[PolyAmour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]
Six months ago Sam Reed's life was changed forever. Not only did he discover that his father was an angel, but he was also turned into a vampire. On top of that Sam met his fated mate, an alpha werewolf named Jackson Harcourt, who already had a lover of fifty years, a vampire named Alek Harcourt. Miraculously the three of them built a life together and had enjoyed six months of relative bliss.
Everything changes, however, when Sam meets the father he never knew and is warned of a terrible threat. The Brotherhood of the Righteous is a sect of angels who hunt down demons and all that descend from them. A nephilim turned vampire is at the top of their hit list. With a clock ticking down and newfound powers that he can't control, Sam and his mates must decide what is best for their pack, and whether they should run, or fight.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Holy Trinity 2: The Angel of Death (MMM)
10 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved the First Book, so I had to see what was going on with the trio of Vamp/Wolf/Angel.......LOVED IT, WONDERFUL SERIES and Need More of It....
Professional Reviews

5 RINGS: "This books plot had many twists and turns that keep the reader waiting to see what disaster will befall Sam and his mates next. It was fascinating how Sam’s mates Jackson, a werewolf, and Alex, a vampire, had been together for fifty years before Jackson found Sam, his true mate. Alex’s hurt and fear about losing the man he loved was understandable and if it wasn’t for Sam’s loving nature things could have gone very bad. It was Sam’s kindness that made things more difficult for him because of him being a Nephilim, and now a vampire group of angels, The Brotherhood of the Righteous, wants to kill him. Will Sam and his mates find a way to protect them and their pack from harm? As Sam learns more about his parents, will he find help from an unexpected source?" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Kieran hadn’t been hard to talk into a night out, in fact he had been very up for it. Luka on the other hand, not so much. Both Sam and Adam had told Luka it would be good for him to leave the pack lands for a while, as he rarely ventured further than their woods. Luckily, Adam trusted Sam with Luka’s safety, as Sam had been the one to help Luka get free of Ray in the first place.

They had decided on drinks at The Castle, the hotel and bar that Alek owned, and where Sam worked managing the bar. Sam’s boss had left not long after Alek took over, seemingly not liking the Russian’s extreme public displays of affection with both of his partners. The day Mr. Crane left, Alek had informed Sam that he was now the manager of the bar, which had led to many snide thoughts about sleeping your way to the top from some of their employees. Sam didn’t mind though, he just gave the least wanted jobs to those people, such as changing barrels and cleaning out the beer tray, which was undoubtedly the worst job, especially if any of the stale beer got on your clothes.

Sam had chosen The Castle because it was a familiar setting and because he knew it wouldn’t be too crowded for Luka on a Monday night. They had all been there for dinner before as a group, though obviously Sam and Alek only pretended to eat. Sometimes Sam felt sorry for Jackson, having two vampire mates. He was a man who loved his food and they hardly ever ate out. Though Sam and Alek wouldn’t mind it, Jackson seemed to not see the point if they couldn’t all eat together.

“So,” Kieran began. “Boy’s night. What prompted this then? Is everything all right?”

Sam smiled at him, his hand around a bottle of beer. He had purposefully chosen that particular brand for the brown, tinted glass bottle that it came in. That way no one would realise that he wasn’t actually drinking it.

“Everything’s fine,” he insisted. “I just liked the idea of hanging out with you both.”

Kieran nodded but continued to look at him in the same way Rita did when she knew he was hiding something from him. “Things with Jackson and Alek are good?”

“Yes,” Sam assured his brother. “Things are great.”

While they talked Luka looked between the two of them, like an observer at a tennis match.

“And you’re not too upset about your fight with Rita?” Kieran asked. “I know she was crushed after you left. Not that I blame you, I think you both needed to clear the air, but she was really upset that she’d hurt you.”

Sam looked down at the bottle in his hand. He hated hearing that his mum was upset, even if she had bought it on herself. “We’ll be okay. You know how the three of us are. It doesn’t matter what’s happened, we still always have each other’s backs. I’m sure I’ll go round again next week and she’ll either apologise or act like nothing happened.”

“So, other than that, everything’s good?” Kieran asked again. Sam just frowned at him and shrugged, wondering what his brother was getting at.

Kieran huffed and put his pint of larger down on the small, round, wooden table. Kieran had always looked good, he had always had girls hanging off his arms when they were at school, but since mating with Joey, and becoming a werewolf, Sam’s brother seemed to have blossomed. Love looked good on him.

“Look I know that something is bothering you. I know you, remember,” Kieran insisted in annoyance.

Sam didn’t really want to get into it there, he didn’t really want to talk about it at all, if he were honest, but he knew that Kieran wouldn’t give up until Sam talked.

“Fine,” Sam began. “I’ve been having bad dreams lately, that’s all. I guess they kind of stay with me after I wake up and leave me with a bad feeling.”

“What kind of bad feeling?” Kieran asked. Even Luka was giving Sam all of his attention now and was looking at him with concern on his face. “Like, the feelings you get about people that turn out to be true?”

“No,” Sam hurriedly insisted. “Look, they’re just stupid dreams, okay. Not everything about me has to mean something.”

Luka reached out his smaller hand tentatively and placed it over Sam’s where it rested around his beer bottle. “I know what it’s like to have bad dreams. They feel real and then when you wake up you can’t get them out of your head.”

Both Kieran and Sam looked at Luka like their hearts were breaking for him. Sam felt guilty that he was even mentioning his dreams, because he knew that no matter how bad they were, they surely paled in comparison to Luka’s. Especially given that Luka’s nightmares had not so long ago been all too real.

“Sometimes I dream about things I think actually happened before. Like when my real dad picked me up from the hospital when I was six,” Sam confided in them both. “And other times I just see horrible things happening.”

Kieran frowned and took a quick swallow of his drink. “Have you been having dreams like that since you became a vampire?”

“No,” Sam assured him. “At first I didn’t dream at all, which Alek says is normal for vampires, because when we sleep we are effectively dead. But it isn’t really like that for me. It’s like I’m asleep but I’m still aware, so when Jackson turns over, or something, I feel it and wake up a little.”

“What’s normal for Alek isn’t necessarily normal for you,” Luka pointed out. “As far as we know, you’re unique.”




He came up behind Jackson and wrapped his arms around the wolf’s torso. He gently bit down on the man’s ear, making him moan and break his kiss with Sam. Taking Alek’s hand in his own, Jackson guided it down to his cock, which was just peeking out of the surface of the water. Alek took it in his hand and began stroking it slowly, his lips fastening to Jackson’s throat. He caught Sam’s hungry eyes and beckoned him closer, silently offering him the other side of Jackson’s throat.

“Yeah,” Jackson whispered. “Bite me.”

With a shared smirk at their mate’s eagerness to be their dinner, they both bit down together. Alek closed his eyes at the familiar, musky taste on his tongue. Since Sam’s transformation, the two vampires had shared many a human, especially as he was Sam’s sire, and took the responsibility seriously. It had been his job to teach Sam how to feed on a human without harming the human. It was a fairly new thing, nightclubs and hotels that offered a willing human to feed on. However, sharing Jackson was always better than feeding from a human. Firstly, wolf blood had a unique and delicious taste to it, and secondly because it usually led to sex afterwards.

Alek’s hand, where it pumped Jackson’s cock, was joined by Sam’s and as Jackson began to buck up into the touch, they both pulled off his neck, not wanting to weaken him.

Alek let go of them both abruptly, getting a whine from them both. “As I was last in, I get to watch. So give me a show,” he said with a wink.

Sam smirked at him. “You lost on purpose didn’t you? I know you have a voyeur kink, you pervert.”

Alek smirked back at him and shrugged one elegant shoulder. As Sam could hold his breath indefinitely, Alek considered telling him to blow Jackson under the water, but he knew firsthand that salt water didn’t taste nice. “Jackson, open him with your fingers, fuck him nice and slow with them.”

Sam and Jackson both groaned at the suggestion and Jackson grabbed his smaller mate roughly, pulling him in front of him. Sam rested his forehead against one of Jackson’s well-defined pecs as Jackson grabbed Sam’s backside, his fingers quickly finding their target.

Sam gasped at the sudden, but not unwelcome, intrusion. As a vampire he didn’t need lubrication or stretching, and he didn’t need it gentle either, as there was no burn or pain, only pleasure. No matter how much sex they had, he was never sore after.

Alek stroked himself below the surface of the water and watched Sam’s face as Jackson finger-fucked him. The smaller man tipped his head back as he bobbed up and down on the digits. Alek’s eyes darted to Jackson’s face. The werewolf looked so raw and primal as his hungry eyes took in Sam’s appearance. The young man looked sinful and sexy and Jackson growled deep in his throat. Alek always loved Jackson like that. There was something about their mate losing control and looking so feral, like a predator getting ready to pounce on his prey.

Jackson roughly grabbed a handful of Sam’s curls and held his head back while he devoured Sam’s mouth with his own. Alek groaned and gripped the base of his cock in an effort to tame his lust.

“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered, knowing that they could both hear him.

He watched with hungry eyes as Jackson fucked Sam’s mouth with his tongue, his fingers still pumping in and out of the well-stretched hole.

“Lift him up and sit him on your cock, Jackson,” Alek instructed, his voice rougher than usual.

Both of his mates moaned as they broke their kiss and Alek could see by Sam’s face the moment that Jackson’s fingers left his arse.

With another growl, Jackson wasted no time in doing as he was told. He picked up their mate, hoisting him up effortlessly. Sam instinctively wrapped his legs around Jackson’s waist as Jackson sunk him down, slowly, onto his cock. Alek could see Sam’s own erection trapped between their bodies and he knew that there would be enough friction for Sam to get off.

Alek moved closer to them so that he was standing right beside them and allowed himself to reach out a hand to gently tug on one of Sam’s nipples. The hybrid moaned and put his arms around Jackson’s neck as he began moving up and down, fucking himself on the werewolf’s hard cock.

Jackson’s chocolate-brown eyes looked black with lust as he pumped his hips, meeting Sam as the young man sunk himself down even deeper.

It was so intensely erotic for Alek to watch them together, but then all of their lovemaking was. He stroked his own cock harder and continued to torment Sam with his free hand. He slid it lower down Sam’s body until he had made a loose fist around the young man’s dick. Sam cried out and fucked himself down harder onto Jackson, who let his head fall back as he gave in to his lust.

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