Handsome Hero Wanted (MMMMMM)

Handsome Heroes 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,520
4 Ratings (4.3)

Five men.

One harem.

Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males are growing on him and the king is having a hard time picking just one.

Who will be the king’s handsome hero?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMMMMM), BDSM, rimming, m/m sex, orgies

Handsome Hero Wanted (MMMMMM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Handsome Hero Wanted (MMMMMM)

Handsome Heroes 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,520
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Absolutely love this series by James Cox! I started reading them a little backwards as this is book 1. He is one of the most entertaining writers I have ever had the privilege of reading.
Drayton is a Captain of his own ship that is in need of repair and he is out of money so he answers an ad for a Handsome Hero. There are some unusual requirements but not terrible and when you need money, you need money.
He lands on the planet Falla Bray. There he goes through a series of tests if you will to be one of the 5 men picked to become part of the King's harem and at the end of the week, be in the running to be picked as the Hero to father the King's heir.
The harem consists of Drayton, Dusk, Ashtor, Lavender, and Layden. All from different planets, all with unique individual traits.
There are rules that must be followed and lots good hot horny sex!
I will not give away anymore spoilers but I will say keep a dry pair of panties around and Dusk pulled at my heart strings! James Cox has a true gift of turning you on and making you fall in love with his characters!
Shirley W.
I found this sci fi quite amusing at times and although the out come was different to how I'd have thought it was still quite good.

“Welcome,” the Falla said with a bow of his head. All the men in the room went quiet, and he saw several of them adjust in the velvet seats. “Gratitude for answering our ad. We do have some requirements before we proceed.” Two more Fallas came from the stage and went into the crowd. Each had that light blue skin and that blond white hair. These two were dressed in ... well ... they looked like skirts to Drayton. Maybe some form of kilt. It was sexy as hell as, the two Fallas showing off long, lean legs. “We are looking for males that are not averse to interaction between other males.”

“You mean like butt sex!” a hairy thing called out, taller than seven feet and seriously hideous.

The Falla nodded his head. “Indeed. There are no women on this planet.” There was a grunt from the hairy thing, and he stormed out the open doors. No one followed, and the Falla continued. “There are two servants going around. They will need your name, and they will measure the length of your penis to be sure you meet the requirements.”

Fuck. Drayton shifted his neck from side to side and then cracked his knuckles. Soon everyone would know he had an erection to break steel.

“And what if we have two dicks!” someone in the crowd called out.

Despite Drayton’s craning neck, he couldn’t find the speaker.

Falla responded, “We will make a note and measure both then.”

Drayton watched as men began to pull down various forms of garment to reveal their dicks. Some made his mouth water and his dick leak. Like that guy to his left who was built like a warrior from the old earth. He had muscle upon muscle and his hard dick bobbed out of his pants like a gift. A Falla who stood before him with a small flat screen and a measuring stick blocked Drayton’s vision.

“Name?” the voice purred to him.

“Captain Drayton Starberg.”

The Falla made a note on the screen. “Please remove your clothing so I may measure your penis.”

How could those words be emotionless and arousing at the same time? Drayton dropped the bag from his shoulder. He then unzipped his jeans and slid them down so his cock slipped free. The length curved, jutting forth and practically begging to be touched. Damn it, it hasn’t been that long since I got some ass.

The Falla’s blue hands reached out and wrapped around his dick. It took all of Drayton’s will power not to groan as his cock was tugged and then the cold measuring stick was placed against his taut skin. He bit the inside of his mouth as the Falla got to his knees to read the measurement. This sexy thing was inches from his dick, and he stared down. Enjoying this way too much. Then a drop of pre-cum oozed from his hole. Well, that was sort of like starting the show before the curtains were up. The Falla nodded his head and then swiped a finger over the liquid. This time Drayton did groan, short and low. The Falla stood, made a mark on the screen and nodded. “Very nice. You may cover up your penis.”

Drayton nodded, not trusting his voice. He maneuvered his erection back into his pants and very, very cautiously zipped it up. His cock now pressed heavily against the cold teeth of the zipper. He glanced back up at the stage and saw the two Fallas moving behind the curtain. Two men were asked to leave, and Drayton held his chuckle. Apparently, they were too small for the job.

“The remainder will now learn of the ad details.” The Falla on the stage got everyone’s attention and the rooms became a series of horny men trying not to groan. “Falla Bray is led by a single man. The king is looking for volunteers for his harem. It is a week and you will be paid ten thousand coins for your participation. You will be asked to obey the king as if he were your master. You will live here on our planet until a choice is made. One man will be picked as the best in the group. That being’s DNA or sperm will then be used to create our next heir, the prince of Falla Bray. The one who is chosen will get an additional payment and may be allowed a permanent residence on our planet. We are in need of a hero to give the heir new genes. Will you be our hero? You have met the penis size requirements. If you would like to participate and join the king’s harem, please step through the door.”

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