[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, vampires, sex toys, HEA]

Sam Reed was born different. It's a fact he has always known and tried to hide. Abandoned as a baby, he has always felt out of place, never really knowing where he came from or why he can do the things he can.

Jackson Harcourt has long feared the day he will meet his mate. Banished from his birth pack, Jackson soon found himself in charge of a pack of outcasts and misfits, all looking for somewhere to belong. Fifty years ago, Jackson met and fell in love with a seven-hundred-year-old vampire named Alek, and together they have not only built themselves a pack, but a family.

When fate throws Sam, Jackson's true mate, into Jackson's path, Alek's ancient heart feels as though it will finally break into too many pieces to ever again be whole. As Alek prepares for the worst though, he begins to wonder if perhaps fate doesn't, truly, move in mysterious ways.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Holy Trinity (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a very good choice for me. I loved the angle of this Trio and I can only hope there will be more books. I am so curious about some of the other characters that I really hope they get to tell their story.
I was very impressed with the writing style from this new Bookstrand author. Very few throw away paragraphs. You know what I mean. Taking 3 pages to describe a hat just to up the word count. I read it in one setting. Couldn't put it down. Loved the 3 characters and hope to hear more from them and the other pack members. Will diffently be looking for Jane's next book.
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS: " Sam Reed is what you would call different. He has some unusual abilities that astound and confuse him. Jackson Harcourt is the alpha of a motley crew of shifters. Meeting Sam and realizing he's his mate is incredible, especially after so many years without his true mate. On the other hand, Alek the centuries-old vampire Jackson fell in love with fifty years ago is not feeling as happy. He's afraid his long term love affair with the man he adores will come to an end now that Jackson has found his fated mate. Two becoming three doesn't seem likely. A true mate and two men who have been lovers for years seems like a disaster in the making. Fate has other plans. A great start to a new series. If the rest of the books are as good as this one, then the readers are in for a special treat. The author's blurb caught my interest and I'm very glad I decided to review it. This is not your typical cookie cutter paranormal story. The author has penned something unique that captured my imagination and I loved it. The flow is smooth and all three of the main characters are wonderfully written. Sam is just plain adorable. The menage relationship works and you believe these three men truly care about each other. A good mix of all things paranormal too! The ending is just a prelude to more. I'm looking forward to the next one." -- Beverly, The Romance Studio

5 ANGELS: "This was one amazing ride right from the beginning. It was sad how difficult Sam's childhood had been and the problems he had as an adult because of it, but it was incredible how fast things changed when he met Jackson and Alex. Alex's heartbreak when he learned that Jackson had found his mate was awful, but Sam's instinctive understanding and desire to protect both Jackson and Alex was inspiring. Just imagining being with someone for years only to face the chance of losing them suddenly like Alex, is something many people face at one time or another in their lives. Sam's unreasonable, dictator of a boss finally got what he deserved when Alex ended up being the new owner! The description of Sam's bosses face was hysterical and the reaction of his co-workers to the situation was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 HEARTS: "A great start to a new series. If the rest of the books are as good as this one, then the readers are in for a special treat. The author's blurb caught my interest and I'm very glad I decided to review it. This is not your typical cookie cutter paranormal story. The author has penned something unique that captured my imagination and I loved it. The flow is smooth and all three of the main characters are wonderfully written. Sam is just plain adorable. The menage relationship works and you believe these three men truly care about each other. A good mix of all things paranormal too! The ending is just a prelude to more. I'm looking forward to the next one." -- Beverly, The Romance Studio

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He began his walk home along the docks, feeling the chill roll in off the sea. He took a deep lungful of the salty air and let the rhythmic rush of the waves calm him as he pulled his coat tighter around himself. Out at sea he could see a yacht all lit up with music blaring from it. He couldn’t think of a worse place to celebrate the coming of the New Year. For one thing it must be freezing cold out there, and you couldn’t leave the party until the yacht had docked. It would feel far too much like being trapped to Sam, something he had a serious problem with.

A group of teenage boys passed by him and he kept his head down. They were out looking for trouble tonight. He didn’t know how he knew this. It just happened sometimes. Rita swore blind that he was psychic, but he couldn’t predict lottery numbers or anything really useful. He just seemed to have a good sense of who a person was and what their intentions were. He thought that perhaps it came from trying to read his exfoster dad’s moods. He had known as soon as the old man came through the door after a night down at the pub if he should go and hide or just stay very quiet.

Up ahead, hidden behind a newly erected iron gate, stood a large estate that had once been a beautiful manor built in the late nineteenth century. Unfortunately it had been bought in the early fifties and turned into a block of flats. It had become quite run-down over the years, the gardens overgrown and full of weeds, but it had been sold six months ago and was currently being returned to its former glory.

Of course rumors had spread through town about the new owner and their plans for the estate but no one really seemed to know anything. Sam liked to imagine a recluse, sort of Phantom of the Opera style, pinning away inside for a lost love. Even his fantasies tended to have a slightly dark and depressing tone.

He stopped at the gate, his cold, gloveless hands gripping the icy metal, and peered in at the large building. It stood three stories high and sat in darkness amongst the overgrown twelve acres of land. It was well over a hundred years old, and the work that had already been carried out looked only to restore it, not modernize it, which made Sam happy. There was scaffolding along the side of the house and several vans parked on the grounds. A small area of grass surrounding the house had been trimmed neatly, and even some flower beds had been planted along the stone pathway that led up to the large front door.

He wasn’t sure how long he stood there looking at the estate, fantasising about what he would have done to the place if he were lucky enough to have owned it, but he suddenly had that feeling again, the one where he was being watched. He turned around slowly, expecting to see someone on the other side of the road, but he was instead greeted with a giant bear of a man standing less than three feet behind him.

Sam jumped, instantly hating himself for the weakness of it, feeling fear stroke its long, bony fingers down his spine. The man before him was at least six-foot-four, a wall of solid muscle, and as naked as the day he was born. He had dark-brown eyes, though the harsh street light cast an amber glow in them. His hair was a tangled mess of dark brown with a leaf stuck in the side, and his olive-skinned face was partly covered by at least a couple of weeks’ worth of growth. His chest was well defined, and Sam’s eyes seemed to move down toward the other man’s crotch of their own volition. Despite his fear, Sam still felt a rush of lust at the half-hard cock that greeted him. It was thick and gorgeous and the first one he had ever actually seen erect in real life.

Sam expected the man to apologise for startling him, but instead he moved closer, crowding Sam even further into the gate behind him. Sam’s breath hitched and he gulped as the man leaned in and buried his nose in Sam’s neck. He took a good, long sniff of his skin as though Sam were an expensive glass of wine. He held his breath, the fear now shooting through him and making him shake. The large man was too close and too strong and as the panic and the memories of the past bubbled up inside Sam he realised, a little too late, that he had held his breath for too long.

He was vaguely aware as it all went dark that he didn’t actually crumple to the floor. In fact, he floated effortlessly into a pair of strong arms.




“Tell me what to do,” Sam asked and watched as Alek nearly came apart.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he told Sam as he got up and gently laid the young man back on the bed, Sam’s finger still buried inside himself. Alek stayed up on his knees, not wanting to miss anything, and placed a reassuring kiss on one of Sam’s raised knees. “Add another finger; work it in nice and slow.”

Sam did as he was told and let his head fall back in pleasure at the familiar stretch. “Feels good,” he whispered. There was something extra naughty about doing it during the day with the curtains wide open, he felt.

“Good boy,” Alek told him, making him shiver. “Now, fuck yourself with them, get nice and loose. Once that plug is in you it’s staying there until we’re done.”

Sam groaned and bit his lip as he pumped his fingers in and out of his body. It seemed he liked someone else to take control in the bedroom. He was truly learning a lot about himself living there with Alek and Jackson.

“That’s good,” Alek reassured him, his hand teasingly close to Sam’s hardening dick. “I think you’re ready, don’t you?”

Sam could only nod as he removed his fingers, feeling extremely vulnerable and open to scrutiny, but then he supposed that was kind of the point. Alek took a breath before sliding the vinyl toy into Sam’s stretched hole.

“God, it was so hard not to just fuck you then, all open and wet for me,” he moaned, one hand now squeezing himself while the other stroked through the neatly trimmed thatch of honey-blond curls at the base of Sam’s cock. The toy felt a little uncomfortable at first and Sam felt his erection flag slightly but soon it was seated deep and the bent tip was at just the right angle to rub over his prostate. He moaned as Alek let go of the thing, leaning back on his heels to make sure he had a good view.

“Now fuck yourself,” Alek ordered. Sam was barely able to stop himself from saying, “Yes, sir.”

He slowly pulled the plug half way out only to slam it back in again. “Oh fuck, that’s so good.”

Alek’s leaking dick told Sam that he agreed. The vampire’s hand had disappeared from his dick now, clearly not wanting to come before Sam was even inside him. Instead Alek reached once again for the tube of lube and squeezed some onto his hand before reaching over to Sam and slathering it onto his cock. Sam groaned at the touch and at the thought that Alek was readying himself for him.

Sam was surprised though, when Alek made no move to stretch himself. As if sensing his distraction Alek smirked. “I’m a vampire, love. My body doesn’t need any stretching.”

Sam hissed as the buttplug once again slid over his sweet spot, thinking that if he didn’t stop soon then he would be too far gone to fuck Alek good. He pushed it in until it was secure and carefully got back up onto his knees.

“Are you ready?” Sam asked. Alek didn’t answer him. He just got up onto all fours and turned to present his arse. Sam’s cock jumped at the invitation, and he crawled to Alek until he was right behind him. “Are you sure I won’t hurt you?”

Alek just chuckled and pushed his behind back against him. “Trust me, baby. If an alpha werewolf can’t hurt me, then I think we’ll be fine.”

Sam wasn’t insulted by the comment. He was much smaller than Jackson, not to mention he didn’t have any super strength like both of his lovers did. He nodded once, more to himself than to Alek, and grasped the base of his slick cock before bringing it to circle Alek’s entrance.

Pushing slowly into Alek was like a religious experience for Sam. The vice-like grip around him had the young man panting. Nearly a thousand years old and Alek was as tight as a virgin. God bless vampire super healing abilities.

Alek’s hands gripped the bedcovers, and Sam felt his lover’s body squeeze around him. “That feels good, love. Now fuck me like I know you want to. Don’t hold back, I like it nice and hard.”

Sam heard himself whimper, and he pushed deep into the vampire, gripping his hips hard before pulling back out and slamming back in. Sam rocked Alek’s body forward with the motion, and Alek rocked back onto him as he pulled back, as though chasing Sam’s cock. Sam, only now capable of thinking of someone else’s pleasure other than just his own, went to take hold of Alek’s cock but the vampire shook his head.

“No, baby. Fuck the come right out of me,” he demanded breathlessly. Sam guessed this was what they called topping from the bottom; if it was then Alek was an expert at it.

Sam fucked him hard, pounding into him. Sweat gathered on Sam’s skin and his balls tightened.

“Now stop,” Alek ordered. Sam stopped his thrusting, though he had no idea how he managed that level of self-control.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked, wondering why on earth anyone would want to stop what they were doing. If Sam could he would spend every last second of his life doing just this. “Why do you want me to stop?”

Alek turned his head to smile over at the doorway. “Because we’ve got company.”

Sam turned his head so fast that he nearly got whiplash. There standing in the open doorway, which Sam was sure he had closed before they had started, was Jackson. Sam’s werewolf mate had opened his jeans and was stroking his hard cock while watching them.

Sam whimpered again and couldn’t stop himself from thrusting forward into Alek again, making them both hiss in pleasure.

“He’s wearing a buttplug,” Alek told Jackson. “All you have to do is pull it out and slide right into him.”

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