Trading Places (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,520
13 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]

Shy Redmond Powell’s always been a pushover for doing whatever his flamboyant identical twin brother Russell asks him to do, so when Russell begs him to trade places with him to attend the wedding of his former lover and pretend to be him, Redmond reluctantly agrees.

It doesn’t take long for gorgeous security expert Sloane to find Redmond in a very compromising position, and finds this the perfect opportunity to coerce “Russell” to go with him out of town before he disrupts his friend’s wedding.

Making Redmond travel with him to an isolated cabin in the woods, Sloane thinks this would be a perfect opportunity to get to know the beautiful man a little better and maybe teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget, but when someone tries to kill his good-looking charge, Sloane has to take their relationship to a whole new level.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Trading Places (MM)
13 Ratings (4.0)

Trading Places (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,520
13 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I was not impressed, Sloane was a jerk and a bully. Lack of romance and connection.



Making a sudden decision, Redmond darted to the stairway and up the stairs to the second floor. He had to find David and let him know it was him and not Russell. He saw a bathroom and ducked inside, locking the door behind him. He really did need to use the facilities after that run-in with the good-looking guard, and he did so quickly, washing his hands afterward and staring into the mirror. With his dark red hair combed over to the side like this, he did look exactly like Russell. He must be getting as stupid as Russell could be at times, too, for ever agreeing to come here like this in the first place.

He opened the bathroom door carefully, checking the hallway for Sloane or any other sign of security guards. As he gazed down the hallway, he noticed a big double door at the end of the hall. That must be the master suite, and Redmond had the sudden idea that David was inside, getting ready for his big day. He made his way quietly down the hall and knocked softly at the door. No answer. He pressed his ear against the door and listened for a moment. Nothing. He was about to turn away when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Afraid it might be Sloane still after him, he tried the door, and when it opened easily, he slipped inside.

Listening at the door, he heard the footsteps go down to the other end of the hall. Breathing a sigh of relief, he decided to wait a few seconds before leaving. He looked casually around the opulent room. Luxury was evident everywhere, from the dark cherry furnishings to the extravagant draperies on the tall windows. As his gaze traveled appreciatively over the room he saw an object glinting in the sunlight shining through the tall windows. Lying out on top of the dresser was his father’s watch! He crossed over to the dresser to make certain, and sure enough, his father’s initials were engraved on the bezel.

He heard a slight noise behind him as the door opened, and he was startled, whirling around and shoving the watch behind his back.

Sloane Devereaux stood in the doorway, a strangely triumphant look on his face. “What are you doing up here, Russell?” His voice was deceptively soft as he walked slowly toward him.

Redmond was unnerved, and felt his feet backing up. He knew his face must be flushing in embarrassment at being caught someplace he wasn’t supposed to be. He heard himself stammering. What the hell? I never stammer. Why does this guy make me so nervous? “I–I was j–just looking for David. I must have t–taken a wrong turn when I came out of the bathroom.”

“Mm-hm. What’s that behind your back, Russell?” Sloane was still walking toward him, closing in on him. He didn’t look angry, just arrogant and somehow dangerous. He wasn’t smiling, though his eyes twinkled with what looked like amusement. Redmond wanted to wipe that arrogant look off his face. He wanted to knock him on his ass and have his way with him. A little shiver of embarrassment went through Redmond as he kept backing up. This wasn’t going to end well. Not at all. He came up against a piece of furniture and could move no further. Defiantly he looked into Sloane’s dark eyes, almost on a level with his own, and slid the watch into his back pocket.

He held his hands out in front of him, feeling like a child as he did it, and his felt his face flush even more. “Nothing, see? I don’t have anything.”

Sloane moved even closer. Standing so near him, Redmond was aware of how much leaner the man was than he. Redmond probably outweighed him by thirty pounds of mostly muscle, but he still felt a bit like a lumbering ox standing next to a gazelle. When Sloane reached him, he pulled him into his arms and put both hands on his ass. Redmond’s face turned an instant red, and he squirmed restlessly, wanting to move away. He could have broken the hold easily, but something about this man made him hold still.

Sloane held him in his arms. “Settle down. I’m not going to fight you, but I want whatever it is you’re hiding behind your back. And you’re going to give it to me—make no mistake about that, sweetheart.”

His arrogance finally made Redmond resentful. He remembered that he was supposed to be Russell, and Russell had a history of getting off on being dominated. Redmond was a very different man, and he was about to let Sloane realize that.

Sloane pressed himself against him, and Redmond had nowhere to go. He could feel Sloane’s rigid cock against his groin, and his knees actually went a little weak, not from fear but from desire. He held still to see what would happen next. Sloane actually smiled into his eyes, but rubbed his hands over Redmond’s hips, feeling for the object. It took him only seconds to find it, of course, and fish it out of Redmond’s back pocket. Held so tightly in his arms, Redmond could feel Sloane’s erection still burning into his groin. It almost took his breath away.

“Were you stealing this, Russell?” Sloane’s gaze grew cold and hard as he stared down at him. “You really are a bad boy, aren’t you? Are you really so hard up that you’d steal David’s watch? Or is it some kind of revenge thing?”

Redmond stood absolutely still, embarrassed not only at his finding the watch hidden in his back pocket, but also at his condescending tone. He pushed Sloane away, breaking his hold easily, and was gratified to see surprise register in Sloane’s beautiful eyes.

“Are you interested in an explanation, or do you want to continue being an asshole?”

Sloane stepped back, letting him go for a moment and crossing his arms. He was still standing very close to him—trying apparently to intimidate him with his nearness. “This should be entertaining. Go ahead. Explain.”




“I know who you are, Russell. I’ve watched you jerk David around for the past two years, while I told him to get rid of you. I’m not David, and I won’t let you play your games with me, have you got that? I won’t put up with it—I’ll turn you over to the police so fast it’ll make you dizzy. You made a deal with me, and you’ve already broken your word. There won’t be any more chances after this, Red. Be very clear about that.”

“I’m clear.” Redmond clenched his fists, but made no move to rise. Sloane had succeeded in making him feel guilty and humiliated. After another thirty seconds or so of intimidation, Sloane stepped back and looked at him speculatively. “So what should your punishment be, Russell? Something quick to get it over with, or a longer punishment?”

“W–what are you talking about?”

“You need to learn that every time you lie or try to screw with me, it carries consequences. Punishment being one of them. Now what will it be?”

“The hell with you…”

“Okay, you’re leaving it up to me. Good—quick it is. Stand up.”

“No. What the fuck are you going to do?” He hated the way his voice trembled, but he couldn’t help it. Sloane made him feel uneasy when he got like this.

Sloane pitched his voice low and firm. “I said, get up.”

He thought about telling him to go to hell, then thought better of it as he looked into Sloane’s eyes. Warily, wondering what he had in mind, Redmond stood up. Punishment? What was he talking about? Sloane took him by the shoulders and turned him around, and pushed him down onto the bed. He caught himself with his hands, and looked back over his shoulder wonderingly at Sloane. “What the fuck?”

“Something your parents should have done a long time ago. We’ll start by taking down your pants.” He grabbed his waistband and jerked his pants down past his ass so quickly he could hardly believe what was happening.

Redmond’s stupid cock sat up right away and took notice, bobbing around in front of him. “What? What are you doing?” He tried to get up and reach for his pants, but Sloane put a hand in the middle of his back and pushed him facedown into the mattress.

“Time for a spanking, sweetheart. Long overdue, I might add.”

“Spanking? No!” Humiliation raced through him, and he felt like his skin was on fire.

A stinging blow came down hard on his backside, so that he jumped and tried his best to push up off the bed. He was being half smothered in the mattress, and Sloane’s hand was like iron on his back. He managed to raise himself almost up off the bed when Sloane put a knee in the middle of his back and pushed him down again.

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Another stinging slap hit his ass, and he cried out in embarrassment and anger. He tried his best to buck him off, but he couldn’t get any purchase with his feet. He felt Sloane remove his knee then and bend down to touch his tongue to the place he’d just slapped. A white-hot heat raced through Redmond, and he drew in a sharp breath and lay perfectly still. Another slap and then came Sloane’s tongue again, bathing away the sting. Redmond moaned, feeling his cock growing beneath him. Little thrills of pleasure were making him so hard he shivered and trembled.

“Oh, God, please.”

“Please what, baby? More?” Sloane slapped his cheeks again, this time near his balls, and Redmond stiffened, arching his back. Immediately he felt the sweet, hot tongue sweeping over him, silky smooth and wet, lavishing comfort on his balls.

Breathing hard, he tried again to get up, but Sloane pushed him back down again, and he stayed where he was. He was so afraid he was about to embarrass himself by coming. His cock was so hard it hurt, and he rubbed it against the bedspread beneath him, trying to get some relief.

Redmond felt Sloane’s fingers stroking his ass. Slowly he moved his wicked fingers closer to Redmond’s tight hole. He circled it with his finger, dropping another kiss on his spanked butt.

Sloane was breathing hard as he leaned down and spoke into Redmond’s ear. “Are you going to be a good boy for me the rest of the week?”

“Please, Sloane!”

Sloane licked him from the bottom of his crease to the top, causing Redmond to almost lift off the bed.

“Say it.”

Redmond bit his lower lip, knowing he wanted to humiliate him and that was his real punishment. “I–I’ll be a good boy.” And you better sleep with one eye open, damn it…


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