Jariko's Desires (MMF)

Soldiers of Passion 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,540
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, HEA]
Jariko Helder is a one man man. That is until Alisha Evens starts strutting her stuff. What's a man to do? His comrade and friend has turned into a sex kitten. If she keeps this up he may give into the sick craving that has developed in the last year regarding her and spanking her eye-catching ass! What will his long-time lover Kyle think of all this? Will he lose Kyle? Will Kyle accept Alisha as their third?
Alisha may have overstepped herself. At the sight of the sexy blond hunk taking up residence in her hunky comrade’s home, her body betrays her and lusts for him. But setting her gaze on Jariko, her body responds just as passionately. Oh goodness, what has she gotten herself into?
Kyle’s dreams have come true! He knew Jariko would find her. His heart is set afire at the sight of the gorgeous woman Jariko has brought home. At the thought of the three of them becoming one.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jariko's Desires (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Jariko's Desires (MMF)

Soldiers of Passion 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,540
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved the characters a great book
Good book. I really like this author. I did have a few issues: 1) Wish there has been more of a storyline as opposed to just the 3 characters getting together. 2) The editing was a little off--punctuation (e.g. commas) and a couple misspelled words. I've read Dace Everan before so I feel like this was not her fault but more a lack of editing. 3) The ending was abrupt. I really liked the characters and just wanted MORE. On the good side, this author is really, really good at conveying emotion. I would love to see her write longer stories precisely because she has such a knack for eliciting those emotions.




Jariko waited for her to gather her thoughts. He had never seen Alisha this lost. Her gaze met his. “I need some alone time. Can I have a shower or something?” she whispered. She always did better after a hot spray and alone time. Her gaze darted between the two men. There was no way she was going to be able to comprehend this sitting here with the two of them.

Jariko nodded, rising. Alisha stood and followed him. He led her down a long, spacious hall entering a huge bedroom. She came to a halt and looked around. A huge bed took up one side. A big leather chair sat in the corner, and two matching bureaus stood framing the French doors leading out to a deck. “This is your and Kyle’s room?” she asked. Jariko nodded, crossing to one of the bureaus and opening it. He looked her over then pulled out a button-up denim shirt.

He handed it to her. “Take all the time you need, Alisha,” he whispered. He pointed to the door behind her. “En suite’s there, take all the time you need,” he repeated.

Kyle watched Jariko as he unloaded his gun and wallet from the knapsack. “Want to talk about it, babe?” he asked, feeling his lover’s frustration. His loss of control. It was something he loved about Jariko. He was always in control and knew what he was doing. At this moment he could sense Jariko was out of his element and needed to talk. He would wait all day if he had to.

Jariko shook his head. They had always been open about the girl thing. What type of woman attracted them, looks, attitude. Shit, they had their dream girl already made up but there was no such woman. Until now. How had he not seen it before? How had he not seen Alisha was that woman? He paused and looked at Kyle. “She makes me fucking crazy,” he uttered.

Kyle smiled. The jealousy whipping through him scared him, but he reminded himself this was Jariko. Jariko wouldn’t ever leave him for a woman. “And…?”

Jariko grunted. “I want to own her like nothing in this world,” he admitted. It was hard for him to admit that. Saying stuff like this was putting his relationship with Kyle on the line. He didn’t want to lose Kyle! What if Kyle didn’t want Alisha? Fuck, the man would be crazy not to want her. She was gorgeous and smart and tough and sexy and Spankable. Fuck! He didn’t want to lose Alisha either, though. Shit, what if she didn’t want Kyle? His stomach lurched at the thought of not being able to have either in this neat little package.

Kyle sat up, resting his elbows on his knees, and considered his lover. “Can I ask something, Jariko?”

Jariko nodded. His gaze darted to Kyle’s eyes and noted the seriousness there. His heart near leapt from his chest with fear.

“Where do I fit in here?”

Jariko’s heart cringed. Had he already made Kyle feel out of place? He dropped everything and crossed to him, falling to his knees. He took Kyle’s hands in his. “It all happened so fucking fast, Ky. Fuck, I don’t know what came over me.”

Kyle laced his fingers through Jariko’s. “Jar… I didn’t ask how or why. I’m asking, where am I, where do I stand here?”

Jariko looked into his lover’s eyes. “Here with me.” He tightened his grip on Kyle. “I don’t know what to say in regards of Alisha. I want her like I have wanted no other.” He frowned. “I want her like I want you. But… fuck!” He tore his hands away and stood. “Fuck, Kyle! I had her over my fucking lap and struck her ass until it was glowing red. She’s probably going to have bruises, and I did that to her!” Shit, he should be taken out back and beaten thoroughly for hurting her like that.

Kyle stood wrapping his arms around Jariko’s waist and hugging him close. “Jar… she said she liked it. You can’t feel bad. You delivered her something she wanted. She may have not realised it but you gave her what she wanted,” he reassured.

Jariko groaned. “She was crying, man!”

Kyle smiled. He loved this part of Jariko. Here he was telling his lover he just brought home a third and his biggest concern was a minor part of the bigger picture. “Couldn’t have been that bad, babe, she’s here,” he reminded him.

Jariko looked into Kyle’s bright green eyes. “She’s here and fucking freaked out,” he uttered.

Kyle sighed, cupping Jariko’s face. He pressed his forehead to Jariko’s and itched to kiss him. “We’ll deal with that when she’s ready to deal with everything.”

He kissed him lightly on the lips. “Let her have a shower. Let her sit and think. Fuck, if it takes all night it takes all night. You, you go out to the guest house, take a shower. I’ll start on some food and maybe that will get her out and we can just take it one step at a time.”

Jariko groaned, pressing his lips to Kyle. Kyle always knew what to say. How to calm his overreacting mind the fuck down. It was one of the many things he loved about the man.




Alisha inhaled a shaky breath, looking down between them, her eyes widening. His dick was poking out the top of his pants and it was the most erotic sight she’d ever seen. His bulbous tip glistened and she wanted to taste and see if it was really salty like everyone said? Would she like the taste of him, of Jariko? She bumped back against Jariko, trying to lower her hands, and grasped Kyle’s hips as her tongue licked over the tip that peeked out at her. She moaned as the saltiness exploded on her tongue. Her taste buds came to life, filling with the taste of him. A hunger she had never felt filled her. She wanted more. More of his taste, of his texture. She undid his pants, shoving them down, and took hold of his thick shaft, her mouth stretching over him.

Kyle growled, his hand burying into her hair. His gaze met Jariko’s, and the lust that ebbed there in his lover’s eyes made him hotter. He guided Alisha’s head on his cock, with every stroke easing more of himself into the depths of her hot, wet mouth. When he hit the back of her mouth, she gagged and he eased off, keeping hold of her hair so she couldn’t completely move away from him.

Jariko covered her hand with his and guided her. He gave a squeeze and it made her moan as her mouth filled with the taste of Kyle. “Suck, Alisha,” he whispered against her ear, taking her earlobe in his mouth.

She moaned, sucking Kyle’s tip, her hand tightening on his shaft. Jariko pulled her back away from Kyle and she whined out looking at him with sad eyes. “Nooo,” she whined.

Kyle hummed with appreciation, taking hold of her shoulders bringing her up. His lips whispered across hers. “Listen to Jariko… he’ll make it so much better,” he replied lightly, littering soft kisses over her face.

Alisha shook her head. “No… I want to,” she cried, frustrated that Jariko had stopped her. She shivered as his big hands cupped her tits and gave a squeeze, his thumbs and fingers pinching her nipples. She shuddered at the crash of thick pleasure shooting straight through her.

Kyle pulled her onto his lap, hugging her legs around him and pushing her back to rest against Jariko’s chest. “So fucking beautiful, Alisha.” He hummed, hands running the lean length of her body. He paused on every scar, offering a soft caress. Jariko had told him about these marks through the years. Had shared with him every wound they had all acquired in the line of duty. His hand drifted downward to her beautifully shaved pussy. He caressed the silky seam between thigh and pussy, causing her to shiver a smile appearing on her beautiful mouth.

Alisha whimpered, her chest falling in quick breaths, her head dizzy from the feeling whirling through her, around her.

Kyle dragged his fingers over the silk lips of her shaved pussy. “Look at that, Jar… pretty pink pearl poking out, begging to be sucked,” he uttered, inhaling a sharp breath. His gaze clashed with Jariko’s. Shit, it had been years since he’d wanted to eat out a woman, let alone make a buffet out of one.

Jariko grinned, giving a nod. “She likes it,” he assured.

Kyle hefted her up, bringing her legs to rest on his shoulders, and his mouth devoured her.

Alisha screamed at the sudden attack on her sensitive pussy. Her legs tightened around Kyle and he sucked harder. His tongue jutted out. She bucked, reaching back and holding tightly to Jariko.

“That’s it babe… let him.” His voice was a thick growl as her body shuddered and bowed at Kyle’s ministrations. The cry that ripped from her filled him with hunger. He needed her, wanted her now! He wanted to pound into her sweet, soft flesh and come shooting hot in her, claiming her. Make her his forever.

Kyle could feel the need exude off Jariko. Feel his hunger to claim Alisha. He eased Alisha’s trembling legs from his shoulders and turned her, arranging her on Jariko.

Alisha whimpered, letting them position her. Fright filled her. She should tell Jariko this was her first time. She cried out as his thumb swiped across her clit and she shuddered, making her temporarily forget her worries. She swayed her hips in motion to his stroke. The heat of his touch built, the want taking over making her a panting mess of a woman on his lap.

She cringed at the feel of his thick head penetrating her entrance. Her gaze locked with his and she shoved herself down. Both froze as a strangled cry escaped her and he felt the barrier break deep in her.

Her breath came in heavy pants. “Oww,” she whispered, hands shaking as they crept up to grasp his shoulders.

“Alisha!” he uttered.

Alisha froze at the stupid look on his face, a look that she had never seen on his handsome face. Guilt and fear filled her. Had she done wrong?

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