Catching Alicka (MF)

Other World 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,288
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]

Year 4014, Planet VisOrrenta: Medicine for females. A simple pact between two desperate planets.

Alicka West has been on VisOrrenta for six months. She’s just turned thirty and is worried that a mate won’t be found for her. If that happens, she won't be able to fulfill her part of the pact. Pain shoots through her abdomen at the thought of failing Earth.
Slanon Terrisic is amused at the sight of a curvy little thing trying to take some fruit from one of his picplom trees. That humor turns to lust when he gets a whiff of her delicious scent. His vision sharpens as he advances on his mate.
While showing Alicka her new world, Slanon is challenged with not breeding her in public, keeping her safe and making sure her frustrating, fuzzy pink pet doesn’t get killed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Catching Alicka (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Catching Alicka (MF)

Other World 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,288
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Slanon Terrisic poured a container of infused water around the base of the tree in front of him. He stepped back and looked it over. This picplom tree was only six months old. At four feet tall, it was doing all right. He wanted his trees to do better than all right, so he’d made up a brew of nutrients that should help it to be stronger and still grow at a faster rate.


What was that noise? Curious, Slanon headed in the direction of the noise. He weaved his way around several trees. He passed one more tree and his eyes widened. Amusement filled him at the sight of a very short, extremely curvy human female trying to get some of his fruit.

She must be the female my brother brought back from Earth, he thought to himself. The little thing looked like a cute jumping sprite.

For all the effort she was putting out, she was missing the fruit by a good two feet. There was no way she was ever going to get a prized picplom that way.

Determination masked her pretty face. She squatted, and, with a wild swing of her arms, she jumped. This time, she barely got off the ground. His amusement died when a look of sad frustration crossed her face.

Slanon’s heart melted. He cleared his throat and pushed away from the tree he’d been leaning against. He held back a grin when she looked over and up at him. Her bright blue eyes widened.

Relief cleansed her startled expression. “Oh, thank goodness. Can you get me a piece of fruit? I’m having a little trouble reaching it.”

It took everything he had to hold back a burst of laughter. “Why would I help you steal my fruit?”

Bright red flushed her cheeks in the cutest way. He couldn’t believe it when his breeding rod started swelling. This burgeoning development had him paying attention to her in a different way.

She bit her lip and her gaze darted to the ground. He noticed her hand moving to her stomach and rubbing it lightly. Was she all right? He stepped closer to her and was about to ask when she looked into his eyes. Desire like he’d never felt blasted through his groin.

“I wasn’t stealing. I need the fruit to test it for medicinal purposes. I’m willing to help you in whatever way I can to pay for it.” She took a deep breath and her lovely eyes widened slightly. A frown crinkled her brow and she crossed her legs.

Her arousal wafted up to him, causing his heart to pick up its pace. She sniffed the air and he realized he was putting off mate-calming endorphins. His gaze shot to the pulse beating in her neck. It was sprinting as fast as his own. He inhaled her arousal into his lung and wondered if she was his natural mate.

To find out, Slanon reached over and easily plucked a piece of fruit from the tree they were standing under. “For the sake of research, I’ll give it to you, sweetling.”

Stepping into her personal space, he handed her the picplom. To test his theory, he made sure their fingers touched. She gasped at the electrical charge that surged between them.

His vision sharpened and he knew the blue and gold colors of his eyes were swirling from emotion. The primitive beast in him wanted to roar. He held it at bay for fear of scaring his little mate.

“Thank you.” She swiped her pink tongue over her lower lip. “You smell so good, my stomach already feels better.” Small white teeth worried her lip and he groaned. “Your eyes are swirling. They are pretty.”

He filled his lungs with her erotic scent once again. “What’s your name?” It would be wrong to claim her without knowing her name first, even though the beast in him was urging him to do just that.

“I’m Alicka West. What’s your name?” She uncrossed and then crossed her legs once again.

A moan rumbled up from his chest when the scent of her arousal rose up to his nose and caressed its way into his lung. “I’m Slanon Terrisic. I claim you, Alicka, as my natural mate.”


* * * *


Slanon watched her mouth drop open. His breeding rod fought the front of his pants for freedom. He’d seen a few videos of humans breeding and knew they used their mouth part of the time. He couldn’t wait to taste her and be tasted by her.

She looked down at her own curvy body and then looked up into his eyes. “Are you sure?” Turning her head, she glanced around and then back up at him. “Nobody heard you. I’ll understand if you want to take your words back.” Her head bobbed conspiringly. “I’m kinda short and dumpy. I don’t want you to feel trapped into picking me.”

His heart twisted with each word she spoke. Her mouth said one thing, but her expressive eyes begged him to claim her, and that’s just what he was going to do.

He smiled down at her, wrapped his arms around her and looked into her eyes. “You are short, but so am I for a VisOrrentian. I wouldn’t call you dumpy. I call you curvy. These luscious curves are perfect. Feel what you do to me.” Slanon pressed his hips forward. Her breath caught sweetly when his erection pressed into her stomach. “I can smell your arousal and your heart is racing along with mine. The chemistry between us is how I know we are natural mates. You are mine, and I plan on claiming you right now.”

The prettiest smile he’d ever seen transformed her face. “I won’t give you another chance to back out. I want you too badly.”

“Good. Are you familiar with a claiming?” He hoped so, the faster he took her the better.




The more she looked at Slanon, the more she had to taste him. She hoped he wouldn’t be shocked at her wanting to lick his mesmerizing cock. A picture of him groaning and shuddering every time she ran her tongue over one of his sensitive bands caused her clit to pulse with need.

A sensually wicked smile crossed his face as he inhaled deeply. Not about to let his ability get to her, she said, “That’s right, big guy. I want you bad.”

He chuckled and reached out a hand to help her into the tub. As she got in, he said, “I adore your shy side, but I must admit, I find your confident side very appealing, sweetling.” After stepping into the tub, he wrapped his arms around her and placed then under the water so that they could enjoy the pearl-colored liquid without drowning.

The silky water sluiced over them, caressing her heated skin. After a day spent watching and wanting him, it was time to act out her daydreams.

Kissing her way down his toned body was heavenly. Each lick and kiss caressed firm muscles that quivered at her touch. His small groans encouraged her downward.

Lining herself up with his reddish-colored balls was easy with his height. VisOrrentian males’ balls were the color of marbles and just as smooth. As her tongue touched the smooth, tight sac, she looked up. His beautiful eyes were doing that lazy swirl of both colors that she enjoyed so much.

Sucking a silky globe into her mouth, she hummed around it. A soft growl came from him. The sound had her interior muscles clenching and releasing more of her natural lube.

With a pop, she pulled off his right globe and moved to the left one. He rounded his shoulders, blocking even more of the water from sprinkling into her face. To show her appreciation she sucked one more time and then flattened her tongue against the thick band at the base of his magnificent cock. He shuddered when she flicked her tongue over the slightly roughened skin.

Wanting to give him more, Alicka cupped his sac and started inching her tongue up and slowly over each sensitive band. By the time she made it to the crest, he was groaning loudly. His hands sank into her hair. With a gentle tug, he silently begged her to take him into her wet heat.

Opening wide, she sucked his large crown into her mouth. The sweet flavor of his pre-cum hit her taste buds and caused a shower of fresh desire to pool in her groin.

Kneading the smooth yet firm flesh covering his base band, she became enraptured by the feel and taste of him. Hungrily, she sucked and flicked his broad tip. His hands tightened in her hair, and he started guiding his cock shallowly in and out of her mouth. Hollowing her cheeks with a strong suction caused him to growl and pull out of her mouth.

Coming down, Slanon growled passionately while he eased her back into the pool of water. He draped her right leg over the side of the stone tub and wrapped one arm under her back and the other under her hips. Totally exposed to his view, she felt wanton and loved the look in his hungry gaze. The movement in his eye colors sped up when he sniffed her arousal into his lung.

Her large lover loomed over her. The beat of her heart increased when he leaned forward and kissed her passionately. The rake of his rough tongue against hers caused a new spike of lust to hit her clit.

She shuddered when his heavy shaft pressed into her spread pussy. Rocking his hips, he slid each band over her pleasure nubbin bringing her close to the peak she sought. The arm he’d been holding her back with eased up. His hand gripped the edge of the tub and became her pillow. His kiss turned into desperate, harsh nips and sucks followed by deep explorations of her mouth.

The thick crown of his cock slid back and found her eager entrance. Slanon kissed his way to her newly pierced ear. His relaxing scent filled the bathroom and she knew he was about to take her. Excitement turned to bliss when he sucked the pierced shell of her ear into his mouth. She started panting and tried to get him to thrust into her by moving her hands down to his firm ass cheeks and tugging.

Accommodating her needs, he growled at the same time as he thrust into her. The stretching of her pussy was intensified by the vibrations of his growl around the erotic metal of her earring.

The carnal sensation had her arching into him and begging for more. Water sluiced over his hips and dripped down her sides and into the tub. Looking up, she saw the breeze blowing the tree’s branches through the clear ceiling. Moonbeams shone down on Slanon, caressing his flushed skin.

His growl enhanced all of the sensations in and around her. Passion flared to a molten level as he pushed the last two rings into her and firmly pressed the thickest band at the base of his pulsing shaft into her clit.

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