Tormented (MF)

Haunted 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 103,343
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Romance, HEA]

Pirating pirates is a risky business indeed. Kyle Cailin swears vengeance when Marissa Payne dares it, but it's not the lost riches he's after. His dark mood after leaving court, and Katelyn, proved useful in filling his coffers, but not the gaping hole inside him. Perhaps that icy lump would never melt, but bending Marissa to his will and exploring the white hot lust she sparked in him, and returned tenfold, might prove more satisfying than the cold gold he thought he sought.

Marissa's glee at swiping treasure from beneath the nose of the dark and handsome pirate is short lived. She finds herself quickly obsessed and intrigued by him, and by her body’s sudden intense reaction to him. Endlessly fascinated by him, she rushes to the edge of the cliff time and again, never looking to see how far she's falling in love.

Can she break though his cold bastard attitude and touch his heart without completely shattering her own?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tormented (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tormented (MF)

Haunted 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 103,343
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Desire. She was consumed by it. Intense, white-hot desire streaked through her, searing every fiber of her being. She gasped at her body’s primal reaction to this man, and she gripped a nearby rail for support as her legs turned to water. She could no more control her own body than she could the fantasy that pervaded her mind, without warning or mercy.

That voice, whispering in her ear in just that particular tone. His breath stirring her hair as his hand slid around her waist, the subtle jerk of his arm that brought her body tight against his. The possessive glint in his eye as he gripped the hair at the nape of her neck, forcing her to tilt her head back. A single finger tracing a line down her cheek, as he swooped ever closer. The feel of his lips claiming hers in a searing kiss…

Oh dear lord. Her body twitched in protest as she reluctantly tore her thoughts back to the here and now. Her breath, seemingly loud in her ears, came in short pants as she tried to regain control of her reeling senses. She was drowning, plain and simple. Drowning in pure, unadulterated lust. Her body was most willing to go down for the last time in a pool of molten passion, and her mind was having no qualms about following suit. She clenched her teeth and inhaled deeply through her nose, balling her hands into fists. She took a tentative step forward. It was past time to get to the task at hand, before she not only lost the cargo but her dignity as well, all in one fatal swoop.

She gestured to her crew to move in, berating herself under her breath. She felt detached, not completely centered in herself, and she didn’t like the feeling one bit. She knew better than to let feelings rule her actions, especially when engaged in the business of pirating. She needed to resist her primal instincts and finish this job.

But, as she allowed herself the unequivocal pleasure of looking at him for just a moment longer, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that her life was about to change. Fate had thrown them together. Deep down, she knew it could not be simply for the battle over a cargo. No, he had already touched her deeply, was already ingrained in her, much more than a chance meeting should have done. No matter the outcome of this day, it would not be over for them. They would not be done, not by a long shot.

She thrilled at the thought. She wanted this cargo. Badly. But she always tried to be honest with herself, and honestly, the stark fact was that she wanted him even more.

Shaking her head, she forced her thoughts back to the reality of the moment. Danger still lurked, notwithstanding the obvious fact that he was danger incarnate. To her, anyway. Neither she nor her crew was safe yet. She needed to get control of the situation, and, more importantly, of herself. And she needed to do it now.

She managed to pull herself together, as well as she could in short order, and stepped forward to announce her presence. Just then, he turned and looked directly at her. She froze, absolutely paralyzed by the devilish look in his eyes.

She was lost. Hopelessly. Coal-black eyes locked with her turquoise. The words on the tip of her tongue died on her lips. She stood statue-still, unable to do anything but stare at him. Her blood froze for the briefest moment, then rushed hotly through her veins and pooled in her lower abdomen, churning with raw desire. Her breath came short, and she trembled. He took two steps toward her, and her breath fled completely.

Anticipation streaked through every nerve in her body. She ached deep and low, and she became acutely aware of the effect he had on her as wetness spilled between her legs. She licked her lips, forced herself to breath, and willed him to close the distance that separated them. She wanted his kiss. More than that. She wanted to devour him. Every fiber of her body yearned for him. Desperate need consumed her, and she wanted nothing more than to throw herself into his arms and beg him to take her right there.

Will moved behind her and nudged her forward, forcing her attention back to the present. She snapped out of it, reluctantly, glancing at Will guiltily. She inhaled deeply, smothered the ragged gasp that threatened in her throat, and took a few small steps forward.

Rather than waiting for him to come to her, she boldly closed the distance between them. His dark eyes didn’t stray from hers, except for those scant seconds that they casually traveled the length of her. A cursory glance that she knew still took in every minute detail, causing her to pause apprehensively.

He winked, and her face flushed hotter. She berated herself for acting like a silly schoolgirl and forced herself to pull her eyes from his. She knew if she didn’t, she’d be completely lost and likely embarrass herself in front of her men. She was damn close to doing that already and wrinkled her nose in chagrin.

She cleared her throat pointedly, ignoring his smirk and the raise of his eyebrow. She scanned the deck, satisfied that her men had done their jobs, regardless of her lapse in leadership. She straightened her spine and stepped forward yet again, determined to meet her fate head-on.

“Surrender and no blood will be shed,” she said, flashing a wicked smile. She glanced at the blood staining the deck. “Well, no more than already has been,” she amended ruefully, rubbing a fingertip along her temple.




The torture was excruciating, but titillating, and when he blew gently on her exposed pussy, she quivered uncontrollably.

He smiled deviously, then took a long lick, his tongue flicking her clit lightly. Her hips rose off the bed of their own volition, encouraging him to take her to the brink of ecstasy. He blew on her gently again, and before the shivers had raced completely up her spine, he latched onto her button and sucked hard. She exploded, her orgasm sharp and persistent as it spread out from her nether regions and through her belly. She convulsed under his demanding mouth, and he pressed his tongue flat against her to allow her to ride out her climax.

When she had come down a bit, he raised his head and smiled at her. He gave her a quick wink, then lowered his head to trace a figure-eight pattern around her now swollen clit.

“Oh God,” she moaned breathlessly. She inhaled deeply, her eyes closed. “Stop. I need a minute.”



“No. I willna stop. I am going to make you come again. And again.”

“Oh Christ!” Excitement streaked through her. Excitement and trepidation.

He chuckled. “Have ye never been played till ye could not stand it?” He traced a finger along her pubic bone suggestively.

She drew in her breath and shook her head. Her body was screaming, practically begging him to act on his words, but her mind just couldn’t wrap around the implications of what he intended, what it might mean to her already sensitized body.

“It’s high time, then, to find out. Let’s see just how much ye can take,” he said darkly. He alternately rubbed her clit and pushed against it. It was most distracting, and delicious. Her thoughts were in turmoil, and the more she tried to think, the more her thoughts were flooded by his insistent touch on her most sensitive place.

Without another word, he slid his other hand beneath her, stroking her cheeks a few times before sliding between her legs. He didn’t stop the wonderful torture of her clit as he slipped a finger deep into her. She tightened her muscles around the invading digit, and he stroked her long and with insistent pressure. He hooked a finger forward, prodding a most sensitive spot. She half rose from the bed in protest. The feeling was sharp, and while not painful, she wasn’t sure it was pleasurable either.

“Lie back,” he ordered sternly.

“Stop. I can’t.” She almost sobbed the words, her hands scrabbling at his, trying to remove them.

“Ye can take it,” he said gently. “Just relax and feel. I willna hurt ye. Ye’ll see how good it feels, if ye just give it a chance.” He paused and stared at her intently. His eyes were wide and nearly black. “Trust me.”

She couldn’t take her eyes off his. “I do.”

Strangely enough, she did trust him. Her curiosity where he was concerned was insatiable. Her reaction to him extraordinary. She couldn’t wait to see what he could coax her body to do, what he could make her feel.

She forced herself to relax, let her body adjust to the pressure of his finger inside her, which he held still for the moment. She knew fully that he was giving her a moment respite. She also knew that it wouldn’t last.

She closed her eyes finally, though whether it was from resignation or acceptance, she wasn’t sure. He apparently took it as his cue to continue, as she could feel his mouth placing kisses along the perimeter of her mound. Soft, feathery kisses that belied a certain gentleness that she knew was for her benefit only, to relax her and prepare her for the onslaught she knew was coming.

She could sense a savagery in him that she had never felt from him before, and her body was on edge, both ready and unready for him to unleash his fury on her. A fury she desperately wanted even as she shied away from it.

His tongue returned to her nether lips, tracing each long line and circling her clit as he passed by it. Her desire hitched up another notch, and she sighed in pleasure as he continued the arduous journey around her molten center. Her passion rose slowly as the repetition of his motions fueled her. She could feel another climax building, and she gripped the sheets as her head thrashed feverishly. Her body begged for release, and she arched her back, urging him to quicken his pace and push her tumbling over the edge. He stubbornly continued the slow torture, ignoring the thrust of her hips and her insistent moans.

“Not yet,” he said quietly, his only response to her pleas.

“I need to come,” she begged breathlessly.

“Not yet,” he said again, more firmly.

The finger inside her twitched upward, and her back arched sharply. She groaned loudly as he curled his finger upward again. He latched his lips around her swollen clit, and she came, hard and fast. She couldn’t help it. Her body was acting on its own now and would not be denied.

“Kyle!” she screamed as her body released its pent-up desire in a colossal climax. She writhed against his hand and mouth, pushing forward against him even as she tried to scoot away from the incredible feelings he was eliciting from her sensitized flesh. He looped an arm around her hip and pulled her downward, effectively locking her lower half within the vice of his embrace. He sucked and licked voraciously at her clit again, his finger working her fast and hard. Before she had fully come down from the last, another orgasm ripped through her, followed quickly by a third as he released her suddenly and thrust his hard cock deep into her warm, wet pussy.

He pumped into her hard and fast, and she reveled in the complete possession of her body.

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