The Rule of 3 (MMF)

Club Libertine 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,211
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Teacher and sub Sarah Marks volunteered to teach an intro to BDSM session and is paired with Dom Nicholas “Ice” Della Corte.  Their attraction is immediate and explosive, but Nick isn’t ready for a relationship.   Her best friend Peter “Fire” Firenelli is ready for love.  He’s tired of being just friends with Sarah and hopes she’ll see him as a potential Dom.
Making things even more complicated:  Nick is wary because he has been nursing a broken heart for two years.  The breakup cost him the woman and man he loved.  What’s worse:  that man is Peter, who tried to expose a gold-digger and lost his best friend and lover.
With the men being stubborn, it’s up to Sarah to figure out how to make things work, so she invokes the Rule of 3.  Can the two men be able to step up to the table and let bygones be bygones for the woman they both love?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Diane Leyne is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Rule of 3 (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.2)

The Rule of 3 (MMF)

Club Libertine 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,211
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This book breaks all the rules in an exciting way!
loved it and hope to read more




“She doesn’t have a Dom, you know. I hear she likes bondage and is a bit of a pain slut but rarely has sex with her play partners. She’s got a reputation for being picky that way, but she’s very well liked. If she wanted one, there’d be a line up. She’s very popular with the Doms. The subs, too, for that matter. I hear she’s a really nice person. A teacher, I think, and just moved to this part of the world last year for a job.”

Nick looked at Sean. “Do you know this much about all the attendees?”

“No, only the ones I see my head of security licking orange juice off of. I asked a couple of questions. It wasn’t hard to find out about her. She’s new on the scene here but had one long-term Dom back in Chicago. I can get you a copy of her play profile if you are interested?”

Nick felt himself blushing.

“Ah, you already have a copy of her profile, don’t you?”

Nick nodded, hoping, wishing, and even praying for an emergency so he would have a reason to run from Sean and this interrogation.

“Well, things seem to be going smoothly here and I know you have staff on duty. If you get a chance, talk to her. Make a play date. It’s been two years.  Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough?”


“I know everything, Nick. Everything. You were hurt. Badly. But life goes on. She’s not Jackie. And yes, she knows Peter. They play at the same club. Deal with it. Don’t spend two more years brooding about the past. Start living again. That’s an order.”

And then Sean was gone, and Nick had a thousand thoughts running through is brain. Sean knew about what happened between him and Peter and Jackie? Hell. Of course he did. Sean was head of Security for Whelan Corp. He wasn’t going to hire a Head of Security for the BDSM clubs without checking him out thoroughly. He wanted to be angry, but he couldn’t be. He’d have done no less in Sean’s position.

Start living again? What the hell did that mean? He was living. He had a job and…a job. He had a job, one he was good at, but that wasn’t a life. He should be happy that he was interested in a woman again. From the first time he’d seen her photo, Sarah had affected him. He’d hoped, feared that when he saw her at the session, he wouldn’t feel the same way.

But now that he could see her in person, he realized that her photo hadn’t done her justice. Her profile had told him she was five eight and that her hair was brown and her eyes blue. She’d worn a ponytail in the photo. In real life, she wore it loose. It hung halfway down her back and he could already imagine what it would feel like wrapped around his hands as he held her in place while he fucked her face.

It also didn’t properly convey the lushness of her figure with her bounteous tits and rounded ass. He was a big guy and he hated playing with stick figures. The current craze to try to emulate famine victims just perplexed him. Why would he want to put a woman over his knee and spank her if he was worried about breaking her in two? Where was the fun in that? And forget anything more than spanking. Give him a nice, rounded backside any day of the week, to leave his mark on.

Damn Sean for encouraging him. He should be thinking about his job and not the thought of bending Ms. Marks over a spanking bench and working her over.

Given her fair skin, he’d be willing to bet that Miss Sarah Marks had an ass just made for flogging. He wanted to mark Marks. He grinned to himself. Then he shifted, wishing he could adjust his cock in his pants, but he was in full view of half the audience. Instead, he tried to think of something other than the woman in the back row who was still looking a little bemused from his earlier attentions.

Basketball. Sharks. Long division. Indy 500. Puppies. Rocky Mountains. Oil change. Kittens. Trains. Tunnels. His cock buried in her pussy. Okay, that didn’t help.




He tried to block the fear and confusion. He didn’t want to fall in love again. He wouldn’t. He would clear his mind of everything but the woman stretched out before him. He would feast on her pussy and then fuck it and then he’d walk away and out of her life. He’d get Mac Whelan to get someone else to do the last two training sessions. He was out after tonight. He couldn’t risk spending more time with Sarah.

He licked her slit again and was rewarded by her moan. Smiling, he stiffed his tongue and stabbed it into her pussy as far as he could and was rewarded by another gush of cream. He lapped it up like a starving man before he turned his attention to her clit. It was so red and swollen as it peeked out of its little hood. It was just perfect. He closed his lips around it and sucked. Hard.

She bucked and screamed and pleaded with him, ignoring the “no speaking” command. He’d punish her later for talking without permission. Right now, he was so caught up in the moment, the house could catch fire and he wouldn’t stop until he was buried to the hilt inside her.

But first, he wanted to play with her clit some more. To distract her, he slid two fingers inside her. He laughed as he felt her trying to clamp down on them. He added a third, stretching her as he licked and sucked and even lightly bit her clit. She was getting frantic now, trying desperately to obey his “no orgasm” edict. He decided to push her just a little bit further before rewarding her.

He curled his fingers forward, feeling for that special place that would send her spiralling out of control at the same time he suckled her clit again. She was so damned responsive as her climax slammed through her and her body started convulsing around him.

Moving quickly, he slid up her body and reached for a condom. Moments later, he buried himself to the hilt inside her still-spasming pussy. Not giving her a chance to absorb the fact that he was now inside her, he started moving fast and hard. It felt even better than he imagined and she was so fucking responsive. He could feel her quivering in his arms. He could feel her pussy start to spasm. Changing the angle of his penetration, he made sure his hair-roughened groin rubbed over her sensitive clit even as the head of his cock rubbed against her g-spot.

“Niiicccckkkk!” Sarah screamed. It was both a plea and a demand. Nick laughed, stopping, his cock buried to the hilt.

“Nick!” Now she was begging. “Please, Nick.” Her hips flexed as she tried to make him move, but he held firm, reaching between their joined bodies to flick the little swollen nub of her clit.

Once, twice he teased her before giving it a sharp pinch. Her body suddenly flexed and bowed and bucked as if she was trying to throw him off even as her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, urging him to move within her.

Laughing, he reached down and pulled her legs up over his shoulders, rendering her helpless. He could feel the small tremors still running through her body as he made small movements that rubbed his pelvic bone against her clit.

“Please, Nick. I’m begging you.”

“Begging me for what? Do you want me to stop or fuck you harder?”

“Yes, no. Both. I don’t know. I’m losing my mind.”

“Me too, kitten” he whispered softly, “me too.”

And then he started moving within her, all gentleness gone as he finally lost his grip on his iron control. With her legs over his arms, she was helpless to prevent him from driving deeply into her over and over and over.

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