Take It As It Comes (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,723
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary May-December Romance]

Linda Jacobs runs her company with the precision of a Swiss watch. Her home life, of course, is a mess. With a precocious daughter too smart for her own good, a moody preteen son and a needy toddler, Linda feels that she's had just about all life can throw at her. That is, until another social tragedy strikes and Andrew Barton is sent into her life to be the children's male sitter, or "manny."

Suddenly the kids are happy, the house is clean, everyone seems to have food and Linda is blissfully free to focus on her thriving international fashion business. The only problem is Andrew -- he's twenty-six, drop dead gorgeous and an ex-world champion surfer. He's a man who knows what he wants and he wants Linda. But Linda, with all of life's experiences behind her, feels there is no chance for a relationship where she comes out such a winner. Can Linda learn to relax, let love in, and just take it as it comes?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Take It As It Comes (MF)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Take It As It Comes (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,723
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


She crept very softly down the hall toward the spare room. When she got down to Andrew’s room, she noticed the door open enough to see inside. She stood in the small alcove just next to the door for a minute, her mind racing with the images of Andrew kissing her in her fantasy. Listening in the dark, she heard heavy panting again.

He’s masturbating in my house. Just as I did a few minutes ago!

Suddenly it occurred to Linda that perhaps Andrew had stood in the corridor while she masturbated. He would have heard the faint sound of her vibrator and maybe even heard her soft moans out into the night.

The thought of Andrew standing there in the dark, listening, made her ache and throb between her legs.

Damn sexual peak! I’m like a sixteen-year-old boy on the school bus.

She knew that her pussy and her brain were not going to walk her away from this situation, even though she also knew she needed to leave. Fascinated, Linda tried to see into the room to catch a glimpse. Very slowly, she curled her head around the corner so she could see through the thin-lit crack between the door and the wall. In the thin sliver, she saw Andrew standing in the room, completely naked.

His naked body was a delight and feast for Linda’s eyes. She watched his penis as his hand traveled its length, long, thick, and intricately veined, almost exactly as she’d imagined it in her fantasy. His hand moved up and down sensuously, the erotic pumping sending shivers down Linda’s spine.

Watching him pleasure himself, Linda saw the muscles in his arm flex and relax with the work he performed on his body. Tanned all over, the honey color of his skin made his already bulging muscle shine in the lamplight. Linda had never seen anything more erotic in her life. She’d seen men masturbating before, but never like this. Never with so much abandon and freedom. It looked natural and still deeply sexual. He looked so comfortable with himself as he worked his rod, caring only for his own pleasure.

Linda imagined herself walking in, slipping off her robe, and climbing on. The ache between her legs intensified now. She could see herself free of inhibitions as well, claiming her place in the natural flow of two consenting adults with no other obligations, taking their pleasure from each other’s bodies.

And what a body he had. It wasn’t just that his muscles were well proportioned and the pleasure tool between his legs large and commanding, but he also had that beautiful face. No matter what part of his body held her focus, Andrew inspired intense desire.

Watching, Linda slid her hand between her legs and started to fondle her own sex, immediately feeling the hot, heavy wetness between her intimate folds. The thick wet strands of her own lubricant clung to her thighs, making a sexual web just below her hand. With her other hand, she pulled gently on her nipple. The tug sent little electrical currents between her legs straight away and caused Linda to let out the faintest little groan from between her lips.

She’d moaned before she remembered to stop. As it emerged, she realized she’d groaned aloud!

Andrew stopped suddenly, his hand in mid stroke and opened his eyes toward the door. He looked startled for the briefest second, and then he seemed to be thinking. Then very softly, but clearly, he said, “Stay there, Linda. Watch me.”

Then he closed his eyes again and went back to pleasuring himself.

Still frozen, Linda stood with one hand between her legs and the other holding her left nipple just a little too hard. For the briefest second, she felt awkward and foolish, as if her hand had been caught in the cookie jar. Then a more complicated response overtook her. He’d invited her to play voyeur. Watching him sparked some wild animal instinct in her, something deep and alive. To Linda it was as though he made her an offering or issued her an invitation. This was something primal, yet contained. Alive, yet not all consuming.

Hesitantly, she continued to move her hands over her own body. Andrew’s permission opened up feelings in her that excited her, but also scared her. Linda’s heart raced and her mind was a blur. As if he sensed her mood, he spoke to her again. He addressed her but kept his eyes focused on the wall in front of him, in her line of vision, but easing the intensity of the moment. “I heard you coming in your bed before and I’d never heard anything that turned me on so much. I had to come here and join in what you were creating in my own way. I wanted to add my pleasure to yours.”

Linda continued to watch as his movements developed to something faster, more strained. She imagined him over her as she watched, taking her, pleasing her with his body, embracing her with his mind. Adrenaline shot through her veins, making her flesh tingle and her sex ache. She slid her fingers seductively over the slippery surface of her skin, dipping a long, thin finger into her body and sliding it out in time to his movements.

As he reached his climax, his body grew rigid and he worked himself into an erotic frenzy. Plunging her fingers into her sex harder and faster now, Linda let her mouth fall open and let another small orgasm escape her body.

As her orgasm swept through her, Linda became aware of herself again, and the intensity caught up with her. Self-consciousness overtook her, mixing with a feeling of exposure that churned inside, making her terrified. Before Andrew came, Linda stood up, confronted by her own behavior, and ran back to her bedroom, blushing, nervous, and ashamed.

She leapt into her bed and hid herself under the covers, confused thoughts and feelings ricocheting through her. Never had she experienced her body so alive, so tempted, so in control of her choices.

Linda pressed her eyes closed and willed herself to get some sleep. He’d be gone in the morning before she woke. Linda wouldn’t have to face him and, therefore, wouldn’t have to face herself and this erotic fever that engulfed her.

As the deep wells of sleep began to overtake her, she calmed down. Under all of the fear, an excited stirring tickled at her. Exhausted, she drifted off, her thoughts on Andrew, her body starting to ache for him again.


Andrew didn’t say anything else. He stood up and walked over to her side of the kitchen table. He pushed her plate away and, turning her toward him on her chair, he pulled her thighs apart, standing between them. He leaned down and kissed her softly on her mouth. He pulled back to look into her eyes again, revealing his honesty and his desire. He leaned in to kiss her harder this time, with more passion, as though he were taking something that belonged to him.

He moved his hands to the back of her head, stroking her hair. His lips pressed in on hers and parted them, meeting her tongue with his, searching her mouth, making their first kiss memorable, seductive, and erotic. Lust rushed its way through Linda, making her want to do anything and everything. He kissed with expertise, playing her, arousing her, and claiming her. He worked at enticing her. He took control of the situation and made her meet his masculinity with her femininity. She opened her mouth in a passive response, but soon engaged her tongue with his, stroking and caressing it, meeting mouth to mouth as equals, equals in desire, fever, and passion.

Andrew moaned into her mouth and pulled her head back. He moved his mouth down to her neck below her ear and licked, tickled, and kissed her, until the wetness pooled between her legs, dampening her jeans. She had no underwear on and she suddenly hoped that would be exciting for him when he found out.

Andrew moved deftly now, with more intensity. He ran his left hand down her body, feeling for her breast. Her nipple pebbled under his touch and he moaned into her neck again when he caressed it. Linda tilted her head back to give him better access, letting out her own small sigh as she did. His fingers brushing over her hard flesh excited her courageous sexual nature, and she reached her hands forward to caress him over his jeans.

He was like iron beneath the thick denim. Linda’s heart lurched, driven by lust for this divine creature. He’d moved his head to the other side of her neck now, licking and sucking, creating a contrast to the hard package she massaged between his legs. Linda used both her hands and began to fumble with his belt, trying to set the glorious monster free.

Andrew let out a deep, throaty growl and pulled back. “Not yet. I’m a young man. I have insecurities. Please let me bring you satisfaction before I let myself enjoy.”

Linda panted and stared up at him. “Um…okay,” she stammered. He’d thrown a curve ball. Who knew what to do with a man who wanted so much to pleasure her? This was definitively a new experience.

Andrew helped her stand up and knelt before her. He undid the button fly of her jeans, with his face a little higher than her crotch height. Linda became self-conscious and for a moment insecurities flooded her mind. Fortunately, she had regular waxes. Could her sex be too old? She felt almost like a virgin, foolishly embarrassed because she had genitals.

Andrew pulled her jeans down only part way. He let out a gasp when he saw she wore no underwear. He slid his hands around to the fullness of her ass, massaging and kneading her buttocks, sliding a finger between her two butt cheeks, lightly caressing down to her liquid-filled opening.

Her sex cried out for attention now. It dripped on to her thigh. When he dipped his long middle finger toward her opening, the slippery wetness clung to him, leaving a light slippery trail across her heated skin.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he gasped.

He slid his hands down and took the jeans with them, slipping them off her. Still on his knees before her, she gazed down at him as he kissed her lower belly, making his way toward the apex of her thighs.

Suddenly he stood up and lifted her to the kitchen table. He lay her on her back, parting her thighs, and stood before her, looking at her naked, exposed body. A deep, dull ache between Linda’s legs screamed for attention. He took his time looking at her, as if he’d been waiting for this moment. He slid her T-shirt up and gazed lustfully at her exposed breasts. Her nipples hardened more under his watch, and he leaned forward to take one in his mouth.

Linda lurched upward, clasping the back of his head with both hands, pressing him into her chest. He sucked hard-on her nipple, pulling at it with his teeth. She moaned as his tongue flicked its way back and forth over the hard, aching nub. He pulled back off her again and stared at her, panting, his eyes darting all over her naked body. Linda went wild. She wanted to spread her legs as far apart as possible and take all of him into her.

“Oh, God. You’re even more beautiful than I imagined,” he panted.

He lifted her legs and bent her knees. Her sex lay open, wet and inviting in front of him. Andrew ran his hands up and down her inner thighs. Every caress brushed toward her pussy, sending her heartbeat into overdrive, forcing her to arch her back, attempting to maneuver him toward the hunger writhing between her legs. But he brushed his fingertips back toward her knees each time, driving her mad with lust, forcing her body to want him more with each stroke. He kissed her right knee. He kissed it like a mouth, licking and sucking at soft, vulnerable flesh. Sort of ticklish, the sensuality eroticized her, making her feel untamed. His other hand stroked her left inner thigh. He moved his head down. His tongue swirled hot and wet over her flesh, making its way licking and sliding all over her skin.

Linda never experienced lust like the heat burning through her body now. Her pussy, like a volcano, was hot, smoldering, and ready to explode. Andrew continued to tease her, increasing her pleasure through anticipation. Part of Linda never wanted him to arrive and part of her couldn’t wait another second. He nibbled, licked, and sucked his way down till he sat at the crease between her thigh and the hot, wet opening to her sex.

He moved his tongue to the skin where her leg met her pelvis and he put everything into kissing her. He licked and sucked again as if he kissed her mouth, rolling his tongue up and down her flesh. A fire burned between her legs as his tongue ran its way up and down the skin of her inner thigh, one of the most secret and sensitive spots on her body. His fingers made their way to the puffy flesh of her sex and stroked on the outer lips as they fell open with uninhibited desire.

Linda moaned and thrust into the air now. So turned on, she thought the pleasure might kill her. He remained so slow, the wait drew out with excruciating sweetness, but his prolonging of her torture made her undomesticated and animalistic.

What she hoped for happened. He licked hard from the base of the crease of her leg to the top and slid his tongue across her body till he found her hard throbbing clit, flicking his tongue across it. The sensation of his tongue now burying itself in her wet slit, searching out her little bud, felt like nothing she’d ever experienced. He moved his hands to the soft part of her flesh, to either side of her outer lips, and he pulled gently so that the lips fell farther apart. Linda knew her clitoris stood up erect, crying for attention, and he would see it there now, so strong and so desperate. All inhibitions and self consciousness disappeared. She wanted his tongue on her bud with nothing getting in the way.

As if reading her thoughts, Andrew slid his tongue to her clit. He began with gentle swirls, moving his tongue around and around it, wiping over it, and moving back to swirling around and around again. Even with his tongue, he teased and tormented her. Andrew gave her what she needed and ached for. Sliding a hard finger deep into her flowing, damp folds, he thrust into her deep, pumping his finger back and forth, wriggling to find her G-spot. As he kept pumping her with his hand, he clasped his lips around her clit and sucked, firmly but gently. As he sucked, he flicked his tongue against the quivering head of her clit.

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