Fate Is a Series of Choices We Make (MM)

The Wolves of Gardwich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,000
14 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
After learning that his brother is a vampire/angel hybrid, Kieran O'Callaghan has some trouble adjusting to the new and strange world he's being dragged into. If it weren't for Joey, the werewolf who has seemingly taken it upon himself to be Kieran's friend and guide, Kieran wouldn't know how to handle it all.
Joey Taylor was born and raised in Australia by a deeply religious, and prejudiced, pack of werewolves. Some people might think him a little unusual, but Joey is nothing if not loyal. When he meets Kieran, he instantly knows that the man is his fated mate. It should be the best day of his life, only Kieran is completely straight and just out of a long-term relationship. With Joey resigned to the fact that he can only ever be Kieran's friend, and Kieran determined to fight fate every step of the way, can they find their way to each other before it's too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fate Is a Series of Choices We Make (MM)
14 Ratings (4.3)

Fate Is a Series of Choices We Make (MM)

The Wolves of Gardwich 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,000
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4 RINGS: "This story began at the end of the last book where Joey, a pack member, was trying to help the new alpha mate’s, Sam’s stepmother Rita understand that werewolves were real. Her confusion and disbelief was understandable and hysterical to read as the scene unfolded. Joey never expected was that her other stepson Kieran would arrive, adding to the confusion and end up being his mate. As a regular guy, Kieran always knew Sam was different, but nothing would ever keep them apart and his being part angel, part vampire added interest to their relationship. Kieran felt something for Joey, but when Joey mated him without his consent, taking away his choice, it made things just that much more complicated. The description of Joey with dog-like characteristics in the way he reacted after he mated Kieran was hilarious. The conflicts between Kieran and Joey may be resolved it they can learn to trust in their love." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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There was a gentle chuckle down the phone and Kieran felt himself relaxing. “Yes, Kieran, I remember you.”

Kieran sighed in relief and slumped down in his chair. Everyone else in the office had gone out to lunch already so Kieran was on his own. His colleagues had wanted him to go across the road to the pub to eat lunch with them but Kieran didn’t think talking on the phone to a man about werewolves and vampires would go down well in front of them, so he opted to stay behind.

The office wasn’t a large one, as there were only twenty people who worked there. They occupied the third floor of a five story building and it was pretty much all wall-to-wall gray, filled with cheap, standard-issue, metal desks. Kieran had worked for the graphics design company since he got out of college two years ago and he was still at the same desk, in the corner of the office, that faced a pitiful looking fake plant someone had brought to work in an effort to brighten up the dreary space. Kieran had named the thing Bob and every morning when he sat down at his desk he would nod and say, “Morning, Bob.”

He needed to get out more.

“Kieran?” Joey pressed.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Um, I hope it’s okay that I called you,” Kieran said as he fiddled with a pen on his desk. “It’s just, I guess I needed to talk to someone about what happened and you said I could talk to you if I needed to.”

“Of course it’s okay, you can call me anytime,” Joey assured him. “So what specifically did you want to talk about?”

“Oh you know, the part where you’re a werewolf,” Kieran said, trying to sound breezy.

Joey chuckled again and once more it made Kieran smile. Joey had a good laugh, it was carefree and easy and it had a wonderful calming effect on Kieran.

“Look, I get that you’re a werewolf but I don’t really know anything about it, I mean other than what they put in films,” Kieran told him. “So I have some questions if you’re not too busy.”

“I’ll always make time for you, Kieran,” Joey insisted seriously. 

“Um, thanks,” Kieran replied, unsure of how to respond to that. He guessed that Joey was being so patient with him because he was the brother of Joey’s alpha’s mate. “Okay, so the full moon, does that make you change into a wolf?”

“No,” Joey answered. “Only the very first time we change. Though we usually do like to change on the night of a full moon. We often make a night of it as a pack, because the moon makes us feel like we want to change, though we can fight it easily enough if we wanted to.”

“So you can fight it but you don’t because it feels good?” Kieran asked.

“Exactly, it’s like being drunk on life. This feels kind of like doing a quick-fire round on a game show,” Joey told him with a laugh. “Next question.”

Kieran laughed, too, and tried to remember all the questions that had gone through his head on a loop last night as he had laid in bed alone in Sam’s empty flat. “Can silver hurt you?”


“Really?” Kieran asked with a frown as he sat forward in his chair. He quickly thought about the silver watch he had bought himself as a treat when he got his Christmas bonus last month and made a note to never wear it around Joey. He couldn’t bear the thought of accidentally hurting the man.

“Yes, but only if it touches an open wound, or pierces the skin. Our blood is seemingly allergic to it, but not our skin,” Joey told him.

“Huh. Okay then,” Kieran mused. “Are you still you when you’re a wolf? I mean do you think like you?”

“Yes and no,” Joey answered cryptically. “I’m still me, like the other night after I changed, I still knew who you were and I can think like me, but my instincts and desires become more wolf-like. I mean, as a man, I don’t usually see a rabbit and have the urge to chase it, but I do as a wolf.”

Kieran shook his head at the absurdity of their conversation. Last week his life had been so ordinary and now he was talking to a werewolf on the phone.

“Did you have any other questions?” Joey asked him patiently.

Kieran tried to remember but he couldn’t think of any more questions. He didn’t want to stop talking to Joey yet though, so he quickly leaned forward and brought up a search engine on his computer. Placing his phone between his ear and his shoulder, he typed in Werewolf myths and selected the first page that came up.

Reading the very first question he said, “Um, if I’m being chased by a werewolf will it help if I climb up an ash tree or run into a field of rye?” he asked, only realising how ludicrous that sounded as he was saying it. He cringed as he waited for an answer. Joey was going to think he was an idiot.

Joey, however, just laughed. “Where the hell did you get that idea from?”

Kieran laughed along with him, still feeling like a total tool. He switched his phone to his other ear and leaned back in his chair. “I don’t know, I just looked it up on the Internet and that was the first question someone asked.”

Joey only laughed harder and Kieran figured it was okay that he seemed like an idiot, as long as it made Joey laugh.




Joey got up from the bed and moved to stand right in front of Kieran. Kieran looked up at him, his eyes wide and dark. With a cocky smile on his full lips, Joey grabbed the hem on his shirt and pulled it up over his head, before tossing it to the corner of the room. He watched Kieran’s face carefully as the young man’s eyes travelled over his washboard abs, slowly following the trail of golden hair down until it was stopped, abruptly, by the presence of Joey’s boxer shorts. His eyes glued themselves to the outline of Joey’s cock, which was already half hard just from their kiss and the promise of sex.

Slowly, Joey slid his hand down over his stomach and deftly opened his fly before sliding his jeans down over his legs and kicking them off. Reaching forward, Joey cupped Kieran’s face, loving how smooth it was. He wasn’t a big fan of men with facial hair, and it was clear that Kieran shaved daily, as did Joey himself. 

“You said I could do whatever I wanted to you,” Joey reminded his mate, noting the sudden huskiness of his own voice. “Did you mean it? Do you trust me, Kieran?”

Kieran looked up from Joey’s body to meet his eyes. The younger man swallowed and moistened his lower lip. “Yes. I trust you.”

Joey smiled at the look of conviction on Kieran’s face and he loved how his voice was thick with arousal. “Then put your mouth on me.”

Kieran’s eyebrows shot up, he clearly hadn’t been expecting that. “You mean, you want me to blow you?”

Joey could hear the hint of nerves creeping into his mate’s voice and he wanted it gone. He wanted their love making to be fun and sensual. He certainly didn’t want his mate feeling uneasy.

“I want you to put your mouth on me,” Joey told him, stroking his face lovingly. “But I want you to do it because you want to do it.”

Kieran held his eyes for a moment and Joey could see the look of uncertainty give way to determination. Kieran nodded and turned his head slowly to place a kiss on Joey’s palm. The kiss made Joey’s breath hitch and his cock twitch. Never before had such a simple gesture done so much for him.

Turning back to face him, Kieran reached out with both his hands and slid them slowly over Joey’s stomach, before gliding them over to his sides and down to stroke his thighs, never once touching his dick. His hands eventually found themselves grabbing hold of the thin material at the sides of his shorts, and he tugged gently, urging Joey to move even closer to him.

Joey was close enough now that Kieran could lean forward slightly and press a kiss to Joey’s abs. The muscles beneath the golden skin tensed at the touch and Joey let his hands slide gently into Kieran’s hair. The werewolf gasped as Kieran’s hand slid over his growing bulge before giving it a gentle, but firm, squeeze.

“Oh yeah,” Joey groaned, his eyes glued to his mate’s actions. He watched as Kieran looked up at him through heavy lids and thick lashes, purposefully catching his eye, before leaning in, teasingly slow, and licking over the cotton encased bulge. Joey’s dick was pointing straight up now and it very nearly threatened to peek out over the top of the waistband.

Kieran’s teeth took some of the material and tugged gently before letting it snap back. With a smirk on his face, knowing full well what he was doing to Joey, Kieran opened his mouth and used it to cover Joey’s dick. The warm, wet heat and the material of the cotton was perfect and as Kieran began sucking along the underside of Joey’s hard cock, the wolf let his head fall back and his hand tighten in Kieran’s hand.

Joey closed his eyes and just let himself feel all that his mate was doing to him. Kieran grasped Joey’s cock through his underwear, the material now damp with pre-cum and saliva. He stroked the hard flesh, pulling the cotton up and down with him. He leaned in and licked a path along Joey’s treasure trail and Joey couldn’t stop himself from bucking up against Kieran’s hand.

“Fuck, Kieran. That’s so good,” Joey growled. It really was good but Joey didn’t want to come this way. He wanted to touch Kieran, too. He wanted to make love to him. “Take off your clothes.”

When Joey looked back down at his mate, Kieran’s eyes were nearly black with lust and Joey could see an impressive erection straining against the zipper of his jeans. Taking pity on him, Joey slowly slid to his knees between Kieran’s spread thighs. He leaned in and kissed his mate slowly, loving his taste and everything about it.

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