Spank Pants

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,400
1 Ratings (3.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes.

Spank Pants by Sommer Marsden

When a girl’s taken time and effort to get in shape, she wants to show it off. A routine trip to the store ends in Marcy making an impulse purchase: a slinky new pair of clearance work-out pants. She now has to break the news to her money-conscious partner, Grant. The problem is Marcy has promised not to spend more than she has to. Grant decides that Marcy must pay the price for her unauthorized spending and sets about her punishment with relish. Could this be the best fifteen dollars she ever spent?

My Lord’s Rump by Chloe Devlin

There is nothing that Angie and George love more than a bit of adventurous role-play, he the dominant Lord and she the submissive maiden. However, when one of his suggestions feels a step to far, Angie must decide whether to decline his request or place her trust, fully in her partner. Casting her doubts aside, Angie allows her Lord and master to introduce his fair maid to a new and arousing sensation: one that has her begging for more.

My Therapist In Action by Eva Hore

When fate brings Jane back to her new therapist’s office late one evening, she finds herself a furtive spectator to her friend’s therapy appointment. As the treatment begins, Jane is witness to a more hands-on role-playing session that introduces her friend to the true nature of submission. They say curiosity killed the cat, well in this instance Jane’s snooping leads to much more than she ever bargained for.

Remembrance by Imogen Gray

While Elizabeth Warner-Jones waits for the hangman, she casts her thoughts back to where it all began; to the day Sauville Chabrier first walked into her life. Debonair, manly and sensuous Chabrier soon casts Elizabeth under his spell, but it is during their regular liaisons that she discovers the existence of his bad side: his depraved side. As passion and desire blend into an explosive mix, it’s only going to take the slightest spark to set it off.

My Husband’s Idea by Eva Hore

Determined to raise the cash for a deposit on a new home, Michael has a saucy proposition for Vanessa; to show off her beautiful body to his friends by stripping for them. Uncertain at first, his wife succumbs to his persuasiveness and agrees to stage an impromptu rehearsal. While she performs her act, Michael is soon game for a little audience participation. As the heat rises, other ideas present themselves in a flood of raunchy possibilities that both are eager to pursue.

These stories have also been published in Spank Me ISBN 9781905170937

Spank Pants
1 Ratings (3.0)

Spank Pants

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,400
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

‘I thought we made a deal.’ He said it softly. Then he directed his stare at my gorgeous new pants.
‘Are those new pants?’
‘Well, they’
‘What!’ I jumped at his harsh tone and my fluttery response. What the hell? Grant counted on me to do right but he was treating me like a child. To make matters worse, my body was responding to his tone in the most bizarre way. My nipples were hard and sensitive under my T-shirt and the crotch of my lovely new pants was…wet.
‘Are those new pants?’ He enunciated each and every word, letting them fall from his lips like heavy stones.
‘Yes,’ I sighed and hated myself for my grovelling tone. ‘They were on clearance. They didn’t cost much. I’ve worked so hard and I just wanted to have one pair of pants that actually fit. So I can see all my hard work,’ I rushed on. I had to make him understand that it was only a small break in my promise. I really was on board with getting our finances straightened out.
‘Turn around.’
‘You heard me. Turn around.’
It was the tone. That tone. A disciplinarian’s tone. It transported me back to my Catholic school days and without thinking, I promptly turned my bottom to him and stood ruler straight.
What are you doing! My brain was protesting but my body was humming. I could feel little blips of excitement and dread and what could only be arousal pulsing under my skin. My cheeks were hot with shame and something else. I could feel my heart beating at the base of my throat, so hard it hurt a little.
He smoothed his hand over the skull that hid the treasure of my ass crack. I flinched a little even though it was a gentle touch. Something was coming. I could feel it. The air in our generic, homey living room felt thick and charged. It felt like the air before a violent thunder storm. I shivered and his hand smoothed lower, running over the firm underside of my left buttock.
‘You made me a promise and you broke it,’ he said softly. His hand roamed over to my right buttock and took a gentle tour of the soft fabric.
At first I thought the soft sound I heard was the sound of his work-callused hand on cotton. I realised when I heard the sound a second time, it was me. Sighing.
Grant placed his big hands on my hips and turned me. I went willingly. I had a quick mental flash of a ruler being brought down across my knuckles for writing on the white part of my saddle shoes in high school. I had been in Catholic school before they had outlawed the nuns doling out corporal punishment. This felt that way. I was about to be punished. Somehow the thought of being punished by my husband’s large, warm hands made me squirm in my pretty blue pants.
As I faced him, he took my hands again and gazed up at me. The look on his face was both stern and sorrowful.
‘You know how I feel about lying. I don’t lie to you. You don’t lie to me. That’s been the deal. It always has been.’
I nodded. Part of me wanted to plead my case, remind him it was only a little money, apologise. A bigger part of me very much wanted what was coming to me. I remained silent.
‘You broke your word to me, Marcy. Now I want you to lie across my lap.’ He indicated his denim clad legs. He did not smile. There was no indication that this was a joke.

‘Now,’ he said, quietly but there was clearly no room for argument.
My knees were shaking and my legs tingled. I positioned myself over his lap and fought the urge to raise a stink. This was ludicrous. It was insane. It was also clearly turning me on. The cotton crotch of my pants meant to absorb sweat was now flooded with my own moisture. A flutter had started low in my belly and my pulse was slamming so hard my ears were ringing.
I lay with my lower belly and pubic bone over his lap. My head hung down and the blood immediately rushed to it making me feel off balance. My legs dangled, my toes touching the floor.
‘How much were the pants?’ he asked. Finally!
‘Fifteen dollars,’ I said contritely.
‘Fifteen it is,’ Grant said. ‘Count them off.’
Again the urge to climb off of him and give him hell surged through me. Again I let myself feel the growing urgency in my sex. In my breasts. Way up in the deepest part of me that made my belly feel achy and hollow. I nodded. I would count.
He smoothed his hand over my ass and when the hand withdrew I braced myself. Nothing. A moment when there was no contact and then his hands were caressing my bottom again. Gentle. Lovingly. I relaxed into it, enjoying the sensation. Then too fast for me to register he brought his hand back and the first smack rang through the room.
‘One,’ I bellowed as my head shot up and the pain registered. Great coursing sizzles of heat ran through my flesh.

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