The Seduction of Anne Ruby (MF)

The Seduction 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,529
13 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Hollywood heartthrob Grey Hendrix only needs a single glance to know Anne Ruby is his perfect submissive. Despite her innocence and resistance, every time she looks at him, he sees the truth revealed in her eyes.

Anne’s experiences with men have not ended well, but she admits she’s never met a man quite like Grey. He already stars in all her secret fantasies, but can she find the courage to let him turn those fantasies into reality?

Time may be against them, Anne may be unsure, but at the game of bondage, domination, and seduction, Grey’s a master, and he's already decided she will be his.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Seduction of Anne Ruby (MF)
13 Ratings (4.8)

The Seduction of Anne Ruby (MF)

The Seduction 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 84,529
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I was completely sucked in to these characters and story and could not put the book down. My one complaint would be that the ending seemed a bit rushed. All told, this is an author that I WILL buy again!
Because I Said
Excellent book. Very well writen. Anne is a shy woman who through past experiences lacks confidence until she meets the famous Grey Hendrix. Through Grey she will learn who she is and what she needs in life to be fulfulled but the couple will also unexpectedly fall in love but Grey is unable to follow that up as he has other pressing commitments. So the story leaves you insuspense till the end wondering if they will get together...............Oh and the sex scenes are hot.
Professional Reviews

GoldenAngel.jpgRECOMMENDED READ, 5 ANGELS: "Famous actor Grey Hendrix is spending the week with his two good friends at a musician's convention. From the moment he stepped foot into the private hotel lounge and locked eyes with concierge Anne Ruby, he knew something monumental was going to happen between the two of them. Her submissive nature jumpstarts his cynical Dominant soul. Anne doesn't know what Dominance and submission is. Her past marriage and relationships have been less than the point that she doesn't recognize her beauty or her worth. Being with Grey, seeing his approval and his lust for her in his eyes makes her believe in herself for the first time in her life. But he's also in the middle of a fierce, public custody battle and his previous bad boy persona has put him in a place where he feels he can't have more with Anne than this short week of loving. When the week is over, will he have the strength to let her go, and when he does, will she have the strength to move forward with her life? It's been a long time since I've read some truly stellar books and this month, I've been blessed to read some intensely sensual and emotional stories. One of those stories is The Seduction of Anne Ruby. Anne resonated with me rather profoundly. Her childhood story, the treatment she allowed by her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend, and the way she doesn't trust easily-but fiercely wants to trust and to surrender to Grey-all contain a flicker of familiarity that instantly compelled me to read more of her story. Grey has demons of his own. From his family to his fame and the way his previous choices have become consequences of his current drama, he has to fight his battles while also learning how Anne will fit into his hectic and very public life. Their internal and external conflicts and struggles made them real and attractive. It also made the pages fly by. The BDSM aspect of their romance is about as hot as it gets. As Grey said, he's too kinky for most vanilla people but also too vanilla for most hardcore kinksters. That's what makes him so appealing. He is who he is, unabashedly and he doesn't worry about being too Dom or not enough. The way he masters Anne, however, is completely beyond sexy. I found myself more than once, feeling my eyes hood at his commands, my breathing just a little too quick for comfort. Samantha Lucas, I haven't a clue where you've been hiding, as I've never read any of your works before. I just could not get enough of this story. Thankfully, I've learned that this story is part of a growing number of tales within The Seduction series. I, for one, will be lining up to devour them all." -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "What a surprise this book turned out to be. Grey is a yummy dream of a hunk who sets his gorgeous eyes on Anne, a clerk in the hotel he is staying at, and fireworks fly. Ms. Lucas has taken an interesting delve into a Hollywood type character with a non-Hollywood character as his love interest. Moreover, dominance and submission are handled differently than I have ever seen wrapped in a storyline that had me entranced with its constant surprises. Anne was an interesting character full of doubt and ready to remain a little mouse of a woman her whole life. Thanks to her friend and fellow employee, she is talked into taking a chance of a lifetime. Grey was the character that I enjoyed the most as you see his soul being bared as he falls for Anne. Samantha Lucas has crafted a wonderful character full of non-Hollywood morals that make The Seduction of Anne Ruby a delightfully hot read!" -- Susan, Dark Divas Reviews

4 CUPS: "Rehab was a rotating door for Grey Hendrix until his daughter was born. On that day, he vowed to change his life and end the vicious cycle of drugs, alcohol and wild parties. The strict religious upbringing Anne Ruby endured as a child was not one of loving acceptance. To this day, she has an aching need to please and be cherished, but never found anyone who could give her anything close to it. With a custody battle looming on the horizon, Grey has to be very careful of his every move, especially knowing how vindictive his ex-wife can be. He must think of his daughter Sophie above and beyond anything else, which has become nearly impossible since meeting Anne. Grey is the man Anne has been waiting for her entire life. But if every moment in his presence is sheer bliss, she knows their time is limited. She would never put Grey in jeopardy of losing Sophie, and if that means walking away from the most amazing experience she has ever had, it is exactly what she will do. Experiencing something like a D/s relationship for the first time is explored in the most wonderfully caring way in this story. Anne’s character is your typical people pleaser, never ruffling feathers or standing up for herself, but with Grey you get to watch her blossom into a woman proud of her body and her mind. I love that he gives her the freedom and acceptance so many woman deny themselves. Ms. Lucas has the perfect touch when it comes to truly thoughtful and amazingly sexy erotic romance." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More

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Adult Excerpt


“Do you love it when I spank you, Anne?”

“Yes.” She panted, sounding needy. “I love it when you spank me.”

He decided to push her.

He brushed his fingers along her pussy, sliding between her folds, and brought the flogger down hard on her ass. She jumped then immediately moaned. He was so pleased with her, she didn’t move, just stayed the way she’d been told and let him have her body in any way that would please him.

He ran his hands over the bright-pink skin of her ass while his fingers fucked her pussy. He brought her close to the edge then reached up and flicked her nipples fast and hard. She cried out as she came, but he didn’t give her a reprieve when she came down the other side. Instead he picked up the vibrator she’d chosen for her ass, and the vial of lube. He squeezed some out on her skin, let it run down her ass crack, then started to massage it around her entrance.


“Shhh. Do you trust me, Anne?”

He felt the emotions war within her, and he knew he could have turned them off with a simple smack to her ass, but he wanted her to make this choice as clearheaded as possible. He ran his finger along her hole, pushing the lube inside slightly.

She hissed with pleasure.

“Was that a yes, Anne?”


He lubed the vibe and placed its tip at her asshole.

“Who am I, Anne?”

Her body sagged as she exhaled.


He lowered his tone and spoke into her ear. “When you answer me, Anne, it’s ‘yes, sir.’”

She shivered and moaned and pushed out a yes, sir in the silkiest purr he’d ever heard.

“You please me, Anne.”

“I’m so glad, sir.”

She looked back at him and smiled. It was more than he had expected, and it made him near-crazy with need, but he wasn’t going to just fuck her up against the window and be done. This would be a memory to outdo any fantasy.

He held himself in control and pushed the small yellow vibe gently inside her asshole. She moaned, and he pulled it back out and pushed it back in slowly. He added his other hand to the mix, reaching between her thighs and pushing three fingers inside her cunt. He could feel the vibe through the thin membrane that separated her two orifices.

“Grey, it’s too much.”

“No, angel, you can take it. Just breathe into it. I’m going to fuck you up the ass with my cock, baby, I’m just trying to get you ready.”

Her breath caught. Then he heard that moan she made when she was lost in subspace.

He continued to work her with the vibe and his fingers until he felt her pussy clenching around his fingers, and he knew, even before her wild scream, that she was coming.

“Oh God.” She groaned, and her hands slipped from the glass. “Oh, Grey.” He reached around her and held her body to his, but he didn’t stop the vibe in her ass. “Oh fuck!”

She released a low, guttural moan so thick with pleasure the sound nearly made him come. He held her until it passed then carefully removed the vibe. He was nearly feral now. He ripped the bralette from her body and pushed her tits against the glass.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Anne.”

She was weak, but she nodded her agreement anyway. He grabbed her hips and pulled them back to give him enough access. Keeping her breasts pressed up against the glass, he slid the condom on his aching cock, praying he could wait until he was inside her before he exploded.

He added more lube and carefully pushed at her ass opening. He took another vibe and pushed it inside her pussy.

“God, Grey…I…ohhhhhhhhhhhh God. Fuck!”

“Do you want it, Anne?”

“I want it! Fuck me hard, sir.”

Her voice was as strong and sure as it was needy. He wanted to just ram his cock hard into her ass, but he knew he couldn’t, not for her first time. The angle wasn’t quite right though, and he regretfully pulled out only to hear her sob.

“I’ll be right back, angel. You know I’ll give you everything you need.” He grabbed a chair from the desk in the corner of the room and brought it back for her. “I’m going to make you an acrobat, baby. Put your knee up on here.”

He placed her how he needed, so her pussy would be at a better angle to work the vibe, and slid it back inside. She immediately moaned, and her body shook.

“Not yet, Anne. You wait for me.”

“I can’t, Grey. I need to come.”

He pushed back into her ass and started to work a rhythm between the vibe and his cock. She was panting, squealing, and moaning.

“Oh God, yes. Fuck me, sir. Please, fuck me harder.”

He smiled. She was so far gone now she probably wouldn’t have cared what he did. She was in that place of all wanton, primal need and hot, rushing lust. He wished he could get a picture of her the way she looked just then because no image in the world was ever going to arouse him again the way she did.

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