about the men having the power. Not this one. Olivia had all the power and I loved it. I won't spoil the ending for the readers but I have to say, what a great ending! I hope the uncle gets what he deserves. Please tell me Amelia will get her own story! I love the Prescott sisters. Well done, Bella Grace.
This is another winner for this series.
Professional Reviews

4.4 STARS: "This was a fantastic story. It was so easy to love Olivia and relate to her struggles, both internal and external. She has all the best qualities in a person. She thinks of others before herself, is sweet, yet she is no doormat. When pushed, she has a fiery attitude, and as the pages turned, I only liked her more. Now for our hottie heroes. Jack and Aaron have that quiet strength, the silent but could be deadly quality that made my toes curl and my heart pound. Add in some blistering hot sex (which at times I swear Jack and Aaron are charming her out of her clothes, and others where I thought she would tear her men out of theirs.) and you have all you need for a great story. But wait, you get more. You get an entertaining plot! Add in a villainous uncle, an inheritance worth killing for and a cliff hanger ending guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat with your ereader glued to your hand. This is a great story, a story you can't put down." -- Seriously Reviewed

4 STARS: "The Washington Territory population increased by the arrival of the boatload of brides, but the men still outnumbered the women. Olivia and her sisters are contracted to marry, but she gives her heart not to just one man, but two. She would rather lose both Jack and Aaron than to choose only one, but will she be forced to choose only one man because of a loophole in the husband contract? The continuing saga of the Bachelor Bay series brings us to the middle sister Olivia Prescott. She a very smart young woman who has a love of books, and catches the attention of good friends Jack and Aaron who have been friends since they were children. This story was a wonderfully crafted story that allows the reader to fall in love with its characters. Olivia is a strong intelligent woman who cares more about her sisters and the other brides who are to married off to the hardy lumberjack in this small but growing logging town. She's strong in spirit and not a woman easily pushed into a decision as her heart is drawn to both Jack and Aaron. Jack and Aaron are attracted to Olivia and determined to make her theirs in every way possible. The encounters depicted between the three of them are deep and sensual, and author holds nothing back as Olivia becomes immersed in their menage. Olivia is pained in her certainty that she must choose just one of the men, but little does she know that the neither man is going to be left out of the relationship that they both desire. I love that Ms Grace gives Olivia not only intelligence but a very stubborn nature. Her tender heart does not realize that choosing is not the issue. Both men are strong alphas, and the relationship between the three of them all comes in wonderfully in scene after sexy scene. I was also pleased that the story contains a villain who is ever present in his plotting who is hell bent in his plan to get what he wants no matter who he hurts. Ms. Grace has created a great story with love, lust and the evil villain waiting on the sideline. The story flows nicely, and was easy to read in an afternoon. Hot scenes, and lust abounds in the Washington Territories, and leave the reader very satisfied as a story well told. I am anxious to read more of this series, and definitely more of Ms. Grace's work in the future. Note: This is the continuing story of the Bachelor Bay series. It is recommended that the first book "The First Bride" (The Bachelor Bay Book 1) be read before this book." -- Darcy, The Romance Reviews

"The Husband Contract will bring you into the life of prim and proper Olivia, who has just seen her older sister married off as the first in the mail-order brides. Now Olivia can’t believe that there are two men that she is not only attracted to but who seem to be attracted to her. And they seem to love her care for books and learning as much as she does. But what about the fact that she can’t seem to choose between the two. What is a girl to do, especially when her younger sister is threatened and she looks like she will have heart break no matter what she does. So instead of confiding in her sister or the two men she loves she takes things into her own hands. But, if she sacrifices herself will she be doing the right thing or will she be leaving her one chance of happiness? The Husband Contact is another spicy look at Bachelor Bay and just what lengths the men there will go to so that they and the women can be happy. I loved the characters that Ms. Grace wrote for Olivia to fall in love with and the fact they didn’t try and change her but who she fit in perfectly with them. I am a fan of this series and loved how The Husband Contract fit nicely into the world of Bachelor Bay." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Olivia’s Journal, December 31, 1864

Port Steele, Washington Territory


The New Year is upon us. While the town still lacks in luxuries and social graces are in limited supply, dates for the evening festivities abound here on the rugged shores of Bachelor Bay. There are simply too many choices of suitors for us to handle our options in a decent manner. I fear few of the remaining brides-to-be who made the voyage from Boston will remain in Port Steele with their honor intact until their wedding day. I hesitate to admit my dear sister Amelia and I may ourselves be tempted by the debauchery this wild land entertains. My new brothers by marriage, the Gallaghers, have been gracious hosts and have done their best to lead by example. I simply believe the men in their employ were raised to hone little more than their brute strength and, heaven help us, lust.


* * * *


“I want it tighter.” Amelia turned to the side, examining the length of her figure in the looking glass Logan had given her sister Lizzie for Christmas.

Olivia laid her book down next to her on the bench at the foot of Lizzie’s bed. “If I pull those laces another inch, they will either snap to pieces or you’ll be resting your chin on your bosoms all evening.”

They had been in Lizzie’s bedroom for the past two hours while Amelia primped and preened her already-beautiful features and scandalous curves to practically sinful perfection. Olivia would like to pretend she had worried less about her own appearance for this evening because vanity was not the mortal sin she succumbed to. The truth of the matter was she knew that no amount of combing, dabbing, and corset tightening would disguise her plainness or her lack of enthusiasm for the outrageous flirting Amelia had turned into an art form.

Olivia sighed. In Boston, she had experienced impulses that drew her thoughts into arenas a true lady would never enter, but here, amidst the loosened morals of this wild Northwest Territory, her unspeakable impulses haunted her more frequently than ever. Almost daily, she caught herself daydreaming of big, strong hands, bare skin, pleasures of the flesh that could only be satisfied by all manners of indecencies she dared not drift into thinking about now. Heat rose up from her chest despite the wet winter chill that hung in the room.

She reached into her skirt pockets for a fan and fingered the cameo necklace her mother had given her. Ann Marie Prescott would turn in her grave if she knew such thoughts crossed her daughter’s mind. Olivia murmured a quick prayer for forgiveness and crossed herself. Surely it was simply the overabundance of bachelors at her disposal that gave her such audacious ideas.

She pushed her glasses up her nose with the tip of her finger. Her saving grace was that she hadn’t fallen in love with any of the lumber men the way Lizzie had. But with the increased frequency of her salacious fantasies, she barely trusted herself to go to the required social hours anymore. She feared she may meet an available gentleman she hadn’t yet noticed and that in the throes of infatuation she may not be able to control her Jezebelian impulses. The same uncertainties made her hesitant to attend tonight’s New Year’s Eve party. If she had a choice, she would remain in Lizzie’s parlor for the evening and allow herself to be seduced by her own wicked thoughts and the pages Jane Austen had so scandalously penned.

She lifted her chin and waved the fan in front of her neck. “I fear my head is beginning to ache. Perhaps I should stay in tonight.”

“Honestly, Liv, do you care to find a husband or not?”




Aaron stroked her arm and looked over at Jack. “We should let her choose now.”

Jack lifted Olivia’s hand. Her delicate fingers curled around his palm and the floral scent of her perfume sang in his nose. The trust in her eyes and the rosy blush that colored her fair skin undid something deep inside him. He swallowed the flood of emotion that welled in his chest. She was the woman he had searched for on both American coasts and abroad. She was intelligent, honest even when it may not have served her, fully trained in the social graces, and lovely in a way that took his breath away. She kept her sensual nature tucked away from prying eyes, but behind closed doors, she wasn’t afraid to give or receive pleasure. She was eager to learn the secrets of her body and theirs, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life making those discoveries with her.

“Who would you like to be the first to make love to you?” Jack squeezed her hand, hoping she would answer the way he wanted her to, but knowing she wouldn’t have an easy time answering at all.

Her perfect pink lips opened then closed again. For three long breaths there was only silence in the room, and then she began to rock her head slowly from side to side. Unshed tears pooled in her eyes, and a frown skewed her features.

“How could I ever choose? I want you both.” She looked from him to Aaron and then back again. “Equally. I don’t know how to separate one from the other.”

Jack drew in a breath of relief and drew the sash from behind his back. “That’s exactly what I had hoped you’d say. I have a solution.”  


* * * * 


“Everything is more sensual in the dark.” Olivia could almost taste the sexual tension between them on her tongue as she lay in the huge bed between Jack and Aaron. Their skin felt smoother beneath her hands, their kisses wetter and hotter against her neck, her mouth, her breasts. The silk that covered her eyes heightened her hearing and her sense of smell. The low rumble of ragged breath and yearning drew her own breath out faster. The mattress shifted beneath her as the men moved. Hands covered her body, making every place they touched intimate. This was the fantasy she had dreamed for years. Hands and bodies moving together. She didn’t know who was touching her where or whose teeth nipped at her shoulder or whose cock was in her hand or between her lips. And she’d never enjoyed anything more in her life.

The hands held on tighter. The strokes against her skin became more urgent. Restrained strength tensed already hard, masculine muscles. Two cocks throbbed and strained beneath her touch. Breaths came faster and harder. A knee pushed her thighs apart. A rigid belly pressed against the softer skin of hers, and then the silkiest of heated skin slid over her clitoris and lower, spreading the folds of her most intimate place. The wide head hovered at her entrance, pressing gently.

She held her breath. A broad hand caressed her breast. Lips moved against hers. A tongue dipped into her mouth at the same time the pressure between her legs turned into a sting, and then the most glorious of sensations as a cock slid deep into her. A strangled groan filled her ears and rang out across the room. She had no idea which one of them had entered her, but she could feel both of them close. Sensations like none she could have ever imagined radiated from within her body, and her hips moved. She wrapped her leg around a thick thigh, and the coarse hair rubbed against her skin. She fed on the tongue in her mouth. The cock inside of her slowly began to withdraw. Aching to be filled again, she locked her leg tight around the big thigh and lifted her hips higher. She dug her nails into two muscled arms.

The rhythm that followed left her breathless. Every movement took her higher on a plane of bliss than she’d ever gone before. She turned her head away from the kiss, gasping for breath. The physical sensations reached fevered proportions, and she felt as if she’d left her body. At one point, she saw the white-capped waves on the bay beyond the window beneath her as if she were soaring above the water.

“Don’t stop!” Something stronger than anything she’d ever felt had begun to build deep within her, and she was terrified of losing it. “Please, don’t stop."


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