Heart on Lockdown (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,245
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, MFMMMM, HEA]

Jolene Montero grew up in foster care. Trust in people is something she lacks. Even when she tried to overcome the hurt of being abandoned, her exes only add to her list of reasons to keep her heart on lockdown.

Smart and savvy, Jolene impresses successful businessman Iglesias, and when she proves to be an incredible asset, he invites her to join him on a very important project.

Meeting Cash Estrada in a  bar during a business trip is not something Jolene expected. The chemistry between them flares her heart to life. Even though she could never give it to him, the pair come together for a one night stand, only to be interrupted by an urgent message...

Working with her mentor, Jolene is surprised to learn that Iglesias turns out to be Cash's uncle! Seeing Cash again turns her world upside down…and meeting his five brothers? Well, that is almost too much for her to take. Jolene's heart beats faster when they are all together. Can she ignore her longing for a connection and the fire that burns in her whenever the Estrada brothers are around?

With vigilance and care, the six men wear her down, and a loving, trust-filled relationship begins to take root. Can it flourish? That question may never be answered when unsavory business rivals take her from them.

Can Jolene's men find her in time to offer her heart the happily ever after it deserves?

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Heart on Lockdown (LoveXtreme)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Heart on Lockdown (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,245
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Amancio and Darius were waiting on their uncle who had a phone call to take in private. As they heard the soft music coming from the back patio Amancio looked out through the French doors. His gaze locked on to a woman, one with a hell of a body.

“Who is that?” Darius whispered, obviously catching a glimpse of the supermodel. She looked exotic, voluptuous, super tan, and fit for kings. Her brown hair was pulled up above her head in some fancy style, her arms toned, her abs perfection, her thighs toned and defined. Her ass was incredible, stood out, round, tight, sculptured. He felt like a peeping Tom staring at her and looked away.

“Where the hell did Unc find her?” Darius asked.

“How do you know she’s Unc’s? She looks young.”

They saw her walking to the pool and then slide under the water to her neck. His dick hardened, his heart began to race. She was perfect, a goddess, and he couldn’t believe his reaction just from seeing her from afar. When she eased onto her back, her extra-large breasts emerged above the water, pouring from her green and black bikini that barely covered her.

“What the hell is Unc doing having meetings with us when he could be swimming in the pool with her?” Darius asked.

Unc cleared his throat and both men turned. Amancio in his custom suit and Darius in a dress shirt and dress pants, both stared at him.

“Who is that?” Darius asked as Amancio felt annoyed for some reason.

“A very good friend of mine. You’ll meet her another time. Let’s finish up.”

They started walking back toward the office but both Amancio and Darius looked back to catch one last glimpse of the gorgeous woman.

“What happened to Margarite? I thought you two were kind of serious,” Darius asked him.

“Margarite is away on the Amalfi Coast. She isn’t due back until next month and we are not serious, and are more friends than anything. How about you and your brothers? Seeing anyone or still screwing around?” he asked them as they took seats around his desk.

“No need to start pushing the commitment shit on us. You know we don’t date, don’t get seriously involved with any women,” Darius said and Amancio remained silent. As the oldest and the most untrusting, he always put his brothers first and each of them had their different struggles and hang ups. Cash the most with his scars, his PTSD, and his attitude. Gordon wasn’t far behind him with the attitude and distrust and Fisher the most critical and untrusting of all. Amancio and Darius, the oldest and youngest of the siblings, watched out for the others.

“So does Margarite know about this woman, or is this new, or just a thing for this week?” Amancio asked and Iglesias leaned back and gave the evil eyes to Amancio.

“You know, one day, you may meet the perfect woman, one so enticing, so affective, that you can’t think straight, and all you know is that you want her to belong to you, perhaps all of you, so you may want to lose the attitudes. Maybe think beyond a woman being a piece of ass to get what you want and then toss her away,” Unc said and then shook his head. Amancio was shocked. That young woman in the pool had that effect on Unc? What the fuck? He could be her father. What the hell kind of woman was she? Obviously after Unc’s fortune. This didn’t sit right at all. He would ask Rogan. Make sure that the guards were watching out for Unc before some gold digger fucked him broke. Women were conniving bitches. He and his brothers all experienced that first hand, and that was why they didn’t date. They fucked when they wanted and needed to, and no strings attached and that was just fine with all of them.




“Let me help you get undressed, shower and then rest.”

She reached up and cupped his cheek. He held her gaze as Copias walked in with his medical bag and some stuff to secure her injury while she showered. Darius, Fisher, Gordon and Amancio had their shirts off.

“Trust us?”

“Trust me?”

“A hundred percent,” he replied.

“I trust all of you too. You’re all I kept thinking about. About never seeing you again, about losing this time, about how I really feel and fight it. I don’t want to fight it.”

“We don’t either, baby. Trust us to take care of you, to protect you, and make you ours?” he said to her.

She nodded. “I accept.”

Cash pulled her closer and gave them more space to undress her and kiss along her body. He removed the dress shirt and Darius unzipped her skirt. When she stood there in only her thong black panties and white lace bra, he swallowed hard. He stroked along her breasts, down her side as he held her gaze.

“You’re perfection, and we will prove to you that you’re our everything,” he said to her.

She reached out and caressed along his shirt and parted it as she exposed his scars. “Please don’t make me regret this.”

“Never, baby,” he said and pressed his lips to hers. Very quickly his brothers joined in, removing her bra, pressing down her panties and Copias covered her wound with protective waterproof bandage and tape. She shocked Cash when she kissed along his chest, down over his scars and burns and then took his cock between her lips. Darius moved in behind her and stroked her cunt.

“You’re so giving, so sexy and damn wet. We’re going to fill you up, Jolene, and mark you our woman,” he said and thrust his fingers faster. Fisher and Gordon slid their palms along her ass and began to suckle on her breasts.

“She’s fit for kings, perfect for men so powerful and demanding as the six of us,” Amancio stated.

“She sure is, and I’m glad we get to take her the first time together,” Cash said and caressed her hair.

“Share,” Amancio said and Cash gave her hair a tug and he eased her mouth from his dick and guided her head to Amancio’s cock. She licked and sucked along the tip and then pulled him into her mouth.

“Do we need condoms? I’m not making it into the fucking shower,” Darius said.

“She has an IUD. Take her. Get it started,” Cash said and Darius eased his cock into her pussy from behind and she gripped Amancio’s thighs and moaned.

“Holy fuck, the first time is going to be fast. God damn, you feel like heaven, woman,” Darius said and he thrust into her pussy from behind faster and faster as she sucked on Amancio’s cock.

“Fuck, I’m there. Swallow me, Jolene,” Amancio commanded and then came in her mouth. She swallowed and he pulled out, moaning and complaining, only for Fisher to take his place. She immediately began to suck on his cock as Darius came with a roar.

Copias gripped her hips and took Darius’s place and slid his cock right into her pussy from behind.

“God damn, yeah. Oh yeah, fuck, she feels perfect. Holy shit,” Copias said.

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