Alexa's Web (MMF)

Mastering Holly Oaks 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,383
17 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, spanking, cropping, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Alexa Green has come to Holly Oaks and taken a position at her alma mater. She’s finally ready to plant some roots before she becomes invisible in life, and there are two sexy vets in town that can’t wait to tie her in their ropes. But Alexa’s been a shadow since she was a little girl, and getting her to trust them may be harder than they thought. 
James Gainer and Ryan Stromfield are a committed D/s couple who have almost given up hope of finding a third, until Alexa moves to town. She’s everything they want, but gaining her trust and handling the problems a triad faces in a vanilla society may be more than any relationship can stand.
Alexa must choose between her job and its security at the university, and her relationship. All while trying not to become a new victim from past sins.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Alexa's Web (MMF)
17 Ratings (4.7)

Alexa's Web (MMF)

Mastering Holly Oaks 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,383
17 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Ryan grabbed Alexa’s hand and pulled her over to the couch. “I’m exhausted, and that couch looks too incredible to pass up. Come sit with me for a bit?” She gave him a shy smile and nodded her head. He watched as Ryan expertly maneuvered her into a position where he was splayed out in the middle of the love seat. Alexa was leaning on the arm with her legs over Ryan’s lap. She looked uncomfortable for a minute but quickly melted into the position and made a grabbing gesture for her beer. James brought it over and secured a bottle for himself and Ryan.

“Have you been thinking anymore about what we talked about? I know you haven’t had much time, but if you have any questions, or if it’s just not something you’re interested in trying, we could talk about it a little.” He assumed she had been thinking about it a lot if the number of beer bottles on her counter was any indication. He’d have to remember she liked IPAs.

“Well, according to my spreadsheet, there’s really no reason to say no. Except, I’ve highlighted a few concerns, and of course, there’s a lot I don’t know, so I couldn’t input much data.”

Spreadsheet? God save him from scientists. But still, so fucking cute.

“How about you tell us your concerns,” James said, trying not to smile.

“Well, okay, first of all, if people knew that we were dating…is that the correct term here?” When they gave her an affirmative nod, she continued. “Right, so if it got out to anyone at the school that I was dating two guys at once, that would be pretty bad for me. They wouldn’t be able to officially do anything, well maybe they could, but either way, universities aren’t that lenient on professors shirking societal standards. So that’s a concern for me.”

James understood that one. Far too well. If things ended up working out between them, they would have to seriously address what would happen if her colleagues found out. It was no secret that triads sometimes had to choose their relationship over their jobs and friends. Luckily, in their town, friends wouldn’t be a problem, but a position at a major university might be. “We don’t have to worry overmuch about being seen around town. People around here are very accepting, and we’ll be viewed by most as just friends hanging out. For the time being, we will do everything we can to make sure only a select few and very trustworthy friends know that there is more to this relationship.”

“Oh. Okay. See, that’s another concern right there. Relationship. I haven’t had one of those before, and I’m not too sure I’d be any good at that. Actually, I’m positive I have no idea how to be in a relationship. I have no frame of reference for that.”

James couldn’t hold back the chuckle now. She was so serious and worried that she didn’t even realize Ryan had started running his hand up and down her leg. They would have so much fun getting her to shut down her brain. They’d make sure that she felt every touch they gave her.

“How about this. We go on some dates and get to know each other. See if we feel like there’s something there beyond a casual friendship. Then, if we’re all ready to move forward, we consider ourselves in a relationship. You don’t need to worry about what to do, you just be yourself. We’ll work it out as we go. As long as it feels right, then you’re doing it right. Okay? No stress, no spreadsheets, just doing what feels good and makes you happy.” He didn’t miss the moment of horror that crossed her face when he mentioned spreadsheets, but overall, she seemed to relax. “Any other concerns?”

“Well, mostly just one more. About this BDSM stuff. I’m not so good at taking orders. I actually hate it. I’ve been on my own a long time, and I’ve worked really hard to be independent. I don’t know that I could be submissive to you all the time.”

Ah. The common misconception that submissives were mindless robots that lived to carry out demands. “Angel, I’m not dominant in daily life. I like to take charge in a sexual situation, but I have no desire to tell you how to live your life. I won’t order you around or make demands of you unless there’s some physical intimacy involved. And as far as that goes, we experiment. Everyone has to determine what they’re comfortable with. We can try different things if we get to that point and see what you like, what you don’t. Ryan and I spent years getting to a place where we knew our roles in the bedroom and out. Perhaps the power exchange will be intense for Ryan and I, but less so for you. All three of us will need to adjust. Finding our places in all aspects of this will be part of the fun. The bottom line is, if it doesn’t work for you, we find something that does. If the connection is there, this is no different than any other relationship. Everybody needs to find what makes them happy.”

Alexa breathed a sigh of relief and gave them each a small smile. “Okay, that sounds reasonable. But are you sure about the spreadsheets? I could make one with a list of all the things we try, document the outcome, and expand on things we like, analyze what went wrong and why…”

James cut her off before she ended up with a PowerPoint presentation on Bondage 101. He rolled his eyes at Ryan, who seemed to be basking in her nerdiness. “I think we’ll be just fine without a spreadsheet. And I think it’s time Ry and I left so we can all get some sleep. Are you still up for the hike tomorrow?”




James’s voice was rough when he finally pulled her down to the base of his shaft. “Jesus, baby, you grip me any harder and it’ll ruin my plans for tonight.” He used his pelvis to grind into her a bit more and swivel inside her. She was back to panting and being unable to think. The solid feel of him rubbing her cervix had her clamping down and mewling with a sensation she’d never felt before. She felt a warm rush in her entire abdomen.

“Oh God, ohgodohgod.” Alexa tried to move her hips to keep that feeling. She didn’t think she’d need anything else, but James’s arms turned to steel bands around her and stopped her.

“No, angel. That’s all you get right now. Take a deep breath for me and relax. Remember, your orgasm is mine to give. You’re not allowed to take it from me.” Alexa did as he said, but it didn’t calm her down much. She hadn’t orgasmed with her other lovers, though she had no problem giving one to herself, but she’d never felt anything so deep. Nothing had rubbed her in that spot in that way, and she needed him to keep doing it.

“Ryan, get on your knees. I want your hands on angel’s. Then you can taste us. Feel how tight she is around me. Tell me how hard her little clit is.”

There was a spark in Ryan’s eyes as he sank to the floor in front of them. He looked fierce, like it was taking every ounce of his control to lock down his muscles and restrain himself. When he touched her hands with his own and clamped them tighter to the chair, she felt the searing heat all the way up her arms. His eyes locked on James for a moment and then her breasts. Christ, she could feel him looking at her. The intensity of his stare alone made her breasts swell further, her nipples hardening to the point of pain. She wanted his mouth there, sucking her hard, but he lowered even further and she watched as he nuzzled her slit with his nose and started tonguing where she was stretched around James.

Alexa felt Ryan start to give both her and James slow sucking kisses where they were joined, and the growls and moans that erupted in the room could have come from anyone. She was unable to tell what sounds she was making anymore because she couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling of being stretched and Ryan’s hot wet mouth. She was pulsing around James, unintentionally trying to get him to move, when he started rocking. She’d never thought about sex without automatically imagining an in-and-out action, but he was just rocking her back and forth, causing the head of his shaft to rub that deep spot again. It felt so incredible that she knew she wasn’t going to last. Her muscles were contracting and her whole body was getting stiff. It was almost too overwhelming to continue, but she heard herself pleading with them. Begging them to help her.

Ryan leaned back a little to watch. “Jesus, James.”

James bit into her shoulder. “Our girl likes her cervix worked. Fuck. She’s so tight right now I can barely move. Suck her in, Ry. I want to feel her explode on me.” Licking up her neck and behind her ear, James whispered to Alexa in harsh pants, “Come for us, angel. Squeeze me tight and then let it all go, baby.”

The second Ryan sucked her clit into his mouth she clamped down on James. He rocked her faster and Ryan kept pace with deep pulls into his hot mouth. She felt the rush of heat flow into her womb and hover there, melting her from the inside before it released out. There was nothing ladylike or sexy about the shouting and grunting that her orgasm caused. The contractions were so hard she must have looked like she was in pain, but it was the most amazing thing she’d ever experienced. She could feel the release of her cream with every spasm and the heat that kept battering her body. Her breath seized in her lungs, and she saw pinpoints of black for a second before she finally started to relax. They were taking her down, but though it didn’t last long, she wanted it again. Right now. Even if it made her pass out. It was that fucking incredible.

As soon as she started to become aware of her surroundings again, she realized that she was squished between James and Ryan. They were furiously kissing over her shoulder, James still planted deep within her, and Ryan rubbing his chest to her sensitive nipples. He was also putting a condom on. She didn’t think she could move, but she wanted to feel him, too. Before she knew it, he was slowly lifting her off James, and then he threw her on the bed. Literally tossed her ass on the mattress. A sharp giggle of surprise and excitement escaped her lips before he was on her, devouring her mouth and pulling her legs up and over his forearms.

There was nothing gentle about Ryan’s attack. He’d been leashed too long, and now James had given the order to fuck her hard. He was complying. He reared up and looked down, lined up with her opening, and slammed inside. Hard. He took a second to close his eyes and mutter something profane before he pulled out to the tip and did it all over again. Alexa was climbing that fucking phenomenal hill for a second time. It didn’t seem possible, but the look on his face, the feel of him pounding into her, the sound of their flesh slapping together, all of it had her at the brink. This was mental, it was emotional, it was animalistic, and it was sheer heaven. She never knew that just the feeling of being desired so much could in and of itself almost make her come.

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