Naked Exposure (MF)

Apres-Ski 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,309
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, whipping, foot fetish, sex toys, HEA]
Darcy Sinclair, a beautiful and talented videographer, is willing to work at Ross Lang’s ski school for minimum wage. Immediately attracted to her, Ross is also wary of the sudden appearance of an overqualified candidate so keen to fill the vacancy.
The small principality of Nevella is run by five rival families, all of whom are working to attract a wealthy Russian consortium. Could Darcy have been sent to spy for another family, or is she what she appears to be? Someone has to awaken Darcy’s latent sensuality, and Ross figures it’s not against the rules to mix business with pleasure while he tries to figure out her motivation.
Darcy is torn between her feelings for Ross and her real reason for being in Medina Valley, but before she can place her trust in him, he discovers the truth for himself. Will he forgive her treachery and help her fight the people manipulating her?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.
Naked Exposure (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Naked Exposure (MF)

Apres-Ski 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,309
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Ross’s disgruntled mood evaporated the moment Darcy walked into his office. He sat up and took a keen interest in his would-be employee. She was probably five-seven, with long, thick brunette hair barely contained in a curly ponytail. Her slender body was a little thinner than he would have liked, but she had curves in all the right places and they more than compensated for the lack of meat on her bones.

When she took her coat off—geez! He could see the outline of her nipples through that thin top. They were disproportionately large in comparison to the size of her neat little breasts. Ross couldn’t shake the thought of biting them, clamping them, doing just about every damned thing in his repertoire with them. She was as sensual as get-go—Ross was never wrong about these things—and he could just imagine her shedding her inhibitions in Hadleigh’s dungeon as she writhed beneath his hands and begged him for more of the same.

Shit, he had to stop thinking that way. She would see his cock straining against his zipper and run a mile. Ross figured men came on to her all the time, and the last thing he wanted to do was to frighten her off. He needed her to take this job. He didn’t care why she wanted it, or even if she was too good for it. He simply had to persuade her to stay.

Darcy had large eyes, an unusual shade of silver flecked with hazel, the irises a deeper shade of brown. They dominated her face, enhancing high cheekbones and pouty, sculpted lips that cried out to be kissed. Ms. Sinclair was a real babe. Fiona would have hated her on sight, with good reason as it happened, because Ross was already smitten.

She was definitely a player—or could be, given the right persuasion. Ross could always tell when a woman leaned in that direction, even if she didn’t know it herself. She was nervous, too, and Ross would give a lot to know why.

“My parents divorced recently,” she said in answer to Ross’s earlier question.

“I’m sorry.”

“Yes well, these things happen. My mother is French. She’s returned to live in France and so I figured it would be good to be near her. She needs my support right now.”

“So why not get a job in France?”

She offered him a smile that didn’t quite reach her remarkable eyes. “There’s such a thing as being too close.”

She’s lying. “I see.”

Fiona came in with coffee for them both, and lingered, sending frequent glances Darcy’s way.

“Thanks, Fiona,” Ross said, and finally Fiona left them, closing the door behind her.

“Where did you learn to ski?”

“I’ve been skiing about as long as I’ve been walking. We lived in England as a family but spent a month in France every winter.”

“And photography?”

“It’s all in my résumé.”

“Working for a film company is a hell of a lot more glamorous than what’s required here.” Ross leaned forward. “I’ve gotta tell you, Darcy, frankly I think you’re over-qualified for this job and will get bored within a week.” Why am I trying to frighten her off? “I’m sure you could do a lot better with your talents.”

“I know what’s required.”

“There’s not a lot to do in Nevella. It’s not a hip place like some of the French resorts.”

She fixed him with a probing look. “You’re here.”

“This isn’t about me.”

“No, I’m sorry.” But her gaze remained on his face. Shit, she was flirting with him. Why was she so desperate for the job? Ross had an uneasy feeling about her, but knew he wouldn’t turn her away. He needed her, in all respects.

“You know the salary. It’s minimum wage stuff.”

“Yes, but I can make extra by doing private projects. Film the classes in the mornings, offer my services to clients in the afternoons if they want me to follow them and record their activities, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, but there are no guarantees. If you quit on me after a couple of weeks, I won’t be best pleased.”

“Let me show you some of my stuff so you know what I can do.”

Oh, darling, I know what I’d like for you to do! “Sure.”

She pulled an iPad from her bag and swiped through it until she found what she was looking for. Ross took a look at a video of a kids’ class she had taken somewhere—not skiing but in a playground. She’d got the light and angles exactly right, catching the expressions of rueful mischief on the children’s faces as they played some sort of complicated tag game. The little monsters looked like the innocent cherubs they almost certainly weren’t, and he couldn’t imagine a single parent not snatching up a copy. He certainly would have if it had been…he forced his thoughts back on track.

“You have great talent,” he said, genuinely impressed.

“Thank you. I try to be different.”

“If I offer you this job, you know it will mean editing your day’s footage and putting it up on the big screens in Hadleigh’s in time for happy hour?”

“Of course. I can manage that.”

“Have you got accommodations in Nevella?”


She told him where it was, and Ross frowned. It was a pretty rundown apartment block—seasonal lets. Nevella was a safe place, almost no crime, but he still didn’t like the thought of her living in such squalor. He looked at her for some time, resting his elbow on his elevated knee, cupping his chin in his hand. She met his gaze, a kaleidoscope of emotions flitting through her eyes, mostly desperation. Why the hell was she so anxious to work here? Something was off about her, but Ross knew he would take her on, simply to have her in his life for as long as she was prepared to stick around. He didn’t think it would be for long.




“Your turn.”

Her eyes flashed with desire as she closed her sweet lips around the head of his penis and sucked. He thrust his hips forward until his cock hit the back of her throat, completely filling her mouth. She slid her tongue down the length of him, tugged at the hairs on his balls with her teeth, and then allowed him to slip almost all the way out of her mouth. Her tongue dipped into his slit, sipping up a drop of salty pre-cum, before repeating the process, her cheeks hollowing out as he filled her mouth with the hot brand of his cock.

“Shit, baby, you’ve done this before.” No longer quite so in control, Ross pulled out of her mouth and released one of her wrists. “Turn over and get onto your knees,” he said abruptly. “The restraints swivel.”

As soon as she had scrambled into this new position Ross reattached her wrists, and got off the bed so he could look at her. In the PVC, with her clamped tits dangling below her, she looked good enough to eat. Damn it, he needed a reminder of this. He rummaged in a drawer until he found his digital camera. She wasn’t the only one who liked pictorial records. He snapped off several shots of her, looking wanton, sexy, desperate, her hair all over the place, her hands shackled, that trashy dress the finishing touch. He stood behind her, taking a few shots of her naked ass.

“Spread your legs, sugar.” She did so without hesitation, giving Ross a full-on view of her pretty pink pussy lips. “You look so goddamned gorgeous, darlin’, but there’s still something missing.” Ross went to another drawer, produced a large vibrator and slid it easily into Darcy’s slick cunt. She groaned as she absorbed the toy, and Ross rewarded her by switching it on at a low speed. It protruded from her cunt, in danger of slipping out when he let it go. “Close your vagina muscles around it, sweetheart. I need to get a picture of you with it sticking out. Look at the camera for me.”

She did so, moistening her lower lip with the tip of her tongue, smiling like the cat who was about to get the cream. Shit!

“That’s it, darlin’. Fuck, I want you!”

Once again Ross resorted to his toy drawer, this time in search of a condom. He ripped the foil packet open and suited up. Then he returned to the bed and pushed the slipping vibrator back into Darcy. Hard. She grunted and thrust right back against it.

“Uh-huh.” Ross tapped her butt. “No one told you to move.”

“Sorry, but I—”

“No talking.” He tapped her a little harder. “Don’t make me punish you with the flogger.”

“Sorry, Master.” Her voice was breathy, her body bathed in perspiration beneath the clingy PVC. “I forgot.”

“Hmm.” He climbed up behind her and ran his cock down the crack in her ass, wishing…hell, it didn’t matter what he wished. All that was important was giving Darcy a good time. Then he’d try and get her to tell him why she disliked not being able to see. It was important for him to know. Real important. He wanted to know everything about her, especially why she was taking a lowly paid job she was grossly overqualified for. But first things first. “I’m gonna take you from behind, sugar, so I can play with your lovely tits at the same time.”

He removed the vibrator. A whole trail of her juices slid out with it, making him smile. She was so turned on, she probably didn’t know which way was up. He slid the tip of his cock into her pussy, pleased but not surprised to discover she was so frigging tight, it was almost painful. He sensed she wouldn’t want him to be gentle. Besides, gentle wasn’t a word he knew how to spell in his repertoire. He’d warned her what to expect and, with the exception of the blindfold, she’d taken to it like a natural. With one powerful thrust of his hips, he drove himself balls-deep into her welcoming warmth.

“Shit, baby, that’s tight. You okay?”

“Hmm, wonderful.”

He laughed as he withdrew almost all the way, conscious of her tightening and clenching around his length in an effort to keep him right where he was. His blood flamed as he drove himself home again, the friction intoxicating because she appeared incapable of passivity and, no matter how hard he drove into her, she always pushed back to meet him. His balls slammed against her butt as he set up a hot, slick tempo, straining to maintain control as he felt her excitement escalate.

“No orgasm until I say you can,” he said, breathing hard as he continued to work her from behind.

“That’s so not fair,” she replied, panting.

Ross chuckled. “You have to learn control, sugar.”

“But this is my first lesson.”

“True, that’s why I’m cutting you some slack.”

“This is you being thoughtful?”

“Oh yeah!”

He tugged hard on the chain connecting her nipple clamps at exactly the moment when his cock filled her to capacity. He felt her clenching him again, but this time her sheath spasmed around him. Hell, she’d make him lose control at this rate, and that couldn’t be allowed to happen. He lowered his head and sent a line of teasing kisses down her spine as he continued his assault on her pussy. She gasped.

“Ross, please! I’ll do whatever you say, but—”

“You’ll do what I say anyway.” He pushed her hair aside and bit her neck, the same flickering heat she was probably wrestling with now invading his own self-control. “You like the feel of my cock fucking you?”

“You know I do.” She was almost crying with need, every square inch of her appearing to vibrate with the effort she was taking to stave off her orgasm. “I didn’t realize it could be so…so vibrant.”

“Okay, darlin’, I’ll take pity on you.”

Ross upped the pace, pretending it was for her benefit, but actually because the fiery vibes shooting through his blood stream issued an exquisite warning. He tugged harder on the nipple clamp chain as readiness coursed through his body, as close to losing control as she was.

“Ross, what are you doing to me?” Her strangled cry was imbued with astonishment. “I can’t…I’m going to—”

“Let it go, babe,” he said in a husky voice. “Take what you need from me.”

“You’re killing me,” she groaned, pushing back hard to meet his next thrust.

I’m killing her?

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