Toss of a Coin (MF)

Other World 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,994
4 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]
Year 4014: Medicine for females. A simple pact between two desperate planets.
Prince Luken DeZaccherus swings by Earth on a secondary mission of female hunting. He doesn’t find a match until Keneese Culpepper walks out of a food court. With a serious face and lust building in him, Luken approaches her. One whiff of Keneese and he knows he’s found his natural mate.
Keneese is eating another boring lunch and wishing for change when the tallest man she’s ever seen walks straight up to her. Desire hits her hard. She restrains the need to jump him until she finds out she’s been chosen as one of the females to fulfill the pact between Earth and VisOrrenta.
Thanks to technology, Keneese is taken from Earth and a few hours later is millions of light years from the only home she’s ever known. In time, she realizes how important her role is. That her prince flips all of her switches doesn’t hurt either.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Toss of a Coin (MF)
4 Ratings (3.8)

Toss of a Coin (MF)

Other World 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,994
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Luken felt a touch sorry for the Earth females, but not sorry enough to forgo this mission. As part of Earth’s pact with VisOrrenta, they were allowed thirty females a year in exchange for medicine. They were allowed to take any female they wanted, but VisOrrentians didn’t take mothers from their children or married women from their husbands. They weren’t that desperate yet and he hoped they never got that desperate.

Their current, self-imposed rules made the task more difficult, but not impossible. If VisOrrentian males didn’t produce ninety-nine percent male babies, this pact with Earth wouldn’t be necessary. It had been this way for the last three hundred years. Their people were not sure what had happened to slow the female birth rate. It was starting to strongly affect them though. So far, they hadn’t taken but a few females. The ones that were on his planet were reportedly doing well.

If they hadn’t been able to handle moving to VisOrrenta his people would have figured out some other form of trade with Earth. They were warriors, not heartless animals. He hated the females being scared for even a short amount of time, but it couldn’t be helped though. Without the females, his people couldn’t survive.

The signal that they were close to their destination pulled him from his thoughts. In a whirl of activity, he and Tor started going through the landing procedure. Once they were safely on the planet, both men strapped on their wrist scanners and headed out.

They were in one of the larger cities. This increased their odds greatly. Tor waved Luken over to a shadowed area and pointed out several women sitting around tables and a water fountain. Their scanners showed that most of them were taken or had children. Patience proved to once again work in their favor when out walked a few more as some of the others wandered away. They were near a food court that catered to people working in the nearby businesses.

He and Tor stayed out of sight because of how tall they were, compared to the humans. No sense in alarming them for no reason. At seven feet tall, Luken was of average height for his people. Tor was seven and a half feet tall. If they didn’t find any females, they’d just leave without spooking any of the short earthlings.

Getting back to the task at hand, he scanned another promising female. Her information started running across his scanner. Mary Walters, breeding status—zero, twenty-five years old, healthy, five feet two inches tall. This is promising. She’s a little short for my taste, but she will work fine for one of the other males. His hopes were dashed when his scanner finally revealed that she was married.

Damn. Luken shook his head and leaned toward Tor. “I’m going to have to get Thavon to have these scanners reprogrammed to give the marital status right after the breeding status. Then her breeding channel depth should come next.”

“I agree. Your brother can do it in no time and it’ll save us a lot of time.” Tor continued to scan any newcomers on his half of the area.

A tall-by-Earth-standards female walked out of the exit door of the food court. His heart started racing.She’s beautiful. As she sat on the foot-wide stone wall surrounding the fountain and started eating her lunch, he aimed his scanner at her.

New information brightened the screen. Keneese Culpepper, breeding status—zero, twenty-eight years old. Ripe for the picking. The scanner continued, healthy, six feet tall. With a pounding heart, Luken waited for the next bit of information to appear. The lights blinked on his scanner. “Unmarried” flashed before his eager eyes.


Another flash stated, breeding channel—acceptable.


The wind blew some of her blonde strands into her lovely face. As she brushed them back, he wondered what the sun-kissed strands felt like. Very soon, he’d find out. He glanced at Tor, who was seriously scanning one of the women.

A smile curled Tor’s lips. “I found one. How about you?”

“Yes. She could be the one for me. Let’s go meet them and if they pass our test, we’ll meet back on board.” Tor nodded and they both stepped out of the shadows.


* * * *


Keneese Culpepper finished her boring lunch and frowned at the strange feeling coursing through her. Heated excitement charged through her body. Looking around, all she saw were the normal women and a few married men.

Her dry spell in the lovemaking department must be causing her hormones to go crazy. At her height, it was hard to get a man’s attention. Well, in the right way, that was. They could all spot her from a mile away. That didn’t make her appealing to most of them. Other than getting her to reach for stuff above their heads, of course. At times like those, she was very popular with men and women alike.

“I should get away more,” she said to herself. Finding big, tall, and gorgeous men in her apartment was obviously never going to happen. Her college lovers had moved on long ago and she’d been fine with that at the time. Her career in Human Resources had been the most important thing in her life for the last few years.

Keneese still loved her job, but lately her inner clock had started ticking very loudly. A family was what she now longed for. With her parents dead and no siblings, she was lonely. Even more so around the holidays. What was her purpose in life? Yes, she was well aware of the fact that she helped people daily. Her heart cried out for a new purpose. One that included a lot of little feet following her around.

Feeling whimsical, she pulled a coin out of her purse and closed her eyes tightly shut. I wish for a big change, several children, and a man who loves me with all of his heart. With a flip of her hand, she tossed the coin over her shoulder. The water splashed up and hit her on the back at the same time as her senses went on high alert.

She opened her eyes and almost fell back into the fountain. Two of the tallest men she’d ever seen were walking into the small park. Her jaw dropped when one of them headed straight for her. He’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.




Keneese was surprised she’d openly admitted her desire for Luken. Something about the big guy made her head swim, her heart melt, and her feminine parts beg for his undivided attention.

The dark- and light-blue tones in his eyes swirled faster. Her heart rammed against her ribcage. Did the change in his eyes mean he needed her as badly as she needed him? His skin had also taken on a slightly bluish tinge. Was that a sign of his need? She wished she knew more about his kind.

His large hands tangled in her hair and tilted her head back. His mouth slanted across hers, demanding her surrender. Loving his domination, she opened her mouth and gloried in the feel of his tongue gliding across hers. His tongue was a bit rougher than hers. A vision of him licking the bundle of nerves between her legs with it had her shaking in need.

This time when she raised the hem of his shirt, he pulled away long enough to remove his long coat and then whipped his shirt over his head. Her gaze quickly became glued to his rippling muscles. It took her a moment to realize that those muscles were no longer moving because he was totally naked and still.

Luken’s powerful chest, arms, and shoulders had held her full attention. Her gaze drifted down to his massive erection. Her eyebrows hiked up in surprise. It was enormous and mesmerizing. The large masterpiece had a large plum-shaped crown like a human’s penis, but it was longer and thicker than any penis she’d ever seen.

The beautiful thing had thick, blue-ringed sections about an inch apart. There were nine rings. Her channel clenched in need and she felt her own juices begin to run down her inner thighs. Unbidden she reached out to touch his massive pleasure tool.

He groaned and grabbed her hand before she could touch him. “Not this time, delicate one. My need to come in you, to claim you is too strong. Take off your clothes before I rip them off of you.” He held up a hand and extended a claw.

Not wanting him to ruin her only clothes, she quickly stripped. Would he like how she looked naked?

“Get on the bed and spread your legs for me.” A low growl flavored his words and heated her body to a new level.

After climbing onto the center of the bed, she splayed her legs wide. The carnal look in his eyes as he eased between her legs excited her beyond all sensible reason. She was about to be taken by an alien with a huge cock. Her clit was swollen and achy. She was hotter and wetter than she’d ever been in her entire life.

In a haze of lustful need, she watched as he grabbed his shaft and rubbed the crown up and down her soaking slit. After several passes, her hips started rocking. “Please, I can’t take much more.” This sexual dance had started a good hour ago and she was ready for the next step.

“Nor can I, but I have to make sure your body is ready.” He pushed the wide tip of his cock against her clit. “This is one of your pleasure points, isn’t it?”

“God, yes. Press into it harder.” Amorous fire was licking at her groin like never before.

He lowered his hips. The added weight pushed her overheated body over the edge. She cried out and grasped his shoulders as her climax washed over her. The rocking of his hips kept the waves of pleasure coming.

Only after she sagged onto the bed did he slide his erection down and slowly begin inching his hard flesh into her body. He was so wide it took her breath away. His handsome face was scrunched up in a passion-tortured mask. Moisture developed on his muscular body. A fresh scent entered her lungs. The aroma heated her core and made her muscles relax.

“That’s it. Relax for me, little one. Let my scent comfort you.” He worked his hips back and forth, inching a bit deeper on every inward thrust.

After the fourth wide band was inside her, he stopped moving and kissed her as his hands masterfully played with her sensitive nipples. She deeply inhaled his erotic scent and felt some of her juices slide from their joined bodies. He moaned and his hips pushed forward again and the stretching started all over. She squirmed beneath him and panted as pleasure like she’d never known engulfed her.

The stretching eased after the next banded section of his shaft slid into her entrance. “Are you okay? Your body is so tight I can barely control myself.” His handsome face was tight and the muscles in his arms bulged as he held himself up and over her.

That he cared about her comfort sent a measure of warmth spiraling through her heart. “I’m fine, just keep going slow until I get used to you.”

With slow, careful thrusts, he continued to inch his whole cock into her wet canal. Her inner muscles flutter as if trying to grab hold of him. “Take deep breaths of my scent. I’m producing an endorphin that will help relax you so that you can enjoy our breeding.”

Keneese took a deep breath. She loved the feeling she got when she inhaled his scent. It eased her muscles and stoked her fire for him. “I love your scent.”

He chuckled huskily. “I’m glad to hear that, delicate one.” Luken held himself still until he felt her hips lightly rock. He kissed her lips and didn’t stop until she was moaning and wrapping her legs around his lean waist.

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